Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7-I Picked the Herbs

Remembering the martial arts novels he had read in his previous life, he found that as long as the hero fell under a cliff, he would meet something or someone extraordinary. Ding Hao always thought himself lucky, and today’s scenario really resembled what he read. Therefore, he probably might find some weapons or secret swordsmanship books here.

However, there was nothing but a set of stone table and chairs.

He almost wanted to turn the entire place inside out to find the treasures he expected.

“I guess one has to be practical all the time. Too much greed is bad for you. I should feel lucky that I didn’t get killed. And, the faint black liquid in the dent saved my life! It might be something. Only it’s a shame that I can’t take them.”

Ding Hao heaved a sigh and stopped searching.

There was no water or food in the cave. It was time to go home.

He walked through the tunnel and reached the entrance of the cave.

It was a bottomless abyss down there.

He then looked around, and there was only swirling black mist and howling gale.

However, when he looked up, he could spot flickering stars hidden behind the black mist. He did not stay in the coma for too long because at least, it was still at night now.

Moreover, if he could see the stars, he must be near to the cliff where he fell off. He was highly likely to climb back to the ground safe and sound.

“That’s strange. If I fell from the cliff, how did I enter the cave and bury myself in the fluid?”

Ding Hao could not quite figure this out.

By the entrance, he practiced the Eighth Setting-up Exercises twice and prepared his body for the climb. He carried his sword on the back, clung to the rock bumps on the wall, and started to climb up carefully.

Luckily, in his previous time, he took an interest in climbing and took some indoor classes. With the skills he had commanded, he climbed steadily.

Like a gecko, he stretched his legs and arms close to the wall and slowly ascended.

The gale roared behind his back, and the black mist was pulling him down. Ding Hao could be dragged into the abyss anytime.

It was really a dangerous climb.

With just a slip, he would be blown away by the gale, fall into the unfathomable abyss, and never return.

In addition, the gravity pulled him harder here above the normal range. He was like walking on ropes!

Climbing for about 20 meters upward, Ding Hao felt the kind of soreness that would bring him into fatigue. Nevertheless, he had to carry on. He clung to the rocks harder and kept his balance under the feet.

He was sweating like a cow.

Soon, Ding Hao was soaked in sweat. He breathed heavily to stay concentrated.

Having climbed for 20 meters more, Ding Hao was exhausted. He felt as if he was being stabbed all over his body and could not quite feel his arms.

Nevertheless, at that point in time, all of a sudden, a miracle happened—

He felt heat expanded from his dantian to his entire body like a stream, or a lover’s toying hand over his entire body.

Then, suddenly, he could not feel the pain anymore.

Instead, he felt as if he had been refilled and was instantly more energetic than ever.

His physical strength had been doubled without any warning.

Assume he could deal 200 kilograms of damage before, now he could deal more than 500 kilograms.

Afterward, he was climbing much faster than before.

When he climbed for about 40 meters more, he was exhausted again, and something similar happened a second time.

He felt the heat in dantian, and then the heat expanded to his entire body.

New energy came in and got rid of his pain.

When it had happened for six times, Ding Hao was less than 100 meters away from the ground above.

At that time, he found streaks of flickering red lights on the bumps beside him.

“Well? That red lights… They are… I found the Dragon Heart Seedlings! I finally found it!”

He greatly rejoiced at his founding of the red plants.

Without hesitation, he approached carefully and picked the six ginseng-shaped red Dragon Heart Seedlings. Then, he rolled his clothes and wrapped them in.

It was really strange that six herbs actually grew in the three-centimeter-wide soil on the palm size bump. Nothing was too strange in the world!

Now that he had found the precious herbs, Ding Hao was more than excited.

Then, he took a rest and worked his way smoothly to the cliff and onto the ground.

“Well, finally. I’ve danced with Death, and I’ll never be so reckless to do it again.”

Ding Hao lay flat on his back and inhaled heavily. He might take too many risks this time that he was feeling scared even now. He decided that he would never act like this again.

However, during the climb, his body went through some weird changes. Not only was his physical power greatly strengthened, but also some oily filthy substance came from his pores with the sweat. Now, the substance solidified on his skin.

The phenomenon was very akin to the inner transformation from legends.

At that time, Ding Hao moved and the solidified substance fell from his skin, which now looked snow white and rather elastic.

Even, Ding Hao’s entire aura had changed as if he had been an exiled immortal standing at the cliff. In the distance, the sky was turning grey.

A new day was coming.

The morning breeze swept over him. He was feeling pleasantly cool even behind his crotch.

Ding Hao looked down and could not help laughing. His clothes had been ripped to pieces, including his crotch. His cock was now swaying in the wind.

However, it was lucky that the six Dragon Heart Seedlings were still intact. He pressed the rolled clothes and held it tighter.

Then, he tidied up himself, covered the important part, and walked in the selected direction. He took the right path free from toxic air and swamps to the rim of the garbage stone forest. On the trails, he strode toward home.

“Gee? Why am I so fast?”

Ding Hao was surprised by his pace.

He was feeling energetic. When he took a step, he was three to four meter away the next second. As light as floating cotton, he felt as if he had learned the legendary lightness skill.

In the blink of an eye, he was by the fence of his yard.

The yard looked tranquil and beautiful against the rising sun.

However, Ding Hao frowned.

He smelled something dangerous.

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