Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1084

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Chapter 1084 Reincarnation Region

Many people couldn’t understand why the Door of Reincarnation would open in Guo City.

The Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost was the first to receive the news and then issued a martial arts post. This time, they even informed the Demon Clan exceptionally. At present, the top masters of the Human Clan and the Demon Clan were all gathered in Guo City.

“The Door of Reincarnation will open at midnight when the moon is full. Everyone, prepare yourselves.”

Ding Honglei, dressed in a red cloak, walked ahead gallantly. The experts of the two clans gathered at an ancient market in the southwest corner of the city. That place had been cleared, and all the civilians within a radius of dozens of miles had been moved away. Isolation inscriptions and tactical deployments had been set up in the surroundings.

According to the information revealed by Ding Honglei before, the so-called Door of Reincarnation was a space door that opened at a certain time and place, which would transmit the creatures who entered it to a mysterious Reincarnation Region. There would be great fortunes in that place, which might be related to the legacy of the Immortal Period. Those who got the fortunes might get to immediately become immortals.

“The Reincarnation Region is related to the Land of Divine Grace and the Land of Infinity. It may be a lost continent. Countless epochs have passed, and I don’t know how that place is now, or if there are any living creatures. So you have to be careful when you enter the door.”

Ding Honglei reminded them.

The Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost had been standing out in the Northern Region for countless years and knew a lot of secrets, but they also had no way to explain the legend of Reincarnation clearly. The other forces apparently had some vague understanding of Reincarnation and knew that it was extremely heaven-defying and related to a taboo domain, which was extremely important. Otherwise, they would not have been summoned here by the martial arts posts from the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost. Even the Demon Clan had temporarily put aside their prejudice against the Human Clan.

Legend had it that the reason why there were continuous wars on the Land of Infinity, and why there were few immortals after the Immortal Period, was that Reincarnation was not thorough and the six paths were not smooth so the laws of heaven were chaotic. Even those with great luck could not ascend, be eternal, and achieve the Completion of the Twelve Meridians.

Except for martial artists, people became homeless and were suffering, and the Human Clan and the Demon Clan had countless holy wars, where people were plunged into misery and suffering, fighting for survival resources. Many powerful races had lost the power of their ancestors in ancient times and could only rely on their bloodline to pass down what they had…In short, many of the current misfortunes on the continent were related to Reincarnation.

For martial artists, Reincarnation had already been shattered.

The opportunity to become immortal was within Reincarnation.

Since the Reincarnation in this world had been shattered, they could only place their hopes on other places, such as the Reincarnation Region. Since they could not stay in Reincarnation, they would take the initiative to enter it. Perhaps there was still some power of Reincarnation in the Reincarnation Region.

This mysterious and illusory hope was the last hope for countless martial arts experts, especially for the top masters of the older generation.

Thus, they were willing to take this risk.

Ding Hao stood in the crowd while Zhang Fan and Fang Tianyi stood beside him.

The Swordsmanship-seeking Sect had decided to have the three of them, as well as Evil Moon, enter the Reincarnation Region this time. After a brief reunion with Ding Hao, Li Lan and others would return to the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, and Xie Jieyu became one of the candidates for the Demon Clan as the holy goddess of the Immortal Phoenix Palace.

“Brother Ding, please be careful when you enter the Reincarnation this time,” Gu Shaochu reminded.

Because the location was Guo City, and because of Ding Hao, Gu Shaochu and Hua Huai’an could also approach the place where the Door of Reincarnation was about to appear. However, with their strength, they could not enter it. They just came to see Ding Hao off.

“Got it. Don’t worry, brothers.” Ding Hao nodded. He thought of something and said, “I’ve already ordered my men to search for Xing’er and Mojian’s whereabouts. Both the humans and the demons will inform me as soon as there’s any news. Please rest assured, brothers. I’ve asked Roundie and Squarie to do divination. Xing’er and Mojian are both safe and sound, and they even have a huge fortune awaiting them. They’re more scared than hurt.”

“Then we can rest assured.” Gu Shaochu and Hua Huai’an breathed a sigh of relief.

Roundie and Squarie came from the mysterious Divine Design Valley. It was said that they were the most outstanding disciples in that valley, and their divination skills were unparalleled. In this case, Gu Xing’er and Hua Mojian should be fine. They went to Ding Hao on impulse at that time, but they disappeared. Everyone was worried about them, but there was no clue.

Ding Hao ordered several other things. While they were talking, suddenly, a strange phenomenon appeared between heaven and earth.

When the full moon had just risen to the middle of the sky, it seemed to be pulled by some invisible force. Suddenly, a bright silver light, different from other moonlight, shone straight down. It happened to land in the center of the southwest corner of the ancient market in Guo City. The slated ground of the market shook slightly, and extremely mysterious inscription patterns rippled.

“What is that?”

“How is that possible?”

The citizens of Guo City, including Gu Shaochu, were extremely shocked because such a phenomenon had never appeared in the city for countless years.

Countless experts cried out in surprise.

Because everyone instinctively felt a very strange force that spread out. They had no place to dodge, and it seeped into their bodies like flowing water.

“That’s…” Ding Hao was shocked.

He was very knowledgeable about inscriptions and could be regarded as a master, but he had never seen this kind of quaint inscription. There was a power above the law surging in the inscriptions.

“Oh my god, how could there be such power in this world?” The Sword Master’s exclamation appeared in Ding Hao’s mind.

At the same time, the Saber Master also exclaimed, “Those are the patterns naturally generated between heaven and earth, and they are the strongest force ever… How could this be? Is the current world related to the previous ancient land? Can one really pass through the untainted land and go back to the past?”

The two old monsters sounded extremely shocked.

This was the first time that Ding Hao had heard them lose their composure.

“What is that? Do you know the origin of these inscriptions?” Ding Hao could not help but ask with his Divine Senses.

“It’s a force that only existed in the past, a force that should have been destroyed long ago. Why did it appear in this world…” The Saber Master was obviously stunned, and there was even a little surprise and excitement in her voice. She even forgot to blame Ding Hao for not calling her senior. She murmured, “Let’s wait and see. If the so-called Door of Reincarnation and the Reincarnation Region are really related to that era, things would be too crazy.”

“Will the real fortunes really appear in this epoch?” the Sword Master said thoughtfully.

Neither of them answered Ding Hao’s question directly.

Just when Ding Hao was about to ask something, a sudden buzzing sound was heard. Countless natural lines, like the trajectory of paint brushes, painted a strange door a meter above the ground. The door was open, and the flickering light clusters were flashing in the door frame.

“Everyone, the Door of Reincarnation has opened. Please enter.”

After Ding Honglei finished speaking, she was the first to step into the light door.

“This… is really the power of Reincarnation.” An expert of the Demon Clan shrouded in a chaotic Demon Aura said those words with excitement and was the second to enter.

“Let’s go!”

Someone shouted and turned into a stream of light, entering the door.

Ding Hao stood still and was not in a hurry to enter, but he was quite shocked because the shape of this strange light door was exactly the same as that of one of the Six Immortal Gates at the bottom of the Great Abyss in the Back Mountain of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. It seemed that these two doors were designed by the same designer without the slightest difference.

What was the connection between this light door and the Six Immortal Gates?

Ding Hao felt that things were a little beyond his imagination.

“Let’s go in too.” Ding Hao glanced at Zhang Fan and Fang Tianyi before he turned around and said goodbye to Gu Shaochu. He turned into a flowing light and disappeared into it.

“What is this place?”

Looking at the gloomy and gray sky, everyone was in a daze.

Ding Hao was also in the crowd.

There were fewer than 60 people who entered the Door of Reincarnation, and the weakest one was a Semi God Realm Master. Although he could not be regarded as a Supreme Master in the God Realm, he was also a contemporary master. When such a group of people gathered together, they were definitely an invincible force. However, in this strange space, the vast world seemed a little small.

A human expert said in surprise, “Is this the Reincarnation Region? It looks the same as the Land of Infinity.”

What he said was what many people thought in their hearts.

Indeed, this strange space was very vast, but it was just so. There was no grass on the ground, only dust and dead silence. The dark clouds in the sky were low, giving people a very oppressive feeling. In addition, the air, Spiritual Qi, and power laws of this place were no different than those in the Land of Infinity.

In particular, there was no power of Reincarnation in the air, which made some experts a little disappointed.

“This is just the periphery of the Reincarnation Region. Let’s go in and have a look,” Ding Honglei said with a poker face. “I know that all the sects you are from have their own foundation. All of you have your own merits regarding the Reincarnation Region. Some of you even have some maps in your hands, but I still hope that we can walk together because according to the information held by the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost, there is great danger in the Reincarnation Region. Even those at the peak of the God Realm may die here.”

After saying that, Ding Honglei strode forward with four masters of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost.

Everyone was smart, and many of them were experienced experts. They had experienced too many things and were outstanding talents of their generation, so they had their own plans and ideas. When it came to what should be said, even Ding Honglei did not have the ability to order these people to listen to her.

Ding Hao and the other two, as well as people from Blue Cloud Sect and Extermination Swordsmanship Sect, followed Ding Honglei.

Some experts of the Demon Clan chose to leave and search on their own.

There were five or six senior Supreme Masters in the God Realm of the Human Clan who chose to move alone. They turned into flowing lights and disappeared into the distant void of this strange world.

“It’s strange. I find this place a bit similar to the Hell Path, but obviously, they’re not the same place. But one thing is for sure, this is definitely not the Land of Divine Grace or Land of Infinity…Incredible. There are indeed other worlds beyond the two continents.”

Ding Hao was extremely shocked.

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