Terran Guardian - ~ Chapter 943 Torn Faces

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Lost! "

Shen Changqing's eyes are always fixed on the fighting in the void, and he has to admire the vision of Venerable Seven Stars. In the first breath, the two were still undecided, but in the next breath, the situation was already reversed. Bingyu's strength is very strong, but Sheng Tianshen is even stronger. in addition…

In Sheng Tianshen, Shen Changqing saw something different. "The flesh is sanctified!"

This is the first strong man Shen Changqing has seen in the heavens, not including the Black Demon God Clan. Physical sanctification.

The physical body alone can be compared to the God Lord.

Even among the top divine masters in the heavens, Shen Changqing has not seen any of them reach the stage of physical sanctification. It is possible that those top gods are all focused on how to prove the gods, and don't want to waste extra time to temper their bodies.

But anyway.

Sheng Tianshen can temper the body to the point of sanctification in the sixth level of the divine master, and can see that the opponent has a strong foundation. and--

When Shen Changqing saw Sheng Tianshen, he felt a strong threat. The other party's physical body was probably not as simple as just becoming a saint.

This is a formidable enemy!

Sheng Tianshen is not only crushing himself in terms of cultivation, even in terms of physical body, he is not comparable to his current self. The only advantage he has is that he can't hold an advantage in front of the holy god. It can be said.

Even facing the top God Lord, Shen Changqing is not as stressed as facing the Holy God. but. Where there is pressure, there is motivation. The heavens are vast, and there are many arrogance.

Although Shen Changqing thinks that he is also a top talent, it does not mean that other top talent is really a chicken and a dog. Strictly speaking.

The holy **** of the sixth level of the **** master, compared with him now, has surpassed the numerical level in terms of realm. Not as good as the other party, which is also normal.

If Dongtian's consummated self can be compared to the holy god, Shen Changqing will have to doubt how high the gold content of the so-called arrogance of the heavens and all races is.

When Shen Changqing's mind turned, the situation in the void changed.

Sheng Tianshen was so arrogant, relying on the terrifying power of sanctification of the body, completely crushed the goddess Bingyu, and the shocking combat power smashed the opponent's body to pieces, and it was too late for the flesh and blood to heal.

Seeing that Bingyu's body was about to be completely wiped out, there was a terrifying aura of shattered time and space bombarding him, and immediately after that, endless frost condensed on the huge world.

A fatal crisis came to his mind, making Sheng Tianshen's heart skip a beat. "Ice God Arrow!"

Looking at the power coming from the sky, Sheng Tianshen's face became more and more crazy, and his right fist struck out with a shocking force, colliding with that force fiercely.

Boom—the fist cracked.

The terrifying power centered on the two and suddenly exploded.

Sheng Tianshen was instantly shocked by this terrifying force, and retreated a hundred miles, and the void under his feet had long been wiped out.

Looking down at his cracked fist, the golden flesh was clearly visible, and there was a layer of terrifying frost condensed on it, trying to spread upwards, engulfing his fleshy body.


Sheng Tianshen's power was shaken, and his blood surged like a river, forcibly shattering that frosty power. Without the entanglement of the frost power, the flesh and blood on the cracked fist quickly returned to normal. "Ice God Arrow, it turns out that the powerhouses of the Abyssal God Clan will only attack in secret!"

Sheng Tianshen's eyes were cold, looking at the shattered void frozen by frost, with a murderous intent on his face. The voice fell.

A strong man stepped into the air and appeared in front of the holy god.

The one who came was someone else, who was the current emperor of the Jiyuan God Clan.

"Your Excellency has already won, so why bother to kill them all, the Abyss God Clan will admit defeat in this battle." The Ice Emperor said indifferently.

Sheng Tianshen smiled angrily: "Admit defeat, the battle of Tianjiao can be ended with just one sentence of surrender. In this battle, either I will fall or Bingyu will die. There will be no third possibility.

If the Ice Emperor made a move regardless of his face, he would stay with him to the end.

I have heard for a long time that the Jiyuan Bow and Ice God Arrow are the treasures of the Jiyuan God Clan, so I want to learn a thing or two now! "Your Excellency really want to do this?"

Han's eyes also turned cold.

He didn't want to do anything to Sheng Tianshen, not only because of Sheng Tianshen's strength, but also because of the entire Holy God Clan and the Holy God Palace behind him.

The Abyss Protoss also has influence in the Divine Palace, but it is still not as good as the Holy Divine Palace. If not necessary. The Ice Emperor didn't want to really tear the skin off. At least now, it's not the time to tear up the skin.

But if the Holy Heavenly God insists on this, the Jiyuan God Clan has no room to retreat. Bingyu is the strongest arrogance of the Jiyuan God Clan in this great world, and is expected to prove the Taoism in the future. Such an arrogance, how can it be broken here. "boom!"

Sheng Tianshen didn't reply, but just punched out with his fists, showing his attitude.

The Ice Emperor's eyes were filled with murderous intent, and he raised his hand and pushed it out flat, with surging divine power, as if trying to submerge the opponent directly.


The moment the two came into contact, the divine power exploded. Under the strong pressure, Sheng Tianshen stepped on the void, and the fierce fist made the ice emperor's face change suddenly.

"The Ice Emperor probably won't be the opponent of the Holy God!" Shen Changqing thought to himself.

With Bingyu as a comparison, he can see that the strength of Binghuang may not be much stronger than Bingyu. Shengtianshen just suppressed Bingyu, and now is the time when the fighting spirit is like a rainbow. It is almost impossible for the Ice Emperor to defeat Shengtianshen under such circumstances.


Sheng Tianshen, as the top talent cultivated by the Holy God Palace for many years, is not weaker than the top God Lord. No matter how powerful the Ice Emperor is, it is estimated that it is difficult for Sheng Tianshen to match.

as expected.

When Shen Changqing came to a conclusion in his mind, he saw a sudden change in the battle situation in the void.

Just as Shen Changqing thought, although the Ice Emperor is strong, he is not the opponent of the Holy God. When his body was almost crushed by a punch, the Ice Emperor finally had no reservations.

A longbow full of white jade suddenly appeared, and immediately after that, ice-blue arrows were seen resting on the longbow. The bow and arrow hadn't shot out, and the void had already stagnated. "Destroy!"

The Ice Emperor bent his bow and set an arrow, and uttered a word from his mouth coldly, and immediately saw an ice blue arrow burst out. Boom—the void shatters. Frost freezes space.

As fast as a thunderbolt, an arrow that pierces the world, directly hits the face of the holy god. That terrifying arrow made Sheng Tianshen's expression more solemn than ever. The speed of the arrow is too fast, and it is not allowed to dodge at all.

Just when Sheng Tianshen was about to catch the arrow with all his strength, he saw that the surrounding time suddenly stopped, and an arrow appeared from nothing, and collided with the ice blue arrow.


The collision of two arrows is like a contest between two heavens and earth. next breath.

The ice-blue arrow shattered, while the other arrow flew backwards. "Space-Time Arrow!" The Ice Emperor's face was extremely ugly.

Looking at the heavens, the only arrows that can crush the ice **** arrows of the Jiyuan **** clan are the time and space **** arrows of the holy **** clan.

When his voice fell, a young **** master with a handsome and bewitching face came out from the void, and the other party was holding a longbow and an arrow in his hand.

The Divine Bow of Time! Time and space magic arrow! "Lord of the Nine Holy Gods!"

When seeing the visitor, Shen Changqing was stunned.

Of course, he is no stranger to the Nine Holy Lords. When the Tianzong was besieged in the first battle, this one made a move, but was intercepted by the leader of the ancient alliance, An Yuan.

The strength of the Nine Holy God Lord is very strong, and he is the real top God Lord.

It was as strong as the dark abyss of the ancient alliance, but it only severely injured the opponent, but failed to really kill it. "The Lord of the Nine Saints has come forward, it seems that things are going to get better here!" Shen Changqing smiled slightly.

He is happy to see the Abyss God Clan and the Holy God Clan turn against each other.

Most of the gods of the heavens have enmity with the human race. If the Jiyuan gods and the holy gods can tear their skins apart, it will only be beneficial to the human race.


Shen Changqing also set his eyes on the treasure in the hands of the two of them. "Can your lord know the origin of these two treasures?"

Shen Changqing has also heard of the name of the Divine Bow of Time and Space and the Divine Arrow of Time and Space. But to understand, it is

Can't talk about it.

From the beginning to the end, Venerable Seven Star watched the battle with the attitude of watching a drama, and he couldn't help but smiled lightly when he heard this: "The Divine Bow of Time and Space and the Divine Arrow of Time and Space were left by one of the most powerful members of the Holy God Clan back then.

These two treasures contain the power of time, which is extremely mysterious.

It is rumored that at the peak of the two treasures, they could be equivalent to half of an immortal holy weapon, but after suffering some trauma, they were no longer as powerful as they were at their peak.

But a lean camel is bigger than a horse, even if the two treasures are damaged, they are still a top twelfth-rank Taoist soldier now that they are combined. " Finished.

Venerable Seven Stars looked in the direction of the Ice Emperor again.

"The divine bow in the hands of the Ice Emperor is the supreme treasure of the Jiyuan God Clan, the Jiyuan Bow.

It's a pity that although the Jiyuan Bow and other ranks are high, the Jiyuan Divine Arrow that can match it has long been destroyed. Later, a strong man from the Jiyuan God Clan forged the Ice God Arrow to replace the Jiyuan Divine Arrow.

However, a substitute is a substitute after all. The Ice God Arrow is only ranked eleventh, which is not as good as the original Jiyuan God Arrow. As a result, the ultimate treasure of the Jiyuan God Clan is weaker. "

Shen Changqing nodded slightly.

The background of these protoss is indeed strong. The protoss forces such as the abyss protoss and the holy protoss all have supreme Taoist soldiers as the treasure of the clan. But look at the way it is now.

The background of the Abyss Protoss is a bit worse after all. "Nine Saints!"

When the Ice Emperor saw the visitor, his face was cold and ugly.

The Ice God Arrow was destroyed and an eleventh-rank Taoist soldier disappeared, which was not a small loss for the Protoss. For so many years, the Jiyuan Protoss did not leave many ice **** arrows, and if these supreme Taoist soldiers are damaged, one is missing. "If it hadn't been for the destruction of our clan's ultimate divine arrow, the treasure of your Holy God Clan might not be able to beat our clan's township treasure today!"

The Ice Emperor gritted his teeth and said.

The Lord of the Nine Holy Spirits looked indifferent, and looked at the Ice Emperor with high eyes: "Winners and losers, there is no objection to saying so much, my family's treasure can survive the catastrophe, but the Jiyuan Divine Arrow of the Jiyuan God Clan is damaged.

It is clear at a glance which is stronger and which is worse. "

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