Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1094 - Chapter 1094 The World in the Paintings

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Chapter 1094 The World in the Paintings

Ding Honglei frowned. It seemed that everything in front of her was beyond her expectation.

“Let’s keep moving forward.” She held onto the compass-like object in her hand and detected the surroundings for a moment. Then, after determining the direction, she led everyone forward.

Ding Hao thought for a while. He then caught up with Ding Honglei and said, “Venerable Ding and I will lead the way this time.”

He didn’t tell them about his discovery so as to avoid causing an unnecessary suppressive atmosphere.

Ding Honglei glanced at him thoughtfully. Without saying anything more, she nodded and continued to move forward.

Ding Hao spread out his Divine Senses like a tide and carefully observed the surrounding terrain. In the end, he simply closed his eyes and was no longer confused by what he saw. He relied on his Divine Senses only to detect the terrain.

Half an hour later.

Ding Hao showed a pondering look and suddenly said, “Stop!”

Ding Honglei glanced at him. She did not know what was going on, but she still waved her hand and everyone stopped.

“Something’s wrong. Everyone, line up and keep a distance of a step from each other. Do exactly as I said. Stay behind me, and we’ll advance in a straight line,” Ding Hao said.

Everyone looked at him and then looked at the road ahead with puzzled expressions on their faces.

In front of them was a soft grassy beach. It looked flat and leisurely, without any tactical deployment pattern or energy fluctuation. There was no dangerous aura, and they didn’t know why Ding Hao suddenly said such words.

Ding Hao did not explain.

He lightly kicked. A fist-sized stone flew up and landed three meters away. The void within shook slightly, and the stone instantly disappeared without a trace. It was unknown where it went as if it had been disintegrated into the most primitive substance in an instant. There was no spatial fluctuation during the whole process. It was too weird.

Now, everyone’s expressions changed.

Even with their eyesight, they couldn’t tell where the stone had gone. There was no trace of any laws or auras. This was terrifying. Even if their searched frantically with their Divine Senses, they still couldn’t tell what had happened.

“Listen to Ding Hao,” Ding Honglei said with a frown.

The others didn’t object.

Although they didn’t know what had happened, Ding Hao obviously found something that they couldn’t see or feel. It must be something horrifying since it was able to hide from the senses of so many God Realm Masters.

According to Ding Hao’s guidance, everyone lined up and walked forward step by step. They almost stepped on Ding Hao’s footprints and did not find anything unusual. The grass under their feet was soft and comfortable, and the breeze blew around with the fragrance of grass.

About 30 minutes later, Ding Hao exhaled a mouthful of foul air and said slowly, “That should be enough. We’re fine now.”

Only then did everyone relax.

Song Que looked at Ding Hao doubtfully and said, “Third Brother, did you discover something?”

Ding Hao nodded and said, “It’s hard to say for the time being, but everything we see and perceive in front of us doesn’t seem to be real. It’s an illusionary formation that can almost completely deceive our senses, and it has huge killing intent behind its back.”

Upon hearing his words, the crowd was stunned.

They were all top masters in the Northern Region, and there were some tactical deployment masters among them, but they didn’t find anything strange. If Ding Hao hadn’t reminded them just now, someone might have fallen into the fatal illusionary formation by mistake and got killed.

Ding Hao breathed a sigh of relief and continued releasing his Divine Senses to sense the surroundings.

In the feedback of his Divine Senses, there was no beautiful scenery like flowers, birds, fish, and insects around.

It was all just an illusion that seemed real.

The environment they were in had always been the gloomy environment of the Hungry Ghost Path. They had passed by a single-plank bridge with a length of tens of thousands of meters, surrounded by bottomless abysses. Black auras surged, and the dark power seemed to be able to suppress everyone’s strength. No one could see this real scene. Once they accidentally stepped out of the scope of the bridge, they would definitely be swept into the dark power in an instant and crushed to pieces.

Past this single-plank bridge was a path of traps that continuously spat out black flames.

The black flames could burn divine souls, and they were powerful enough to hurt or even kill a God Realm Master.

And only Ding Hao could see all this.

It seemed that it could not be explained by strength, and even the gaps between their Divine Senses could not explain what was happening. Mind Essential was indeed the best cultivation method to practice Divine Senses since ancient times, but some other masters in the middle stage of the God Realm also had unique and rare methods to practice Divine Senses. However, they could not see what Ding Hao saw.

“Maybe it has something to do with the Heavenly Samsara Disc?”

Ding Hao thought to himself.

He closed his eyes and was not disturbed by the sight. He led the way with his Divine Senses and led the crowd to get through the route full of black flame traps.

The surrounding environment was very terrifying and enough to kill a God Realm Master.

In the next half a day, Ding Hao searched with his Divine Senses and broke through many traps and secret killing moves. During this process, several God Realm Masters doubted Ding Hao’s statement several times. They tried it out on their own, but they were slightly injured. Only then did others realize that they had indeed passed through an extremely dangerous environment.

It was not until 12 hours that Ding Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s all right now. We seem to have walked out of the dangerous area.” Ding Hao slowly opened his eyes.

The others were finally relieved.

At this time, the scene that appeared in front of them was no longer the fairyland scene of green trees, fragrant grass, and spiritual beasts. It had returned to the typical deathly still scene of the Hungry Ghost Path. What was different was that in the distance, there were continuous mountains, and an ancient riverbed-like avenue led to those mountains. There was a strong wind whistling, sweeping up the dust and yellow sand all over the sky.

This avenue was filled with a simple and ancient aura.

It was unknown when someone had passed by, but the avenue seemed to lead to the sky. On the avenue, two ruts were extremely clear. It was as if they had been engraved on stone slabs, and people couldn’t help but think of the picture of a thin horse pulling a broken carriage while walking here.

A young man in a snow-white Confucian robe was standing quietly on the avenue, blocking the crowd’s way.

He was very quiet. In front of him was a huge painting board, which he used to paint with his head down.

Because his head was lowered and blocked by the painting board, his face could not be seen. However, his elegance and unworldly temperament made people feel that he must be a young and handsome scholar, a romantic figure full of drawing and writing talents.

“I didn’t expect that you could come out unscathed. It’s really surprising,” the Confucian-robed young man said without raising his head. His voice was indifferent and calm, but it contained unconcealable vicissitudes and helplessness. His tone contained too many complicated emotions.

“You are the second gatekeeper? You are…” Ding Honglei finally realized something. Looking at the young man in a Confucian robe, she said in surprise, “Are you Dark Envoy Painting among the 12 Dark Envoys?”

“I won’t kill those who can walk out of my painting. You can go now.” The young man in the Confucian robe didn’t want to say more, as if saying more would delay his painting. He didn’t move, and his body and the painting board moved gently to the side of the avenue to make way for the crowd.

Ding Honglei did not ask any more questions. She signaled to the crowd with her eyes and stepped onto the strange avenue of vicissitudes.

Only now did everyone realize that this Confucian-robed young man was also one of the 12 Dark Envoys.

When passing the young man in a Confucian robe, Ding Hao couldn’t help looking back.

When his eyes fell on the young man’s painting board, he was suddenly stunned and immediately understood something. There were different small pictures drawn on the huge canvas, which were extremely clear and lifelike, just like photos. Moreover, every picture was related to the crowd.

“Those pictures are so familiar…that is…”

Ding Hao was shocked to find that the contents of each picture were the scenes when his team passed through the dangerous area before, especially when he led others ahead with his eyes closed.

Everything in those pictures was just like the playback of what they had experienced before.

“No, not playback.”

Ding Hao suddenly realized that in the places they had passed, those traps and threats invisible to the naked eye and Divine Senses were all painted by this young man in a Confucian robe. He had created a world with a brush, while they had just walked around in the world in his painting.

“What kind of magical power is this?

“Are the dangers we encountered before mere paintings of this young man in the Confucian robe on purpose?

“No wonder he said before that he would not kill those who could come out of his painting… This is so terrifying. What kind of cultivation is this? He can quietly absorb others into his painting and control their fate at will. He is like a god who dominates everything!

“If it weren’t for the strange situation in my body, and if it weren’t for the fact that my Divine Senses can see through illusions, the young man in the Confucian robe, Dark Envoy Painting, could have easily toyed with dozens of God Realm Masters. Perhaps some of us could eventually escape the world in the painting, but we would definitely pay a high price for it.”

Just as Ding Hao saw the pictures, the young man in a Confucian robe suddenly turned to look at him.

“You can see through my painting?” The scarlet eyes and the face surrounded by black Qi showed that he was really a supreme expert who practiced dark power, very similar to the dead Dark Envoy Extermination. His bloody eyes swept over Ding Hao, and there seemed to be a little confusion in them.

Ding Hao did not answer.

The moment he looked back and brushed past, he caught sight of the scroll of Dark Envoy Painting, which was being created.

This was the last painting painted of the young man in a Confucian robe.

There were only a few strokes in the painting, but they vividly outlined Ding Hao’s back. The picture merely presented his back. There was no other scenery or environment on the snow-white paper. The young man in the Confucian robe held the brush in his hand for a long time, as if he did not know what kind of environment to draw Ding Hao in for a while.

Ding Hao and the others finally passed Dark Envoy Painting and walked toward the distant mountains.

“That’s the real Reincarnation center of the Hungry Ghost Path.” Ding Honglei breathed a sigh of relief and looked much more relaxed. They had unexpectedly passed Dark Envoy Painting’s test, and there would definitely be no more gatekeepers. The immortal fate of Reincarnation was in this mountain, and she could still get to meet those people. Her task was about to be completed, and what happened next was left to fate to decide.

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