Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3878 reverse plan

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Ming Qi and Jin Renlong were actually a little surprised at the moment.

Because Luo Chen would think of this question unexpectedly.

Will think of how to attract the attention of the fifth era.

Ming Qi knew this plan himself, but Jin Renlong didn't know it at all, and didn't think of it at all.

But Luo Chen thought of it, this is indeed admirable, Jin Renlong felt that it was not unreasonable for him to become the uncrowned king in the Fifth Era.

Even if the realm has not yet reached the king realm, but whether it is strategy, wisdom, or structure, it is not comparable to ordinary people.

There will be a king in the Second Era?

After Luo Chen heard the news, he felt that the news was not a good thing.

If the white-haired sword **** is allowed to stop the king of the second era, then there will be no powerful people to help in the first era.

After all, they don't really care about the Fifth Era on Long Yi's side. What they want is to resurrect the eldest sister and others, and take revenge at the same time.

He might not be willing to take action in this kind of matter, but protecting Chen is the most important thing for Long Yi.

So how to contain the king of the second era?

It seems that the third era can only make some efforts.

And Luo Chen can't go back now, and can't pass the information back.

If Jin Renlong is allowed to report the news, then his side will be easily exposed again.

After all, everyone was caught in his hands. If he escaped, it would be unreasonable. He must have let him escape on purpose.

Call back here and forget about it.

And right now, he will have to complete the replacement of the civet cat for the prince under Wang's nose.

When Dali appeared here, Luo Chen thought of the reason.

That is, the things on his side have basically been done, and now only the things on Deadpool's side are left.

So Dali came to monitor, which is normal.

After all, Dali represents the Palace of Heaven and Humanity.

It's not just Ming Qi that's being monitored, but the Five Elements, Ghosts, and Jiuyi and other big tribes!

This is why the ghost king said that he came early, and that his arrival represented surveillance and distrust in a sense.

The ghost king will naturally be dissatisfied!

His identity and behavior made sense, but Luo Chen was also afraid that this matter would eventually become a big deal.

When other gossip comes, his situation will not be so good.

After all, other gossip came, and I am afraid that just by touching him, you can tell whether he is true or false.

Previously, Luo Chen's plan was to take away Ming Qi directly after he came, and then even if other gossip came, it didn't matter.

Dali's death can attract people's attention.

But now, Luo Chen is not a woman's benevolence and must save Ming Qi.

But if there is a king who has been monitoring Ming Qi, then the risk of seizing Ming Qi will be very high and it will be easy to be discovered.

The best time is after Ming Qi gets married, and then seize the house or exchange bodies.

"If other gossip comes, can you help me kill it?" Luo Chen asked suddenly.

This made Ming Qi startled.

"I'm afraid it won't work. The other gossips represent the will of the Heavenly and Human Dao Palace. If it weren't for the Heavenly and Human Dao Palace behind you, my father would have killed you directly last night!" Ming Qi said.

It can be seen that the deterrent power of the Palace of Heaven and Humanity in the first era.

Originally, Luo Chen was still worried about what to do next, but Ming Qi's words reminded Luo Chen.

"What if I die here?" Luo Chen asked suddenly.

Ming Qi was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly startled, looking at Luo Chen in disbelief.

He realized that what Luo Chen said was not that Luo Chen himself died here, but that Da Li died here.

If Da Li died here, then he would be in serious trouble.

The Ghost Department, the Five Elements Department, and the Jiuyi would all get into trouble because of this matter.

Because this is not as simple as dying a Dali, but represents an attitude.

After all, in some sense, Dali is equivalent to an imperial envoy!

If the imperial envoy died on the territory of the three ministries, then the loyalty and attitude of the three ministries themselves are questionable.

Things are going to be huge!

"But doing so will only attract more attention from the Palace of Heaven and Humanity, and maybe other gossip will flock to you." Ming Qi frowned.

He didn't want to be so troublesome, he just wanted to find a chance to escape, and someone would take him away.

But now Luo Chen obviously wanted to muddy the water and make it more complicated.

"How many people in the fifth department dare not oppose it?"

"Jiuyi, where's the ghost department?" Luo Chen sneered.

They didn't dare to rebel, but it didn't mean they didn't want to rebel, or they were willing to die, or even just succumbed to the sect of big forces such as the Heavenly Human Dao Palace.

Therefore, a pusher is needed at this time.

If the whole matter could be resolved in the first era, then Luo Chen would not let the first era go to the fifth era.

After all, everyone else has come, could it be that Luo Wuji's visit is just a waste of time?

Or just to block the Deadpool thing?

No, no, Luo Wuji is definitely not that kind of person.

He is the kind of person who will seize the opportunity to come back against the wind if he has a chance!

"Who is close to you by your side?" Luo Chen asked.

"There is one person who is my guard and is my man."

"Give me this person's body." Luo Chen said suddenly.

"Then when do you plan to do it?" Ming Qi asked.

"Do it now."

"If you die now, I will be the number one suspect." Ming Qi said in shock.

"No, no, no one is so stupid as to kill someone and then walk away like this, especially you."

"When the time comes to investigate, after you leave, Dali will die, and it will be easier not to be really suspected."

"So, I need to do another thing to you!" Luo Chen said.

"whats the matter?"

"Erase your memory!" Luo Chen said.

It would be easier if the memories of Jin Renlong and Ming Qi were eliminated.

At that time, it will not be found out at all!

"Okay, I understand!" Ming Qi thought for a while, if he wants to survive, he must be more ruthless!

Soon, his bodyguard came. He was a big man, and he was quite handsome.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he was attacked by Luo Chen and Ming Qi at the same time, and he was knocked down instantly.

Then, things unfolded.

In this way, a plan and conspiracy involving the three major forces unfolded silently.

Ming Qi woke up on the other side of the street.

His mind was heavy, very heavy.

And the golden dragon disappeared.

At this moment, the guard Gui Jiao was standing in front of him, looking at him indifferently.

Ming Qi looked at him blankly.

The only thing in my memory is that Da Li burned him with fire, and then he left.

As for other things, the memory is simply gone.

Even Wan Gui didn't record it.

Then Ming Qi looked at Gui Jiao blankly.

He originally suspected that Dali was a fake, and then came to find the other party, why did he wake up here now? "Follow me to the courtyard of Dali!" Ming Qi frowned.

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