Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1104 - Chapter 1104 Reincarnation?

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Chapter 1104 Reincarnation?

The two horrible beams of pupil radiance released the earth-shattering sound of the Great Tao, like two plasmas, completely submerging Ding Hao’s body. Even the void was melted into two huge black depressions, and the void barrier seemed to be melted. Clusters of Heaven Fire fell from the void, and the noise drowned out all the sounds between heaven and earth as if the end of the world was coming.

Ding Hao was caught off guard. Just now, he was hit directly without taking any response.

This scene shocked everyone in the distance.

No one had expected that at the last moment when everything was about to be settled, Ding Tong would burst out such a terrible killing move. The power of the combination of two pupils was many times stronger than that of the Seven Star-shaped Eye of Fate he displayed before. Only with both pupils could the power of this kind of pupil technique be exerted to the extreme.

It was because Ding Tong had always presented himself with a one-eyed look that everyone was caught off guard.

Ding Hao had also seen Ding Tong exerting the power of dual pupils, but unfortunately, he was still fooled.

Moreover, Ding Tong’s sudden sneak attack was equivalent to completely abandoning his dignity as a martial artist. This method was too despicable.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The sound of bones cracking was heard.

Ding Hao’s body exploded like a rag doll. Blood splashed and dyed the void red.

“Senior Brother Ding!” Fang Tianyi shouted with Zhang Fan and the others. Their eyes were wide open. They rose into the air and burst out the most powerful force to rescue Ding Hao.

Xie Jieyu did not say a word and drew her sword immediately.

Countless rays of red light flowed within the True Phoenix Sword Case, forming the strongest sword. It marched forward and directly cut into the battlefield in the void. No matter what the price was, she must not let anything happen to Ding Hao.


“A couple of ants dare to block me? Scram!”

Ding Tong jerked his head back.

His entire body was wrapped in the terrifying light of the pupil technique. His eyes were bright, without any emotion, as if he were an ice-cold killing machine. Under the contrast of this pupil radiance, his body seemed transparent, and almost his bones could be seen. This scene was extremely weird.

Terrifying pupil radiance shot out from his eyes.




Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, Song Que, and Bai Quanshui were sent flying, blood spurting from their mouths and noses.

After being hit by the terrifying pupil radiance, the four lost their ability to fight.

For a moment, Zhang Fan and the others only felt an unprecedented aura of death and extermination power surging toward them, as if the power of the world’s collapse was pressing down on them in an instant. It was not something that their current strength could resist at all. Even if they burst out their strongest fighting power, they could not block the attack.

The four of them were like four small blackboards in the stormy sea, instantly drowned by the storm.


The True Phoenix’s angry cry resounded between heaven and earth. Xie Jieyu drew her sword, and a red glow swept in all directions.

Boom! Boom!

The pupil radiance flickered like Black Lightning that engulfed half the sky.

The sound waves, like the melody of the Great Tao, drowned heaven and earth. It was as if the entire world was shaking. It was really shocking. The red glow all over the sky was torn apart and drowned out the long cry of the True Phoenix. Xie Jieyu groaned and flew back. Her face was sallow for a moment. Obviously, she was no match for this terrifying pupil radiance.

With just a few glances, Ding Tong completely defeated several young martial arts experts of the Northern Region.

This kind of magical power made one despair.

At this moment, Ding Tong was like the dominator of this world.

He was about to kill them, but at that time, he suddenly noticed something. “Eh?” He looked back and saw the golden and silver light flowing in the void. Ding Hao was not completely killed and melted. There was a blood light flowing in the sky. His broken body was partly visible, releasing a faint vitality in the collapsed void.

Ding Hao was not dead.

“Little bastard, you’re quite tough!” Ding Tong’s eyes were full of killing intent. There was a light of runes flowing in them. Dense runes formed beams of light chains, which were invincible. They directly rushed toward the collapsed body in the collapsed void.

“Stop!” Zhang Fan shouted and slashed in the distance.

Fang Tianyi and the others were even more anxious. They were about to rush forward at all costs. But at this time, Ding Honglei moved and stopped them, as well as the Martial Demigoddess, Xie Jieyu, who was about to fight desperately. She shook her head and said, “Wait a little longer.”

“Venerable Ding, why should we wait? Senior Brother Ding…” Fang Tianyi was anxious, holding back his anger.

Xie Jieyu even burst out her strength with the intention of pushing Ding Honglei away.

The Divine Artifact Vermillion Rainbow on Ding Honglei’s wrist released power, forcing them to stop. She said sincerely, “Ding Hao is fine. This is his opportunity. You should see it clearly first… Believe me, I care about him as much as any of you. I’m closer to him than any of you. I won’t just watch him in danger.”

While they were talking, something strange happened on the battlefield again.

The void, where Ding Hao’s broken body was, was directly penetrated by Ding Tong’s horrifying killing pupil radiance.

His body seemed to have completely melted into nothingness, leaving no blood or flesh.

However, when a smile appeared on Ding Tong’s face, an extremely strange force slowly flowed out from the place where Ding Hao disappeared. This was a very strange aura, like a shoot of grass under a boulder weighing 5,000 kilograms. Although it was weak, it was slowly growing through the cracks of the rock, stubborn and strong.

“Still alive?” Ding Tong felt uneasy.

The lights of Seven Stars and the Big Dipper were once again evolved in his eyes. The Southern Dipper was alive, and the Northern Dipper was dead. The Death Ray burst out of his eyes like a volcanic eruption, completely drowning out the place where the strange power emerged. He wanted to use the power of death to completely obliterate all possible danger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rumbling sound of the Great Tao of Death stirred up the power of the rules in the area. The originally stable and clear law seemed to have lost its foundation, ready to collapse at any time.

Such power was simply too terrifying.

In the distance, everyone martial arts expert of the Northern Region knew that it was impossible for them to take such a killing move. If Ding Tong had burst out with such power at the beginning, he could have crushed everyone.

The flickering Ray of Death reflected on everyone’s faces. They all looked desperate and shocked.

However, the strange power at the center of the Ray of Death did not weaken but grew stronger bit by bit. Gradually, it turned into gold and silver lights, only as thick as a finger. Like two tiny fish, they swam happily in the void.

This strange change attracted everyone’s attention.

Fang Tianyi and the others, who were about to make a move, felt Ding Hao’s aura in the gold and silver lights. A trace of surprise flashed in Xie Jieyu’s eyes. After a little doubt, she seemed to think of something. She no longer insisted on taking action and took a slight step back.

“Humph, are you still alive? Are you going to turn the tables? I’ll eliminate you now!” Ding Tong roared and desperately activated his pupil technique. His whole body was almost swallowed by the light shooting out of his eyes and turned into a huge light ball, shining between heaven and earth and leaving the Ray of Death.

But all of this seemed to be futile.

The gold and silver little fish became more and more cheerful, more and more flexible, and more and more powerful. Their auras became denser and denser, intertwining and swimming, evolving into more and more gold and silver auras, as if they had absorbed the power of the Ray of Death.

In the end, the small gold and silver fish had become as powerful as dragons. They were dozens of meters long, swimming and roaring in the endless Ray of Death. Every time they swam around, they would become stronger.

“How… how is this possible?” Ding Tong was shocked and could not understand this scene.

“In the past, every time I performed my pupil technique, no matter how powerful the opponent was, he would be killed in an instant. Even the supreme being in the darkness once showed fear of this kind of innate power. So why would this happen?”

In the distance.

“That’s…” Fang Tianyi’s eyes suddenly lit up with surprise. He cried out involuntarily, “It’s the diagram of the Pisces that Senior Brother Ding derived before.”

The gold and silver double-colored dragons finally intertwined with each other and turned into a huge round disc thousands of meters in size. The gold and silver lights each occupied half of the disc, connecting together with strange and natural curvatures. It was the self-created gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Plate that Ding Hao evolved inspired by the Yin-Yang Well before.

A strange power was flowing in the Yin and Yang Pisces Plate.

Ding Tong’s Ray of Death could no longer approach the huge Yin-Yang Pisces Plate Diagram.

In the void, there was a kind of invisible particle flowing and converging. In the end, it turned into drops of blood, bones, and flesh. In the void, all kinds of human body parts were constantly produced and finally combined into one, like a clay doll, turning into a slender and strong perfect body.

Who else could it be but Ding Hao?

This was a reorganization, a transformation that was close to reincarnation.

After the reincarnation, Ding Hao still had his eyes closed tightly.

He seemed to be still immersed in a strange state. He was in the center of the gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram, which was covered by a strange force, impervious to all methods. His long black hair became four or five meters long, thick and dark, floating, just enough to cover his naked body, which was full of beauty of power coexisting with handsomeness.

Half the sky was occupied by the gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram.

As if responding to this diagram, in the black-and-white Yin-Yang Well, there were visible traces of the suspected Reincarnation Power flowing, as if it had been guided, constantly converging toward the gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram. The two cooperated with each other and were undergoing some strange resonance.

Such a change was beyond all expectations.

No one knew what would happen next.

Ding Tong’s face darkened.

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