Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1051

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Chapter 1051 My Friends

Ding Hao did not speak again.

With a flash, he came to the high sky. The Qi inside his body roared, and the sound of sabers and swords rang between heaven and earth. The gold and silver Sword Intent turned into flowing lights, swirling around his body. All the living creatures felt that the young man’s figure suddenly solidified as if he had integrated with the void with an indescribable momentum.

Terrifying energy fluctuations were released around him.

Ding Hao pointed casually, and a ray of bright silver sword Qi burst out, cutting into the water below.

Suddenly, before anyone could react-

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The crisp sounds of ice condensing could be heard.

“What is… that??”

Someone cried out in alarm, pointing at the water surface.

Everyone looked in the direction of his gaze and saw that with the place where the Sword Qi had cut just now as the center, the water surface of the Endless Water began to freeze. Clusters of silver ice flowers replaced the choppy water surface, and the surging waves turned into ice peaks. The place where the water surface was low had turned into an ice valley. The splashing waves turned into ice rocks before they fell, smashing heavily on the ice surface and turning into fine ice chips.

One by one, the ships were frozen within the waters.

There were also some experts who didn’t have time to get out of the water. Half of their bodies were completely frozen in ice in an instant as they struggled in horror. They didn’t even have time to react with their strength.

The freezing abnormality spread at a high speed, as fast as lightning.

In just a moment, the ice within a radius of hundreds of miles was turned into a crystal ice field.

There was a northern wind whistling in the sky while palm-sized crystal snowflakes were dancing in the wind like elves.


Snowflakes flew past.

Suddenly, an expert in the Martial Sage Realm cried out in pain. Blood spurted out from his arm swept by the snowflakes. The seemingly harmless and fragile snowflakes were comparable to a divine weapon, easily breaking through his self-defense Qi and injuring his body.

All of the creatures were extremely shocked. They immediately backed up out of fear of being swept through by the snowflakes.

The faces of those experts and warriors who had been cursing before turned pale at this moment. They stepped back in fear of being noticed by Ding Hao. At this time, even if they were fools, they could understand that this young man who suddenly appeared was actually an extremely terrifying expert, and he was at least in the God Realm. He could slaughter both sides of the battle in a flash.

A great expert like him was simply not someone that they could afford to mess with.

“Can you stop fighting and answer my question now?” Ding Hao’s eyes were calm, but no one dared to look at him. Being glanced at by him would make them feel frightened.

“Who… who are you?” A girl of the Mermaid Clan with a silver trident stood up and looked at Ding Hao with awe. Her long, orange hair was shining in the sun. She was extremely beautiful with a pure scent.

Ding Hao did not answer but asked, “What is this place?”

All of the creatures were stunned.

“Why is it that this shockingly powerful expert doesn’t know where he is? Could it be that he isn’t from the Southern Wilderness?”

“Senior, this is the Southern Wilderness’s Lake Province,” the beautiful mermaid girl answered carefully. She seemed to be the leader of one of the forces. She led the mermaids and some humans to fight. They were besieged by the Ceromans and other forces. They were at a disadvantage. At this moment, she was afraid that Ding Hao would vent his anger on her side, so she did not dare to neglect him.

There weren’t any God Realm Masters guarding this battlefield. If Ding Hao took action, no one would be spared.

“Southern Wilderness’s Lake Province?”

Ding Hao recalled that the old profiteer Tianshu seemed to have mentioned that place before.

Like the Northern Region and the Divine Central Continent, the Southern Wilderness was also vast and divided into different provinces. The Lake Province should be the Southern Wilderness province closest to the Divine Central Continent. It was just a small province. It was still several provinces away from the Heaven Sect of the Muhuang family.

“Which direction should I take to go to the Heaven Province?” Ding Hao asked.

The mermaid girl was stunned. Obviously, she didn’t know much about it. She looked at a young man in his twenties beside her and showed an expression of inquiry. This young man should be a martial artist of the Human Clan in the Southern Wilderness. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was strong and healthy. His bronze skin made him appear honest and reliable. He quickly stood up and said, “Take the direction to the southeast. Along the way, you’ll pass the Water Province, Yellow Province, Yellow Province, Gong Province, Ting Province, Green Province, and the other six provinces, and then you will reach Heaven Province.”

Ding Hao looked back at Li Yiruo on the Long Sailing.

Under everyone’s amazed gaze, the Water-covered Immortal Sword nodded to Ding Hao with a smile, indicating that she had remembered the young man’s words completely.

“Thank you very much.” Ding Hao’s figure flashed and returned to the Long Sailing with the little dolphin Adorable.

The black warship made a low roar and moved forward slowly, like a behemoth swimming in the void. The black warship reflected a ferocious and cold light under the sun. The craftsmanship of God’s Palace was really amazing. The Long Sailing appeared full of power and beauty. Only then did the surrounding holy spirits notice that this warship, which had been attacked by them, was so extraordinary.

Now, all the holy spirits hoped that this Killing God would leave as soon as possible.

The Long Sailing was getting faster and faster.

Some people, who had been nervous, finally felt relieved.

The mermaid girl was faintly surrounded in the middle, and the situation was extremely dangerous.

The young man was keenly aware of this while a trace of grief and indignation appeared on his face, but he did not escape. He stood tightly beside the mermaid girl, holding her small hand with one hand with a trace of tenderness in his eyes.

The mermaid girl only smiled slightly. A sad smile appeared on her face, but she did not try to struggle.

“Since our relationship is meant to be objected by the two races, and we’re to be cast aside by the rest of the world, then won’t it be the greatest blessing if I can perish together with the one I love? After all, we’re already incredibly tired from having escaped for such a long time. Thus, it might be for the best if we remain in each other’s arms for the rest of our lives.”

“Senior, wait a minute, we…” The bronze-skinned young man’s eyes fell on the Long Sailing in the distance. He raised his hand and wanted to say something, but the black warship was so fast that it showed no sign of stopping, which made his hope completely gone.

At the moment of despair, the young man vaguely saw that the beautiful woman like the Nine Heavens Mystic Fairy, who had been standing on the deck of the Long Sailing, whispered something in Ding Hao’s ear, and then pointed to the young man and others.

Right at this moment-

Ding Hao’s voice suddenly came from the black warship, “Thank you for your guidance. We will be friends in the future… I am a protective person. If anyone dares to bully my friend, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

As soon as he finished speaking.


The body of the Long Sailing shook violently. The next moment, it plunged into the void and disappeared directly.

With the departure of Ding Hao and others, a wisp of soft wind brushed between heaven and earth without warning. The next moment, the frozen water surface suddenly rippled again. Layers of surging waves rose and fell, and everything that had stopped became active. The frozen ships and living creatures also regained freedom, and the familiar roar of waves came back to the ears of the crowd.

If it weren’t for the fact that the chill in the air had yet to dissipate, perhaps everyone would have thought that what they had just experienced was just an illusion.

After a long silence, all creatures’ attention returned to the battlefield.

“Don’t let them run away.”

“Haha, even the Mermaid Clan wouldn’t keep you. Hand over the Nine Heavens Azure Dragon Cauldron and I’ll leave your corpses intact.”

“Haha, we’ll take the cauldron, and we’ll take the mermaid as well. Haha, if we capture a delicate Mermaid Princess alive, we’ll have accomplished a great deed once we return. We lack a mermaid servant in our Ceroman ancestral hall.”

The mermaid girl, the thousands of soldiers under her command, and the bronze-skinned young man’s subordinates were surrounded by tens of thousands of enemies.

In the beginning, some people were afraid of Ding Hao’s warning and did not dare to take action. They were a little hesitant.

“Humph, what are you afraid of? Although he is powerful, he has already left.” An expert of the Ceroman Clan sneered. He waved the machete in his hand and manipulated the ice thorn-like waves to attack the Mermaid Clan surrounded in the middle. This was a master at the peak of the Saint Realm, and his attack was powerful and unstoppable.

“Kill!” The others charged forward as well.

But right at this moment, a ray of sword light as bright as silver suddenly burst out without warning and flashed in the void.


Blood spurted out.

The body of the expert of the Ceroman Clan, who was at the peak of the Saint Realm, stiffened. A stream of blood burst between his eyebrows, and then his body exploded like a broken ice cube. Piece by piece, he fell into the water below and died.

The others, who were rushing forward, abruptly stopped.

Shock appeared on everyone’s faces.

Only then did they realize that Ding Hao’s words were definitely not a casual threat, but a real warning. It was a rule set by a God Realm Master. If they wanted to break the rule, they would bear the power of a Supreme Master in the God Realm when challenging him.

The fact that a powerful expert of the Ceroman Clan had died instantly without putting up any resistance was a living example.

Many who’d harbored killing intent began to back off at this moment, deathly afraid that the frightening Sword Light would reappear again. They felt that their strength was inferior to the Ceroman at the peak of the Saint Realm and absolutely wouldn’t be able to withstand the sword strike.

The beautiful girl of the Mermaid Clan and the young man with bronze skin, who had despaired, looked pleasantly surprised and excited. Looking at the place where Ding Hao and others disappeared, their eyes were full of gratitude.

This time, they were really saved from desperation. They didn’t expect such a change. They just answered two questions casually, but they had won the friendship of a supreme master. At least at this moment, the various forces from local places would definitely not dare to attack them.

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