Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1049

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Chapter 1049 The Immortal Ancient Scroll

The God’s Palace Black Armored Army was defeated.

Under the ambush of more than 400,000 martial artists on Green Cloud Mountain, the Southern Heavenly Army was almost completely defeated. Even the tactical deployment streaks engraved could not be fully activated. They were defeated like a landslide. After being chased for thousands of miles, they abandoned their helmets and armor like stray dogs.

The Southern Heavenly Army was claimed to be one of the Four Elite Armies of God’s Palace. Hundreds of thousands of them had been wiped out in this battle, and the rest had been scattered. They lost their organization completely. There were some tactical resources that could not be destroyed and transported in time, such as crystals, warships, formation diagrams, Precious Weapons armor, weapons, and so on.

For the Northern Region Martial Alliance, this was a great victory to their heart’s content.

The experts near Green Cloud Mountain Range were celebrating the victory with excitement. Everyone was cheering and jumping with joy. They didn’t expect everything to go so smoothly. It was almost effortless for them to win this battle. They lost less than 10,000 people on their side, and the loss was almost negligible.

When another night descended, the surroundings of Green Cloud Mountain Range were brightly illuminated.

The bonfire was burning, and countless people gathered together, eating meat and drinking wine in big bowls. The atmosphere of the celebration banquet was extremely lively. The experience of fighting side by side made many disciples develop deep friendships with each other, and some sects that did not get along well with each other also eased up a lot in their relationships.

Ding Hao, the alliance chief, Song Shang, the head of the Blue Cloud Sect, and other high-level officials also appeared at the banquet for some time. They toasted all the warriors who participated in the battle, which triggered several climaxes of the banquet.

It was rare for many ordinary disciples around the Primordial Realm to see such legendary figures so close to them, which was a chance they could rarely have in their lives. Now they would have the right to show off to their friends and relatives in the future. They had once fought side by side with the heads of super sects like the Saber and Sword Addict Ding Hao, the Blue Cloud Sect Leader, and the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect Leader.

Everyone knew how this battle would affect the situation in the Northern Region.

If God’s Palace no longer sent troops to the Northern Region on a large scale or dispatched other legions of the Four Elite Armies, the situation in the Northern Region would be stabilized. At least for a long time, God’s Palace would not be able to control this area.

But for Ding Hao and the others, the mystery in their hearts had not been solved.

In the Green Cloud Hall.

Ding Hao and dozens of high-level officials quietly sat on stone chairs with rush cushions.

The four captive black-armored immortal generals at the peak of the Martial Sage Realm were sealed and escorted to the hall. After a series of interrogations, the four finally revealed everything they knew.

“That is to say, on the day before the battle, the commander Huo Jun suddenly left the camp with four God Realm Masters and returned to the Land of Divine Grace?” Ding Hao frowned and asked, “Do you know why he left?”

One of the black-armored generals shook his head and said, “Lord Huo Jun never explains to us what he does. Before he left, he asked our supervisor, Lord Qing Miaoyi, to take charge of the deployment.”

Song Shang pondered for a moment and said, “Does that mean the sudden attack last night was your supervisor’s decision?”

“Yes.” The black-armored general gnashed his teeth and said, “Before Lord Huo Jun left, he repeatedly warned Qing Miaoyi that she must surround you steadily and should not easily take action. He said that all matters would be discussed after he came back. But this woman who is eager to make contributions… If it weren’t for this fool, how could you small potatoes win against our Southern Heavenly Army?”

Clearly, these black-armored immortal generals were still brooding over their defeat.

Ding Hao knew that they were unwilling, so he didn’t fuss about it. He ordered his men to take the four captives down and detain them.

“What kind of big event is it that made Huo Jun ignore his army and return to the Divine Grace overnight?” The head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect looked at the crowd and said, “And before he left, he took the four strongest Supreme Masters in the God Realm with him. If the four of them stayed in the army, our plan would not have been so easy to succeed. But the problem is, even if he had something important to do and left, why did he take away the four supreme masters? Huo Jun himself is a Supreme Master in the God Realm. Could it be that he needs protection?”

No one could answer this question.

There was no lack of wise people present, but they all felt that there was something weird and abnormal about this matter.

“Protection?” Ding Hao suddenly had an idea. He said, “What if… I mean, what if the four supreme masters are not protecting Huo Jun, but protecting other important people or things to return to the Land of Divine Grace?”

Everyone’s eyes instantly lit up.


“Why didn’t I think of this?”

It was a only pity that they weren’t able to capture that supervisor Qing Miaoyi with this great victory, or else perhaps they could obtain even more useful information.

On the Land of Divine Grace.

In Divine Capital of the Eastern Continent.

The most heavily guarded and imposing divine hall was a divine sword inserted into the sky. It was hundreds of times taller than all the other buildings in Divine Capital. At the top of the divine hall, a huge profound energy crystal was emitting a dreamy light beam, like a huge pupil staring at the vast land.

This was the residence of the God Emperor and it was also the noblest and most dignified place in the entire Eastern Continent.

In the main hall.

“You know where the Reincarnation Region is?” A dignified voice sounded from the black throne, containing a power that shook the hearts of all. No one dared to resist, let alone raise their head.

“Your Majesty, this is indeed the case.” Huo Jun prostrated on the icy cold ground, respectfully holding up an ancient scroll with both of his hands. It was unknown what material it was made of, but it emitted a strange fluctuation that seemed to be able to devour the light.

A gentle power gushed out from the throne above, drawing the scroll over.

Moments later.

“It is indeed an item from the Immortal Period, and it is very valuable. Is this a map of the Reincarnation Region?” The God Emperor’s voice rang out again, and it was clear that he was very satisfied. He continued to ask, “Where did you get this scroll?”

Huo Jun breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Your Majesty, I led the army to destroy Valley Rain Chamber, a top sect in the Northern Region of the Land of Infinity. We found this scroll in their library. Those indigenous people obviously don’t know the true value of this immortal ancient scroll, so they stored it in a miscellaneous storage warehouse. I didn’t pay attention to it at first. Later, an immortal general of the Southern Heavenly Army accidentally got this scroll and asked a few tactical deployment masters in the army for advice. I happened to see it. I thought it was extraordinary and carried the aura of Immortal Period, so I took it back.”

It was a little quiet in the hall.

The God Emperor seemed to have sunk into deep thought.

After a long while, the majestic voice sounded again, “Well done. You did a good job and did not disappoint me. Who else knows about this matter?”

Huo Jun hurriedly said, “After learning the value of this item, I didn’t dare to delay and immediately ordered people to control the first immortal general who got it. But I was afraid that the news would leak out, so I took the four supreme masters and the immortal general in the army back to Divine Capital to report to you.”

“Bring that immortal general up.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After a short moment, the black-armored immortal general was brought into the hall.

It was clearly the first time he had come to a place like this. He looked frightened, almost kneeling on the ground, crawling here. He was so scared he didn’t even dare to lift his head, shouting, “Long live Your Majesty!”

The God Emperor did not ask any questions. Instead, a cluster of black-colored light floated down from the divine throne above and entered the head of the immortal general.

Instantly, the immortal general’s expression froze, and his eyes became blank and unfocused.

After an hour, the general was taken away.

When he came out of the divine hall, he suddenly quivered and his eyes finally returned to normal, but he was still confused, completely forgetting what had happened just now. The information about the immortal ancient scroll in his mind had been completely erased.

In the main hall.

“If what is recorded on the scroll is true, then the legend about the six regions is true. Haha, the gears of fate have finally started to turn, isn’t it? Ever since the Immortal Period, there were no immortals in this world. It was because of the collapse of the reincarnation that the secrets disappeared without a trace…” A rare trace of excitement could be heard in the God Emperor’s voice.

Huo Jun respectfully knelt on the ground.

The God Emperor laughed and said, “You’ve done a good job. Return to the Land of Infinity soon and solve the problems with those aboriginals. I want you to return as soon as possible and go with me to Forgotten City recorded on the scroll. If the mystery of reincarnation is solved, you will be the greatest meritorious general in God’s Palace.”

“Many thanks for Your Majesty’s grace.” Huo Jun was overjoyed.

At this moment, a strange eagle’s cry was heard. A small white eagle fell from the dome of the divine hall. It flapped its wings and landed on the God Emperor’s shoulder, chirping and whispering.


A frightening aura suddenly erupted from the God Emperor’s body. Two beams of light shot out from the throne and tore through the black void like lightning, containing the wrath of a volcanic eruption. He abruptly stood up.

Fire Jun was shocked. “Your Majesty, why are you so angry?”

“Our men are defeated in the Blue Cloud Battle, and the Southern Heavenly Army is almost completely annihilated.” The God Emperor’s tone was terribly cold, causing the temperature in the entire divine hall to plummet. The light was distorted, and the void barrier was broken.

“What? This…” Hearing that, Huo Jun was greatly shocked. As if placed in an ice cave, he quickly kowtowed and said in horror, “I… It’s all my fault. I deserve to be punished…”

After quite a while…

“It’s not your fault.” The God Emperor’s voice gradually softened, “It’s all that idiot Qing Miaoyi’s fault. She thought that she had that person backing her up, and she actually dared to disobey the military order and ruin my plans… She truly deserves to die!”

Huo Jun prostrated himself, not daring to utter a single word.

“You can leave now. You don’t need to go to the Land of Infinity for the time being. I will send someone to gather the scattered soldiers of the Southern Heavenly Army. As for the matter in the Land of Infinity… We’ll put it off for the time being.” The God Emperor’s voice became calm again as if nothing had happened. “Take good care of yourself. I have high expectations of you. I hope that you can make a breakthrough before entering Forgotten City.”

“Your Majesty is wise. I cannot thank you enough.” Huo Jun repeatedly bowed with gratitude before withdrawing.

In the hall, the light was dim.

The lonesome figure sat quietly on the throne, like a statue that had merged with the darkness.

“The secrets of reincarnation, the shattered land masses, the continuation of the grievances from the Immortal Period… haha.”

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