The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 675 - You Don’t Deserve To Love Her

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Chapter 675 You Don’t Deserve To Love Her

It was the first time in Su Yayan’s life that she felt a bone-chilling coldness.

Just because her grandfather was unwilling to let her marry him and stopped him from meeting her, he wished he could kill everyone.

He had never considered the fact that they were living human lives. Furthermore, these human lives were related to him, and they were her relatives.

He was clearly an executioner, yet he attempted to arrive before her as a savior when she had no one to rely on. He wanted her to be grateful to him and treat him as her pillar of support.

Was this act of hurting her and her family in the name of love really love?

Perhaps her grandfather had not misjudged him from the start. He was a lunatic!

“You are indeed not worthy of her.” Huo Chenhuan sat in his wheelchair and stared coldly at the man who claimed that he loved Su Yayan.

“You’re not good enough for her. Your family isn’t good enough for her. You should be thinking about how to change yourself, trying to earn the approval of her loved ones, and also trying to make yourself worthy of her, instead of breaking her wings and pulling her from the high heavens into your stinking


Huo Chenhuan met Cheng Fenglang’s eyes and concluded coldly, “You don’t deserve to love her.”

That was the first time Su Yayan had heard Huo Chenhuan say so much after being with him for so long. Her heart could not help but tremble.

Cheng Fenglang was completely driven mad by Huo Chenhuan’s words.

He was standing while Huo Chenhuan was sitting, but at that moment, Huo Chenhuan was like an insurmountable peak, and she was just an ant under his feet that he could easily crush at any time.

Cheng Fenglang bared his fangs and brandished his claws, wanting to pounce over, but he was held back by a few bodyguards in black and could not move.

In his anger, he could only curse Huo Chenhuan for having dirty thoughts towards Su Yayan. He cursed Huo Chenhuan for being a toad lusting after a swan’s meat. He was no different from himself. Huo Chenhuan did not deserve to be blamed.

That was the first time Su Yayan truly felt sorry for Huo Chenhuan’s legs.

Just as Huo Chenhuan had said, he had tried his best to become outstanding and worthy of her. However, because of this pair of legs, he had failed at the starting point and made them miss out on a lifetime.

How could she not be moved by such a person?

Once the seed of desire was planted, it was only a matter of time before it grew into a towering tree.

Su Yayan had thought that she would never see this person again, but…

Su Yayan lowered her eyes to hide the coldness in them. She said coldly, “I did not know how to address you when I was young, but I can’t continue to do so when I’m older. Besides, my husband is a little jealous. It’s not easy to coax him. I don’t want him to misunderstand.”

Cheng Fenglang obviously did not expect her to say that. The gentle smile on his face froze as he said in disappointment, “It looks like Yanyan and your… husband are quite close. Did he come over today?”

“Yes, he went to get food for me. Judging from the time, he should be back soon.” So, could I trouble you to go back to where you came from and not stay here to disturb our time together?

However, Su Yayan had underestimated a certain someone’s shamelessness.

When Cheng Fenglang heard this, he did not leave immediately. Instead, he sat down opposite Su Yayan and smiled. “On the day of your wedding, I had something on and could not attend to congratulate you personally. Since you’re all here today, it’s a good opportunity to meet this unknown brother-in-law.”

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