Rebirth Of The Noble Mage Behind The Scenes - v3 Chapter 213 Unblocked by Saints

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As they took to the skies, without the shelter of the buildings, they finally saw the enemy that Balgaon was fighting.

What a wicked and blasphemous figure! The huge mass of flesh and blood suspended in the air, and the rings of flesh and blood densely covered with strange eyeballs overlapped and nested.

Under the light of the twin moons in the night sky, countless evil eyes staring at them, like ants crawling on the surface of their bodies, make the hair stand on end.

The moment they saw the Angel of Original Sin, their hearts instantly became enlightened, and this was the goal of their trip.

However, when they saw Bargaon's state at the moment, they couldn't help but slowly sink to the bottom of the valley.

There are no obvious scars on his body surface, the only traces are the traces of the aftermath of the explosion.

But at this moment, his eyes were tightly closed, and he was half-kneeling under the huge flesh and blood sphere with a struggle and a ferocious look on his face, as if he was suffering some kind of huge pain.

On the surface of this strong paladin's silver armor, the pale white pure holy power that was exuding at all times has disappeared, replaced by a large amount of strange and evil black aura.

At the same time, what makes everyone awe-inspiring is that even if there is such a huge movement here, no one of the other priests who have been scattered before has reappeared.

This only means one thing, they are afraid of bad luck now.

"Balgan, hold on! The Lord will take care of you!"

Behind Yanil, a female holy whipper couldn't bear it any longer, and the whip of thorns in her hand shook, with strong holy power, and instantly slammed towards Balgan.

This is a special divine technique exclusive to the Holy Flayer, Awakening Flay. Through devout and dedicated faith and rich divine power, the target who has fallen into a mental abnormal state is forcibly awakened.

She is not worried that she will be stopped by the strange existence in the sky. With Archbishop Yanil in his presence, its fate is already doomed.

In fact, the Angel of Original Sin in the sky was unmoved, and her whip hit the target without hindrance.


With a light sound, Balgaon's face suddenly calmed down, and after his eyelids trembled, he slowly reopened.

But what emerged from below were pitch-black eyes surging with a strong evil force.


Looking coldly at the clergy in the air, Balgan spoke slowly, but what he said made everyone unbelievable.

"Where is the Lord while I am suffering?"

"Balgaon! You have been controlled by evil beings! Wake up!"

Seeing this, the previous holy whipper decisively whipped the past again, intending to wake him up completely.

However, despite her whip being slapped on her body, Balgan didn't respond, instead showing a hideous smile.

"Don't you understand, Lila? My spirit is very normal now. The real abnormal is only you who are bewitched by false beliefs!"

"Lord Yanil, please make a decision."

Looking at this scene, many priests couldn't help but cast their eyes for help to Yanil, who was suspended behind the crowd and observed the situation in silence.

They know very well that the current situation is probably beyond their control.

"...He has been completely polluted by the power of evil existence. I can't be sure if there is still salvation."

Although he had already learned of the existence of the original sin angel through Anvis, Yanil couldn't help frowning when he actually saw it.

The aura of this thing is so evil that he instinctively wants to destroy it completely.

Moreover, even Anvis was not very clear about the strange pollution ability it showed on the spirit of the clergyman. He had no clergyman to use for experiments before.

"You go to subdue Bargaon and try not to get hurt too badly. As for the thing in the sky, I will handle it myself."

After making a decision, Yanil's figure disappeared in a flash, and the next moment, he appeared above the Angel of Original Sin.

The eyes emitting a faint white light reflected the huge mass of flesh and blood below. The pure holy light emanated from his body surface and condensed into dozens of huge crystal-like light spears in the sky.

In the looming chants, an illusory huge holy power magic circle was constructed, and they stabbed the huge flesh and blood angel together.

At the same time, many clerics who received the order rushed to Balgan, intending to subdue him.

Facing his former friends, the former paladin, who was shrouded in evil power, showed a hideous smile. Then, he raised the heavy flail and charged back suddenly, unafraid of enemies far outnumbering him.

"His power has become stronger! That power is very corrosive to our holy power, everyone be careful!"

Just after taking the first hammer, the eighth-order Paladin who was in front of him cried out in pain, and the huge force penetrated into the shield, making him feel that his entire right hand was almost unconscious.

Although his strength is not as good as Bargaon, the original gap is not so big.

At the same time, that kind of strange evil power and his holy power are fiercely consumed, and it takes almost one and a half of his holy power to offset the evil power that has wiped out one share.

After being reminded by the Paladins, several other people also raised their vigilance. For a time, various powerful holy power attacks fell on Balgan, which suddenly increased his pressure.

After all, Bargaon's strength is not overwhelmingly strong. If it wasn't for everyone not wanting to cause irreversible injuries to him, he would have already lied down.

And the battle between Yanil and the original sin angel in the sky has also entered a white-hot stage.

The attack method of the original sin angel is very special. It is through the gaze of those eyeballs to guide the original sin that the target bears invisibly.

In essence, the pollution that caused Balgan to get out of control was not actually an external attack, but originated from the depths of his heart.

Although Yanil was at the ninth rank, he also accidentally suffered a bit of a loss when he didn't make the first move with all his strength. But he quickly reacted and stripped the part of himself infected by darkness out of his body.

But this part did not dissipate, but under the gaze of the original sin angel, it gathered into the same dark side incarnation as Anil, confronting the body of Anil.

Even because it was separated from Yanil, it also contained part of Yanil's original ninth-order characteristics.

Of course, since the original sin angel is only eighth-order, the strength of the dark side incarnation is far weaker than the body.

Staring indifferently at the incoming dark side avatar and the original sin angel who continued to try to attack him, Yanil raised his left hand expressionlessly.

In his open palm, a golden inverted triangle mark appeared impressively.

"Stigma, liberation!"

Following the faint voice, in the next instant, an endless brilliance like the sun suddenly erupted from Yanil's left arm. The terrifying power fluctuations even eclipsed the double moon in the sky!

"Is this the power of God?"

In the city lord's mansion, Anweis stood with his hands behind his back in front of the study window, watching the real outbreak of Yanil on the distant battlefield, with a look of amazement, without any self-consciousness of being controlled by others.

From Yanil's left arm, he once again felt a trace of the terrifying ray of light in the memory of his previous life.

"I advise you not to play tricks. In front of adults, your power is as ridiculous as ants."

Behind him the female clergyman in charge of guarding him sneered.


Anvis nodded noncommittally, quietly watching the endless stream of light overflowing from Yanil's left arm, completely engulfing his dark side incarnation and the original sin angel's body.

In the distance, a bit of bright red suddenly emerged from the body of the original sin angel. After struggling for a moment, it was destroyed by the endless stream of light and turned into pieces.

And Yanil, who made all this, can see clearly that what he destroyed with the power of the unsealed 'Saint' was a cup that was red as blood.

At the moment when the body of the cup was broken, an inexplicable aura spread out, as if some indescribable gaze swept over here.

Feeling all these changes, Yanil, standing in the endless light, was expressionless.

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