Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1072

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Chapter 1072 Ghost Figure Tiansha

Ding Ke’er also looked in the direction of the main city of the Muhuang family.

Roars of killing came from all around. Endless armies of the Demon Clan and the Extermination Peak besieged Heaven Island from all directions like tides. It was impossible to see their end.

What was even more unexpected was that inside Heaven Island, there were still some forces working together to seal and destroy the cores and energy of some defensive tactical deployments on the island. The top island in the Southern Wilderness, which was said to be impregnable, had its peripheral conquered in a short time.

“Ximen Guiying, you and your families are just a bunch of traitors!” Yin Rong roared angrily.

He could tell that those people acting as spies were the disciples and elders of the Ximen family. No wonder Yu Mieqian and the others could sneak into Heaven Island so easily today. It turned out that the Ximen family had chosen treachery.

“Our Ximen family is doing this just to defend the foundation of the Four Great Families’ ancestors. We don’t want it to be occupied by demons. Yin Rong, you’re such an idiot. You don’t know who has been manipulating Heaven Island all these years.”

Ximen Guiying’s figure suddenly appeared in the void.

He was wearing a black tight suit, and he was flickering like a real ghost shadow. His body was as thin as a piece of paper, but he didn’t leave any fixed track, and no Divine Senses could lock onto him.

He had gained great fame by his killing, and he was indeed extraordinary.

“What… what do you mean by that?” Yin Rong was not stupid. He gradually felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere. Too many things that had happened today were strange.

“If you don’t want to fight, retreat to the side with your family, and I will give you an explanation after this is settled. Otherwise, even your family will be destroyed. It’s ridiculous that you, as a Highest Elder, have been kept in the dark. You are just a dotard!” The voice of Ximen Guiying was like a silk thread wandering in the void, extremely powerful.

“You…” Yin Rong was infuriated, but in the end, he held his anger back. Now that he was heavily injured, he could be trampled upon at will. If he continued resisting, he would only die.

Yin Rong withdrew and spoke solemnly, “I will stay out of this matter for the time being. However, if you’re doing this to exterminate Heaven Island, I will definitely fight you to the death even if I have to pay the price of the annihilation of my Yin family.”

This time, he spoke with great determination.

Ding Ke’er glanced at Yin Rong, her eyes full of murderous intent.

Yin Rong was startled.

Ximen Guiying understood Ding Ke’er’s meaning. He sighed and said, “Miss Ding, I know that the Yin family used to be one of the accomplices and owed you a lot. But today’s situation is special, and Yin Rong got seriously injured as well as the elders of his family. They have paid the price. How about letting them go?”

Ding Ke’er glanced at Ding Hao. She thought for a moment before she said, “Okay.”

In that incident back then, among the Four Great Families, only the Ximen family was on her side. If it weren’t for the secret help of Ximen Guiying, she would never have left Heaven Island alive. She was grateful to him, so she naturally had to show Ximen Guiying respect.

While they were talking-


Heaven Island began to shake violently.

In the direction of the Muhuang family’s main city in the distance, layers of bright silver light broke out of the earth and engulfed the whole majestic city. Three silver pillars of light rose to the sky. Like heavenly pillars, they went straight to the deepest part of the vault of heaven.

“Those are the ancestral Divine Artifacts of the three families!”

Ximen Guiying’s face became dignified. “This must be a secret scheme from that man. He disturbed Yin Rong’s and Chuyun Tianshang’s control of their ancestral Divine Artifacts by using some secret method. With the help of the God-suppressing Seal and Ding Hao’s power of Stormy Saber and Sword Realm, he has taken away those Divine Artifacts and now has Three Great Divine Artifacts with him.”

A gentle voice sounded from the direction of the Muhuang family. “Hah, I didn’t expect that there would be some nobodies noticing my existence.” In the endless silver light, a strange black figure approached step by step. In an instant, he arrived in the sky above the Heaven Sect Garden.

Everywhere he passed, his pitch-black footprints would be left in the sky.

Those footprints were flickering like black flames.

Behind him, the bright silver light from the Muhuang family soon turned into endless darkness. Half of the sky was burning with distorted black flames. Even the sky and the earth were burning, as if they were going to destroy everything, bringing dense darkness to this world.

Ding Hao was shocked.

This power was too familiar to him.

Ding Hao had once felt it from the sea of consciousness of a man with a broken hand and a golden hook before. The horrible aura around that dominator who sat highly on a throne was exactly the same as that of the black figure in front of Ding Hao. The only difference was that this person’s strength was far from that of the dominator.

Ding Hao remembered that there were countless powerful figures around the dominator at that time, including the Fake God Emperor and Ding Tong. The dominator merely gave him a look, and it made the Divine Senses that Ding Hao had sent into the sea of consciousness of the man with a broken hand and a golden hook instantly shattered, which gave Ding Hao a kind of suffocating fear.

However, the black figure in front of Ding Hao right now was most definitely not that dominator.

It was just that their auras and power were identical. This meant that the black figure and the dominator originated from the same source. They definitely belonged to the same sect or organization.

Their origin belonged to a mysterious power.

In the unseen world, it was as if those people’s figures could be seen behind many things that affected the general trend of the Land of Divine Grace. Unexpectedly, they appeared on the Southern Wilderness’s Heaven Island again that day. Ding Hao suddenly had an idea, but he kept feeling that he seemed to have neglected something.

At the same time…

At the sight of this black figure, Ding Ke’er’s eyes burst into fierce rage, and the killing intent all over her body surged wildly. She said word by word, “In the past, it was this shadow that secretly killed Master Tianji.”

“You’ve manipulated the Four Great Families and overturned our Heaven Island. You’ll die now!”

The moment Ximen Guiying saw the black figure, he also grew greatly murderous. He could no longer suppress the killing intent in his heart. With a clear shout, he disappeared into the void in an instant and began his killing.

“God-suppressing Seal! Kill!” Ding Ke’er shouted coldly.

She finally took action.

“Tiansha, it is time for us to settle the grudges between you and my Demon Clan.”

The first genius of the Demon Clan, Wen Duoqing, also became serious, which was rare. He put his palms together, and the jade folding fan disappeared with a flash of silver light. At the same time, a fist-sized orange prismatic grain of sand appeared behind him, emitting a dreamy brilliance.

It was the Sand of Time, one of the Three Great Divine Artifacts.

He activated the Divine Artifact as soon as possible.

The three great experts unleashed their strongest techniques upon attacking. They did not hold anything back. Clearly, they were extremely wary of this black figure.

Meanwhile, Yin Rong who stood on the side was terribly stunned.

He actually had no idea where that black figure came from.

Heaven Island had always been under the control of the Four Great Families, so the Yins were knowledgeable about the situation of the other three families. However, they’d never noticed that there was such a powerful and evil supreme master lurking within the Muhuang family.

Those strange and evil black flames contained a sort of contamination power.

The ancestral Divine Artifacts of the three families were contaminated by the black flames and turned from silver to scorching black. Even their outer appearances had been changed, turning into three enchanting and strange black lotuses. Their petals rose and fell, floating beside the black figure.

“Exactly what has the Muhuang family and Muhuang Tianling been concealing all these years?”

Yin Rong suddenly felt an irrepressible fear and anger.

“So I’ve been deceived and utilized by Muhuang Tianling?

“In that case, I’ve become his pawn in that matter ten years ago as well? I wonder if Chuyun Tianshang knew the truth about this or not. If he didn’t, then his death would be simply too unjust and stupid!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying battle instantly erupted.

Ximen Guiying, Ding Ke’er, and Wen Duoqing, the three Supreme Masters in the God Realm, took action at the same time. The God-suppressing Seal, the Sand of Time, and the ancestral Divine Artifact of the Ximen family were also fully activated. They burst out their strongest fighting power and rushed toward the black figure.

“Haha, hahaha… Don’t get ahead of yourselves!” The black figure, Tiansha, laughed and was not afraid at all. The three black ghost lotuses surrounded him and protected him from the first wave of attack easily.

With his laughter, black figures rushed out of the endless black flames behind him. These figures were also surrounded by ghost flames and didn’t seem to be living creatures. They rushed to every corner of Heaven Island and soon collided with the disciples of the Ximen family, the disciples of the other aristocratic families, and the experts of the Extermination Peak and the Demon Clan who attacked Heaven Island.

In just a moment, the peaceful, beautiful, and quiet Heaven Island had completely turned into Asura Hell. Shouts of killing and plaintive pleas could be heard continuously. In particular, the figures burning with black ghost flames seemed to have turned into a source of pollution. Wherever it passed, the rocks, trees, and even the lakes would be burned with black smoke and fire.

“Those figures are disciples of the Muhuang family that have been contaminated by the black flames!”

Ding Hao ran his Martial Arts Third Eye and found some clues.

The Muhuang family was doomed.

Almost all its experts and elders guarding the main city were contaminated. Only Muhuang Pin and the others who showed up in Heaven Sect Garden today survived. When they saw what was going on, they were shocked and panicked. They didn’t know how to deal with it.

To kill the bandits, one should take down their leader first.

Ding Hao’s eyes fell on Tiansha. He held the Devil Saber and Rusted Sword in his hands, and his momentum kept rising.

“Tiansha has manipulated the Four Great Families of the Heaven Sect. It seems that he has done something to the Demon Clan since he has been lurking in the Southern Wilderness for too long. He must have something to do with God’s Palace and the Eastern Continent of the Land of Divine Grace. Maybe the battle of the Eldest Divine Prince of Ancient Kylin Peak back then was also related to this force…

“I should take him down first.”

With a thought, Ding Hao was about to take action.

But at this time, Evil Moon, which was lying on Ding Hao’s shoulder, suddenly made a mysterious sound transmission. It said in a low voice, “Human Pet, the battle here is within control for the time being. Come with me. I’ll take you to meet someone.”

“Stop it,” Ding Hao said helplessly.

“What is Fat Cat doing?”

“It’s a very important person. We need to go save him first. If we don’t, you will regret it,” Evil Moon said mysteriously. It moved closer to Ding Hao with its big crystal-like eyes. “If you don’t believe me, look at me. Look at my sincere face. I swear I’m not messing with you.”

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