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   Volume One Chapter 371

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   In the night, Zhao Fu hugged Yu Yue, and suddenly he sensed something. He opened his eyes and showed a smile. He had just set up the enchantment in the afternoon, but he did not expect that the ghost of the ghost would appear in the evening. He immediately left the room and flew to one place following the induction.

   When I came to that place, I saw a shark who was constantly braving a grayish breath. He was a graceful figure, a sweet face, hollow eyes, and a stiff body swimming around.

   Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and an invisible force surged towards the ghost of the shark.

   The shark turned his head and glanced at Zhao Fu, and two white rays of light shot towards Zhao Fu. It even penetrated Zhao Fu's power and continued to shoot at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu used the defensive cover, and two white lights shot on the defensive cover, and the defensive cover unexpectedly began to pearlize.

   Zhao Fu waved his hand to smash the pearlized defensive cover, looked at the ghost of the shark, and the ghost of the shark immediately turned his head and swam to the side.

   Zhao Fu immediately chased him.

   But the ghost of the shark suddenly disappeared,

   Zhao Fu frowned, and a force of induction quickly spread out. But unable to sense anything, Zhao Fu immediately used the power of the Octagonal Water World to spread an octagonal energy shield. This time Zhao Fu had sensed and flew quickly to a valley.

  When he came to the valley, Zhao Fu looked at a void, waved his sword, and a sword light cut there.

   A scream sounded, and the ghost of the shark who had just disappeared appeared, staring at Zhao Fu sullenly, and his eyes shot out two rays of light at once. Shot at Zhao Fu,

   Zhao Fu wanted to hide next to him, avoiding the attack and rushing towards the ghost of the shark.

   Sharkman ghost opened his mouth and let out a harsh scream. There were more than a dozen Sharkman ghosts around, including male and female, old and young. Both eyes shot white light and shot at Zhao Fu.

   Zhao Fu had no choice but to unfold the defensive cover again.


   A ray of light shone on Zhao Fu's defensive cover, and a strong light shot out. Zhao Fu's defensive cover became a huge pearl, and Zhao Fu was trapped inside.

   More than a dozen shark ghosts swam to the side and wanted to run.

   Zhao Fu burst out with a powerful force, directly smashing the pearl that wrapped him, watching the ghost of the escaped shark, dozens of iron chains quickly shot past.

  The ghosts of the sharks do not dodge, and a dozen iron chains pass through their business without binding them.

   The ghost ghost swims to a place faster.

   Zhao Fu stood on the spot, and an eight-party water world emerged. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and pushed it. The eight-party water world released a powerful force, which turned into a dozen tentacles and shot at the ghost ghosts.

  At this time, a dozen shark ghosts knew that they were dangerous and wanted to escape, but it was too late. A dozen blue tentacles easily grabbed them. Many ghosts struggled, but they didn't help.

   Zhao Fu smiled and came to the ghost of the shark. Looking at the ghost of the shark in front of him, Zhao Fu didn't know what they were, his eyes would shine like that, and his body could be blurred.

   Looking at the sweet ghost ghost, Zhao Fu stepped forward and hugged her, began to possess and enjoy, it should be to check what they were.

   The ghost ghost is also very cooperative, not as vicious as before.

   Within a short while, the ghost of the shark fell in Zhao Fu's arms, her eyes gradually looked ghostly, looking at Zhao Fu in front of her, she looked ignorant, like a child of a few years old.

   Zhao Fu asked, "Do you know who you are?"

   The ghost ghost shook his head.

   Zhao Fu asked, "Then you know where you are from?"

   The Shark nodded and pointed to the Shark tribe.

   Zhao Fu took out Bafang Water World and asked, "Have you seen this thing?"

  鲛人 shook his head.

   Zhao Fu showed a surprised expression. It was not that the Bafang Water World was in the hands of the ghost. How could the ghost have not seen the Bafang Water World? How is this going?

   Zhao Fu asked with certainty, "You really don't know?"

  鲛人 nodded.

   Zhao Fu couldn't help but looked at a shark girl, grabbed her too, and began to possess the girl. The girl was very shy, and finally fell on Zhao Fu powerlessly and recovered her wisdom.

   The girl was obsessed with Zhao Fu.

   Zhao Fu took out Bafang Water World and asked, "Have you seen this thing?"

   The girl looked at Bafang Water World and shook her head.

   Zhao Fu's heart sank. If a Sharkman ghost has never seen Bafang Water World, it is understandable. Now that two Sharkman ghosts have not seen it, Zhao Fu begins to wonder if Bafang Water World is in the hands of Bafang Water World.

   looked at the ghost of the last shark, and helped them regain their wisdom, of course not using the method just now.

   Looking at the ghosts of many sharks, Zhao Fu took the Bafang Water World and continued to ask. "Have you seen this thing?"

   Many ghost ghosts shook their heads.

   Zhao Fu's heart also fell to the bottom, there was no hope, and he sighed, really thinking that Bafang Water World would be so easy to get.

   took many ghosts back to the tribe.

   When everyone heard the news, they all came outside, curiously watching the ghosts of the sharks brought back by Zhao Fu. Now they did not exude any terrible aura, and their expressions were much normal, so they were not afraid.

   Kunmin was surprised, "These are the ghosts of the ghosts? Have you caught them all so soon?"

   Zhao Fu nodded, "They have recovered their sanity and will not endanger the tribe."

   Kunmin smiled, "Thank you!"

   Zhao Fu said, "You're welcome, but none of them have seen Bafang Water World. Are you sure that Bafang Water World belongs to them?"

   Kunmin looked strange, "They haven't seen it? But according to the information passed down, it is indeed said that it was on the ghost of the ghost."

   Zhao Fu said, "This matter has passed so long, maybe something has Min asked, "What are you going to do next? "

   Zhao Fu said, "I will explore carefully around the tribe, and ask if there is any relevant news nearby. If there is no relevant news, I can only leave and look elsewhere."

   Kunmin said, "I'll help you!"

   Zhao Fu nodded.

  鲛衣 came over and asked, "What's the matter?"

   Zhao Fu briefly talked about what happened just now.

   Haoyi looked puzzled, "Does the ghost of the Shark really know? Where will the Bafang Water World be?"

   Zhao Fu said, "I can only find it slowly!"

   Haoyi said, "If you need help in this way, say, I will help you too."

   Zhao Fu said with a smile, "Well, it's late now, let's go back!"

   Hearing this, Qian Yi nodded slightly with red face.

   Kunmin seemed to see what the two of them had, and didn't say anything, but asked, "What about these ghosts?"

  Zhao Fu said, "Dividing a part of the area for them, now their intelligence is only a few years old, and more contact with people, should soon return to normal,"

   Kunmin gave a hum,


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