Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4682 Congealing the supreme immortal body

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five realms.

A terrifying war that may spread to the entire five realms, under the watchful eyes of countless powerhouses, ended in victory without falling for the gods.

At the beginning, many powerhouses in the five realms did not think that the Buluoshen Dynasty would be able to win this battle, but who would have thought that the Buluoshen Dynasty would have such a background.

First, Qin Yi, the master of the dynasty who did not fall, suddenly broke through the half-step true fairyland and headed for the source of the All-Heaven Avenue, wanting to occupy the source of the All-Heaven Avenue.

Then, there were more than four half-step true immortals who took action to overwhelm the powerhouses in the five major realms such as the Great Wuji Buddha, so that the Great Wuji Buddha and others could not stop Qin Yi from controlling the Dao of the Heavens.

In the end, the powerhouses of the five realms could only watch Qin Yi control the Great Dao of the Heavens.

Da Wuji Buddha and other powerful people in the five realms had to surrender to Qin Yi.

Even later, many powerful people who were buried in the Immortal Realm, Jiutian Zhenxian reincarnated, also bowed their heads to Qin Yi in front of countless creatures in the five realms.

Now, looking at the big realm, who dares to compete with me without falling for the gods?

Even if the Western Heaven Buddhist Sect, the Taoist Holy Land, and the gods and beasts of the heavens join forces, there is only one possibility of being crushed by the Buluoshen Dynasty.

After this battle, Buluo Shen Dynasty is the only overlord of the five realms!

Countless strong people want to join the Buluoshen Dynasty and become a member of the Buluoshen Dynasty.

The forces of Xitian Buddhism and others were also dispersed by Zhuge Liang and others, and dispersed into various departments of the Unfallen Dynasty.

For a time, the power of the Unfallen Dynasty skyrocketed countless times, becoming a veritable 'monster'.

However, this 'giant thing' looks a little bloated now, like a fat man who is overwhelmed. It looks extremely powerful and oppresses the entire five realms.

But in fact, the foundation of the dynasty is not stable and there is a risk of collapse.

After all, in terms of high-end combat power, Buluo Shen Dynasty is not inferior to Xitian Buddhism and other forces, and even enough to overwhelm the sum of Xitian Buddhism and other forces.

However, the forces of Xitian Buddhism and other forces, in terms of mid-to-high-end combat power under Heavenly Venerate, far surpassed the Unfallen Dynasty, or in other words, completely crushed the Unfallen Dynasty.

A single Western Heaven Buddhist sect, the number of strong people in the emperor realm, exceeds that of the Godless Dynasty, not to mention the Taoist holy land and the gods and beasts of the heavens.

For a time, in the Godless Dynasty, the emperor realm powerhouses who belonged to the faction of the Godless Dynasty turned out to be the fewest.

The emperors who originally belonged to the Western Heavenly Buddhism and other forces actually had the largest number of them in the Unfallen Dynasty. This situation was obviously not a reasonable situation.

However, because of the presence of Qin Yi and other high-level powerhouses in the Godless Dynasty, and the intentional cooperation of Da Wuji Buddha and others, there was no major problem.

Similarly, for Qin Yi, this is not a big problem. If you want to eliminate this problem, you can only slowly eliminate it with the power of time.

Judging from the current situation, he could only gradually control the entire five realms in his hands little by little.

One step at a time, can consolidate the foundation of one's own body.

Qin Yi didn't want Buluoshenchao to leave any hidden dangers that might shake the foundation of his body, and to fight steadily and completely control the five realms was the most important thing for Buluoshenchao before.

Moreover, with the suppression of Qin Yi, Nanji Xianweng and others, as well as the cooperation of Da Wuji Buddha and other existences, there will not be too many problems if they do not fall into the gods.


Before the retreat, Qin Yi also summoned Da Wuji Buddha and others, and signed a contract with him.

Although there is the constraint of the Great Dao of the Heavens, Da Wuji Buddha and others dare not betray the gods, but Qin Yi is still worried. Coupled with the constraints of the system and double insurance, he can completely cut off the possibility of Da Wuji Buddha and others betrayal. .

After doing this, Qin Yi went to retreat and digested the gains.


In the secret realm of the ancient tree of enlightenment, Qin Yi sat cross-legged under the ancient tree of enlightenment, his eyes closed, his whole body bloomed with infinite divine brilliance, and an unimaginable terrifying aura erupted.

A seated orifice shrine appeared, and you could see a stalwart orifice **** sitting cross-legged in it, giving out a huge sound of praise.

As time went by, Qin Yi's aura became more and more tyrannical and terrifying.

This is Qin Yi's body, which is transforming into a supreme immortal body.

As early as when Qin Yi occupied the source of the Dao of the Heavens, he was blessed by the Dao of the Heavens, and his body and soul were on the road of transformation, and he took a big step steadily.

But now, when Qin Yi digested the gains, his body continued to transform into the supreme immortal body.


A palace of acupuncture points flew out from the acupoints of Qin Yi's body, and they converged in an instant, forming one piece, as if it had turned into a heavenly court hanging high above the nine heavens.

The vast coercion emanated from the heaven, and filled the entire secret realm with supreme majesty.

A **** of acupuncture points sits cross-legged in it, like a supreme **** sitting cross-legged in the heaven, overlooking the ages, watching everything in the world indifferently.

There are many gods such as the God of Fire, the God of Raibu, the God of Water, and so on.

If someone can see the scene in the secret realm of enlightenment, I am afraid that the ancient heaven is reappearing in the world.

However, this ancient celestial image looks a bit illusory, not a real existence, and may turn into flying ashes at any time.

This is because this heavenly image is a vision triggered by Qin Yi's body orifices. The vastness and authenticity of the vision depend on the strength of Qin Yi's body.

The stronger Qin Yi's physical body is, the more massive and real this image of heaven becomes.

When Qin Yi's body is completely transformed into a supreme immortal body, this heavenly image will turn into a real and unreal scene.

As long as Qin Yi thought about it, this ancient heaven will truly come, with unimaginable power, to suppress all opponents and destroy the heavens!


As time went by, the image of heaven surrounding Qin Yi became more and more solid, as if it could turn into a real heaven at any time.

at the same time.

Qin Yi's body suddenly burst into a dazzling brilliance. His whole body was like a golden glazed jade. It could be seen that the bones, meridians, blood vessels, and internal organs of his body were bursting with countless divine lights.

You can even see a mysterious divine rune that evolved from the bones, meridians and other areas in Qin Yi's body.


At this moment, Qin Yi breathed like a dragon, and countless chaotic essences poured into his body like a tornado.

The blood in his body flows like silver and mercury, making a roar like a surging river and sea, shaking the entire secret realm of enlightenment and shaking the avenues of the heavens.

Suddenly, a louder sound erupted from his body, and countless golden lights erupted at the same time as the vast qi and blood.

One after another law appeared out of thin air, lingering around him, and the infinite avenue sent out even more astonishing vibrations, as if shaking the entire heavens and the world.

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