Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1066

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Chapter 1066 My Feathers Are Very Beautiful

“What a monster! Ah… get out of my way!” Chuyun Tianshang came to his senses and roared in shock and anger. His body had returned to its normal size, but if not for the three shocking scars, he would have been cut in two at the waist, and many of his bones were broken.

“Meow? You shrank as soon as I scratched you? Is it an air leak?” The white behemoth was surprised.

It hovered in the sky. Its two huge eyes were like stars suspended in the void. When it looked down, its eyes were full of surprise. The white behemoth didn’t expect that such a big giant could shrink with one scratch. Could it be that it was inflated?

As it spoke, it was like there was lightning and wind trembling in the sky. Everyone felt as if their ears were about to be deafened.

Chuyun Tianshang retreated in terror when he sensed the terrifying aura bearing down on him.

He couldn’t understand what this monster was. He had never seen such a strange appearance before, but the power of its claws made him completely frightened. It should be noted that transforming into the Chuyun Giant was his strongest magical power. Not only did he expand outwardly, but his strength, aura, and magical power doubled at the same time.

In the history of the Chuyun family, no one had ever been defeated when they transformed into a Glazed Giant.

He hadn’t expected the white behemoth to shatter the legend of the Chuyun Giants with a single blow.

Chuyun Tianshang had lost his will to fight.

The longer an old experienced master lived, the more he would be afraid of death than ordinary people. When he found that the strength he was proud of could not provide protection for his survival, all his courage collapsed in an instant.

“Ah… get out of my way. Don’t come near me.” Chuyun Tianshang stepped back like a stray dog, his voice full of unprecedented fear.

However, the white behemoth in the sky lazily stretched out its claws. It seemed to be slow, but in fact, it was extremely fast. There was a kind of Taoist Sense in it that caught the God Realm Master, who had lost his fighting desire. It was as if the behemoth was holding a small worm. It shook him in front of its eyes and observed him.

“Isn’t he inflated?”

The white behemoth had a strong obsession as if it wanted to figure out how such a small guy turned into a Glazed Giant.

“Ah, my legs… my waist…” Chuyun Tianshang wailed like a pig being slaughtered. His waist and legs were crushed by the claws of the behemoth. The power and defense of a God Realm Master were like tofu scraps in front of those claws. Under the intense pain and horror of death, he no longer had the slightest backbone and courage as a God Realm Master. At this moment, his performance was even worse than that of the most ordinary disciple of the Chuyun family.

The disciples and elders of the Four Great Families below were completely stunned.

There was something that broke down in their hearts.

After realizing what was going on, a few disciples covered their faces in shame. Their great-ancestor represented the will of their entire family, but at this moment, he looked just like a hooligan by the street.

“AH! Hurry and save the old ancestor…” Someone rushed into the sky and erupted with the greatest power to save Chuyun Tianshang.



The white behemoth sneezed.

A hurricane abruptly swept past, blowing the hundreds of experts and elders of the Chuyun family away like dust.

“Meow. I hate pretentious people like you the most. You’re not upright at anything.” The white behemoth was very dissatisfied. Like swinging a little chick back and forth, it shook Chuyun Tianshang and said angrily, “Since you’re so weak, why did you become so big? Tell me, tell me, tell me…”

Poor Chuyun Tianshang, a powerful man of his generation, a senior God Realm Master, and a supreme master in the Land of Infinity, had already been knocked out and disabled.

The white behemoth looked up and glanced at Ding Hao. It curled its lips discontentedly and said, “Hey, Human Pet, your skills have been slipping. You have been forced to such a state by such a scumbag with such little combat capability.”

As it spoke, it threw Chuyun Tianshang, who was in its claws, away as if throwing away a piece of garbage.

On the other side.

At this time, Ding Hao’s fight with Muhuang Tianling and Yin Rong was over.

Ding Hao paid the price of his upper teal robe turning into ashes. His chest and back were almost burned into coke. He cut off Muhuang Tianling’s body at the waist and smashed half of Yin Rong’s head.

It seemed that both sides were injured, but in fact, Ding Hao had completely realized the result he wanted.

He took a few magical elixirs, and the surging vital energy poured into his body, constantly healing his injuries, and replenishing his Qi vacancy. His burnt skin was slowly recovering.

On the other hand, Muhuang Tianling and Yin Rong were shocked and furious to notice that their injuries were filled with a strange and unfamiliar energy, and it was ceaselessly devouring and assimilating their mysterious strength, damaging their bodies. So, their injuries were recovering extremely slowly.

Even a God Realm Master would probably need a few years to recover completely from such heavy injuries.

It was a big loss to them.

The two looked at Ding Hao in shock and anger, and they were also afraid in their hearts.

At this moment, Ding Hao did not even look at them.

“Fuck…” Ding Hao gasped and cursed. He looked up at the behemoth in the sky and said, “Where have you been these days? Why did you come so late?”

“Human Pet, are you talking to me? I think you should show more respect to me.” The voice of the white behemoth in the sky was like thunder, and its planet-sized eyes shot angry light. It proudly showed its mountain-like claws and roared, “I’m very powerful now, hahaha…”

A trace of imperceptible joy appeared on Muhuang Tianling and Yin Rong’s faces when they witnessed this scene.

“It seems that the relationship between Ding Hao and the white behemoth that suddenly showed up is not as good as we imagined. Maybe we can do something about it?”

But the next moment-

“Strong! Strong my ass! How dare you call yourself strong?!”

Ding Hao suddenly rushed over and slapped the head of the white behemoth like crazy. Although his body was like a grass hill in front of the giant head, the white behemoth panicked and held its head with its huge claws.

“Meow… Human Pet, stop!” The white behemoth roared, and its figure was like rolling thunder. Many disciples of the Four Great Families were shocked by the deafening voice to bleed from their mouths and noses. They retreated in horror.

“Stop?! Stop my ass! How dare you tell me to stop?!” Ding Hao continued to hammer the behemoth wildly.

The white behemoth retreated. Its body was like a mountain. It roared, “I’m angry. I’m fierce now… Ouch, it hurts. It hurts. Stop, or don’t blame me for not showing you respect.”

“Respect?! Respect my ass! If you dare, just keep yelling!” Ding Hao continued to beat it like crazy.

The white behemoth said resentfully, “Alas, stop, Human Pet. Show… show me some respect, would you? There are so many people around… Damn it. The strong image I have tried so hard to create is now all ruined by you. Boo-hoo… meow!”

Ding Hao finally calmed down.

His eyes welled up with tears. He opened his arms and hugged the white behemoth’s head tightly. He was no longer as mad as before. Instead, he said gently, “Damn you, Fat Cat. Why did you come back so late? I thought you were dead…”

At the same time, the white behemoth quickly shrank while they were talking. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a snow-white, round, and chubby little kitten. It was adorably cute. It leaned on Ding Hao’s shoulder, stretched out its pink little tongue, and meowed while licking Ding Hao’s face intimately.

Who else could it be but the Demon King, Evil Moon?

“Meow!” Evil Moon rubbed Ding Hao’s cheek with its head, like a wandering orphan who had finally found his relatives.

This scene stunned everyone around.

“That’s a… a… a cat?

“How could this be possible? That enormous white behemoth that stuns everyone and practically killed a God Realm Master with a single claw strike is actually such a cute and chubby cat?” The crowd found it too difficult to handle this fact.

Chuyun Tianshang’s face twitched.

“How is that possible?

“I actually lost to a cat?”

“Hey? Where are your wings?” Ding Hao caught Evil Moon in his hand and stroked it hard despite its strong opposition. The familiar touch made him reminisce, but he suddenly remembered that this guy should have two pairs of wings. “Why are they missing now?”

“I’ve put them away,” Evil Moon said triumphantly.

Then, with a flash of silver light on its back, six pairs of extremely beautiful white wings slowly materialized. It flapped them gracefully and said, “How about it? Aren’t they beautiful? Hee hee, when I need to use them, I take them out. When I don’t, I just put them away. That’s so convenient, isn’t it? You look surprised. Meow, haha, aren’t my feathers so pretty? Let me tell you, there is absolutely no creature more beautiful than me in this world…”

Before it could finish speaking, a colorful figure flew across the sky.

It was a Phoenix Feather Emperor Bird.

This kind of bird was unique to the Southern Wilderness. It had the same beautiful colorful feathers as phoenixes. It was called the most beautiful bird in the Southern Wilderness. When its wings were spread, they flashed with different dreamy colors.

This Phoenix Feather Emperor Bird might have been frightened by the fierce battle earlier. It flew through the sky, dumbfounded. Its beautiful wings and long tail released dream-like ripples in the sky. It was beautiful to the extreme.

Evil Moon looked at the seven-colored feathers of the bird, then at its silver feathers, and then at the expressions of Ding Hao and the people around it. The smile on its face instantly froze.

Then, it flew into a rage.


It opened its mouth and spat out a pillar of fire.

The pitiful Phoenix Feather Emperor Bird was instantly burnt into a pile of charcoal that fell to the ground.

“Did you see that? Before my beautiful feathers, this silly bird even committed suicide in shame…” The Demon King blinked innocently and then muttered in a voice that only it could hear, “How dare you go against me? Meow. Now my feathers are the most beautiful…”

Ding Hao was speechless.

Everyone covered their faces.

“Does it not care about its prestige anymore?”

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