The King of Special Warfare - v7 Chapter 564 : Overwhelming Country

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For those who don't really understand Xingkong, it is difficult to understand what kind of status martial arts holds in everyone's heart.

Martial arts authority in the starry sky.

It is undoubtedly an exaggeration to say that it is unique and supreme.

But to say that this authority is the cornerstone of the human race and even the entire camp, that is absolutely not the slightest bit of water.

Perhaps looking at the entire starry sky, the disadvantages of martial arts are relatively obvious, but its advantages cannot be ignored.

It is the safest, the most obvious combat power, the widest audience, and the easiest path.

This series of advantages combined with his shortcomings made the position of this authority in the starry sky extremely embarrassing. There were endless talk about what civilians preferred, and cannon fodder authority.

It wasn't until the God of War was born to slay Doomsday, and his sharp edge shone in the starry sky, that these remarks were completely dissipated.

But the facts are clear, it is impossible for everyone to be a **** of war, so although the number of people who practice martial arts authority is the most in the starry sky, when there are other choices, the number of people who choose martial arts is also the least.

And Huang Xi...

This person who once created the authority of martial arts, actually also rejects martial arts?

Xing Tian's mind is a little complicated.

It's like seeing someone who has a baby and doesn't like their baby very much.

If you don't like it, what will you do when you are born?

Since you don't like it, why create martial arts?

"I did not mean."

Xuanyuan Wushang knew what Xing Tian was thinking, and said calmly: "My memory is imperfect, but I do remember that elder brother doesn't like martial arts very much.

But this is not belittling or looking down on, but a disagreement of ideas. "

"Disharmony of ideas?"

Xing Tian was a little puzzled.

"I feel that he should find it troublesome. In other words, he is just lazy."

Xuanyuan Wushang curled his lips: "He established the entire camp. In terms of martial arts, he dabbled the least and had the most obvious disadvantages. There are not many things left. Well, I mean, if you don't count King Wei ...

The legendary Nine Heavens Tower is now incomplete.

The emergence of martial arts, from the very beginning, my brother did not expect it to have a high upper limit. At that time, the environment was difficult, and any creature had to ensure its own survival, so the upper limit of martial arts was low, but the lower limit was high, so that most people could be guaranteed to survive. Have the courage and strength to fight against the enemy.

As for the upper limit of martial arts, at that time, he probably didn't think about it. He used it awkwardly, so why think so much?

Now that the God of War appeared, he began to make up for the shortcomings of martial arts little by little, and even redefined martial arts on the basis of his elder brother. Rumors in the starry sky said that God of War was the number one person in martial arts, and even surpassed his elder brother. This should be true.

Because the eldest brother is really not very interested in martial arts. "

Xing Tian looked in Annan's direction and was silent for a long time before slowly saying, "Even if you're not interested, you shouldn't lose it or give it to the enemy, right?"

"It's impossible."

Xuanyuan Wushang shook his head: "A real brand that has not been activated, facing the unknown residual breath, it is not bad to be undefeated. How is it possible without paying the price?"

He narrowed his eyes and said softly, "Sooner or later, you can get it back."

"Is there no other way?"

Xing Tian followed up with a question.

Xuanyuan Wushang shook his head, he really had no choice.

The current situation is that Feng Qingwu, who should be counted on the most, also has no choice.

Shadow and order were their natural enemies.

And the breath of the unknown...

Without the real brand, Xuanyuan Wushang himself has no capital to fight against.

Feng Qingwu really has the capital, but it's a pity that she was exposed to the scariest thing before that.

Her current state is special, and she should be fused with that little girl. After contacting Xibai's memory fragments, Feng Qingwu can be fine, but slight inappropriateness will also affect her being one with her. The little girl, the little girl may have a problem now, Feng Qingwu's consciousness can only enter a deep sleep.

Li Tianlan is entangled with creatures polluted by unknown breath, what else can he do?

He could only rely on Li Tianlan himself.


What exactly is Li Tianlan's concept?

No one, including De La Tour, can explain it.

He has become a monster polluted by the unknown breath, but he himself does not understand the unknown concept, and he can barely maintain a normal mind, longing for chaos. Acting is already almost instinctive.

He used the emotions of the entire banquet hall to forcibly strip Li Tianlan's identity.

So Li Tianlan became a different person. He kept changing among various identities, but he was no longer Li Tianlan.

But in any sense, Li Tianlan has entered this banquet hall.

In other words, when Li Tianlan is no longer Li Tianlan, the concept of Li Tianlan in the banquet hall is real.

It's just that Delatu has been unable to find him, because he himself doesn't understand chaos.

And Dratu didn't dare to go to him.

Li Tianlan is no longer Li Tianlan, so Li Tianlan's concept cannot be affected by the chaos. If he really finds and rushes up, he may not be the opponent of that concept.

This kind of concept still existed after Li Tianlan was stripped of his identity, and at the same time maintained a subtle connection with Li Tianlan. Even if you don't consider whether you can find it or fight it, once you really touch the concept of Li Tianlan, it will be very difficult. It may have an impact on Li Tianlan who has become someone else.

So Dratu has always been careful.

Let the seeds test, let the seeds set traps for Li Tianlan...

But now, all this is meaningless.

Even De La Tour didn't expect things to go so smoothly.

Let Li Tianlan transform into Pan Sen, and use his sense of responsibility as the patriarch to trade with him...

It's a breeze, and it takes no effort at all.

In Pan Sen's state, Li Tianlan agreed to the deal without any hesitation, and willingly gave him everything he had in martial arts.

The moment Li Tianlan nodded in agreement, his martial arts strength was completely transferred to Dela Tu.

But this is only in this banquet hall.

If he wants to fully obtain Li Tianlan's martial arts strength, he must first eat the concept of Li Tianlan.

Even if he leaves this banquet hall by then, he will still have all of Li Tianlan's strength, making him completely useless.

And it's all too easy.

Because Li Tianlan himself had already willingly agreed.

When he agreed, Delato had already felt the existence of that concept, and also because of Li Tianlan's consent...

So that so-called concept is simply impossible to resist.

Nothing can stop him from gaining this invincible strength.

Unless Li Tianlan can kill him.

Who is he now?

It's Lucifer De La Tour Li Shuai.

He is Lucifer!

The current Dratu is nothing more than an avatar. While gaining Li Tianlan's strength, he can share this strength with the main body.

Therefore, if Li Tianlan wanted to get back his martial arts power, he had no choice but to go to Xingguo to kill Lucifer. Killing the clone of Dratu was not effective at all.

But the problem is...

Li Tianlan gave all of his martial arts strength to Lucifer...

What qualifications does he have to go to Xingguo and kill him?

This question does not need to be considered at all.

After he eats Li Tianlan's concept, Li Tianlan will also become his seed, and then become his avatar, he will use the avatar to obtain Qin Weibai and the East Palace, and then turn everyone in the Central Continent Council into his seeds. ..

He succeeded.

This also meant that Li Tianlan had no chance to turn the tables.

Delatu's wanton laughter swept the entire banquet hall, with endless pride and arrogance.

His figure completely merged into the darkness around the banquet hall.

Then the darkness began to continuously surge and shrink.

He didn't need to worry about Li Tianlan's conception rebelling.

This also means that he doesn't need to look for that concept anymore.

The darkness began to collapse.

When the darkness collapses to the extreme, this banquet hall will disappear, Li Tianlan's concept will no longer resist, De La Tu will digest everything smoothly, and then use Li Tianlan's peak strength to go to the real world to truly kill all directions.

Li Tianlan watched all this silently, he didn't seem to react at all, his eyes were all blank.

The figure of Dratu and the darkness are inseparable from each other.

In the darkness of constant exploration, Jian Twenty-Four's pure and extreme sword energy is flying everywhere.

He is squandering.

Unscrupulously squandering everything that originally belonged to Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan seemed to hear the beating of his heart in a vague way.

The first sound is a normal heartbeat.

Then the second, the third...


An incomparably loud and sudden heartbeat sounded suddenly for a moment, and then completely fell silent.

Li Tianlan subconsciously covered his chest.

But there was no sense of regret in his heart, but a kind of...


An inexplicable relief, as if the shackles and burdens had been removed.

His martial arts strength completely disappeared.

His concepts were completely swallowed by Delato.

But his mind became active like never before when he lost his strength.

It was a kind of sharpness and calmness that completely surpassed the limit.

The headaches that have been tormenting him lately...

Those messy, seemingly endless memories...

All of them disappeared completely with the disappearance of his martial arts strength.

Even the injuries in his body seemed to become a little easier with the disappearance of martial arts strength.

This kind of comfort and relaxation stimulated every cell in his body. Li Tianlan closed his eyes and realized for the first time that he was born as a human being and could be so comfortable.

He remembered who he was.

The influence of chaos is completely ruled out under the absolute sharp and calm thinking.

He thought about everything he had been through.

Chen Shaoqing, Hemerocallis, Alan, Ruth, Pan Sen...

The **** who called himself Shuai Li.

Li Tianlan laughed, as if reading a joke.

The comfort of his body keeps him in the happiest state, and he almost greedily enjoys every minute and every second.

"What's your use? What's your use?"

Delato's chattering voice interrupted Li Tianlan's enjoyment.

He reappeared in front of Li Tianlan.

His burly body trembled slightly due to the ever-increasing strength, and his tongue kept licking his fat lips: "I took away your strength, I am invincible, your only use is to be my puppet, It's an honor to watch me take everything that's yours, anything that's yours."

The surrounding darkness is constantly exploring, getting closer and closer to the two of them.

Delato smiled ferociously: "Go out, I can't wait, I want the whole world to watch, watch the so-called Eastern Emperor, crawling under my feet like a dog..."

"Shouldn't you be here to deprive me of my identity, turn me into a puppet, achieve your purpose first, and then show off?"

Li Tianlan suddenly opened his eyes.

Delatu was startled.

Li Tianlan at this moment suddenly gave him an extremely strange feeling.

No longer the silent and cold Donghuang in various video materials.

Li Tianlan's eyes became extremely bright, his expression was completely relaxed, his tone was very light, the end of his voice slightly raised, and there was an incomparably dazzling look between his brows.

The person is obviously still the same person.

But Li Tianlan at this moment is completely different from before.

This is no longer a question of temperament.

It's elegance.

Li Tianlan didn't seem to have changed much, but at this moment, every move, every word and every action showed a kind of relaxed and calm demeanor.

Inexplicably, Delato thought of an idiom from Central Continent.


Li Tianlan at this moment is really worthy of these four words.

He didn't seem to change much, but he changed drastically.

Li Tianlan in this state can't even be described as "a country and a city".

To describe a man with a country and a city...

Dratu inexplicably had some desires.

He shook his head vigorously, pushing all kinds of thoughts out of his mind.

His thinking was inherently chaotic.

Instinct made him want to obtain Li Tianlan's strength, but for other things, his various ideas completely conflicted with each other.

For a while, he wanted to turn Li Tianlan into a puppet and get everything from him.

After a while, he wanted Li Tianlan to kneel in front of him in front of the world's attention.

Thinking about Zhongzhou for a while.

Thinking about Xingguo for a while.

It was a mess, and even the desire at this time was illogical.

His eyes turned red, and the sword energy flying around him became more and more fierce.


He roared hysterically: "It's all mine!"

The surrounding darkness engulfed most of the banquet hall, and the speed of the collapse became faster and faster.

Li Tianlan raised one hand.

His movements were neither fast nor slow, and could even be called graceful.

But the frantically collapsing darkness suddenly stopped.

Dratu's growl stopped abruptly.

He opened his eyes wide, watching all this in disbelief, and then looked at Li Tianlan.

His eyes were constantly changing in madness and confusion, and finally turned into pure vigilance.

Vigilance has nothing to do with reason, it is completely an instinctive reaction to feeling a threat.

But a person who has lost his martial arts...threat?

"What are you in a hurry for?"

Li Tianlan looked at Dela Tu with a smile, and said in a gentle voice, "Let's chat."

"Who are you?"

Delatu stared at Li Tianlan closely.

Li Tianlan thought about it.

In fact, he didn't think of anything, and his absolutely clear mind kept his thinking at its sharpest.

But the sharpest thinking is almost overloaded at this time.

He smiled slightly.

At this moment, Delato suddenly realized that the Qin Weibai whom he coveted just now was suddenly not beautiful.

The Li Tianlan in front of her should be the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Introduce yourself."

Li Tianlan said: "I am Li Tianlan."

Not Huang Xi.

It's not Dongcheng Huangtu.

All the memory fragments disappeared inexplicably along with the headache.

Li Tianlan is Li Tianlan.

"take it easy."

Li Tianlan smiled and said: "It's already here, don't rush out, listen to me bragging with you."

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