Rebirth 90s Genius Doctor Blessed Wife - Chapter 3501 Fierce counterattack

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Don't even think about buying plasters from her in the future for things that are greedy and wrong.

   Feng Huiru also curled his lips and muttered in a low voice, "What's so great about it, a good girl does not serve her second husband, but she is honored!"

   Sun Yingying heard this and turned his head and said sarcastically: "I am happy to remarry. I kicked off the scumbag Bai Yibin. I married the handsome and caring Bai Yixiu.

   You can only guard a man who is insignificant, and stay alone for the rest of your life. It's hard to be in the dead of night, right? When your man hurt his body back then, he couldn't give birth to children at all. What is the origin of the two children you gave birth to, is it true that others don't know? "

  Sun Yingying originally didn't want to expose it, and didn't want to use other people's private affairs to attack each other.

   But Feng Huiru’s mouth is annoying, and his mind is very bad. He bullied the three of them mother and daughter in the early years, and now he still says these nasty things to her.

   If Sun Yingying could spare Feng Huiru, then she would not be Sun Yingying.

Feng Huiru was shocked when she heard this, and quickly reacted and cursed: "You wicked man, I don't use it in my man. I know what's up with you? Don't talk nonsense! My sons and daughters are all my man's own. Yes, don't spray your mouth full of dung."

   Bai Yixiu raised his eyebrows, smiled and said, "I don't know who was in a private meeting under the bridge hole and was hit by me!

   Brother Yiliang, you can’t be too confused. You don’t know you will be blinded by the end of the day. He wears a green hat for a lifetime, and he won’t be able to stand up straight. "

   Bai Yiliang trembles with anger when he hears Bai Yixiu's words. His family knows about his family affairs.

   Whether he can use it or not, only he knows.

   He is indeed infertile. After he arrives at the hospital, he may become pregnant after treatment by the doctor.

   Unexpectedly, his wife was really pregnant later, and Bai Yiliang was still happy in his heart. God has the eyes to let him have a wife.

   But now it sounds, there is another secret!

   But soon Bai Yiliang calmed down, even if he had to verify with his wife, he would not be in the hall.

   It's noisy to be laughed at by others, and it doesn't help at all.

   Bai Yiliang said coldly: "I believe in my wife, and I know everything about our family. It's not what you said. If you slander me again, I will sue you for slander!"

   Bai Yixiu was very surprised, then smiled and said, "Yingying, let's go, since some people want to be the green bastard, it's useless to say more!"

  Bai Yi and Feng Huiru looked at each other when they entered the supermarket. At this time, they didn't care about buying vegetables and went straight home.

   Sun Yingying asked Bai Yixiu in a low voice: "Did you really hit Feng Huiru's adultery back then?"

Bai Yixiu nodded, "Yes! At that time, the children in the family had to go to school, dress, and eat. Our family was very poor, so I had to go to the river every morning and evening to make baskets, and I caught a lot of live shrimps and small fish. Not only that. Selling can also increase nutrition for children. One afternoon, I was hit by me."

  Sun Yingying hid his mouth and smiled, "Why haven't I heard you say it?"

   Bai Yixiu said angrily, "This kind of thing has nothing to do with me, why should I say it? Besides, Bai Yiliang is not a thing.

  His brother himself is abandoning his wife and daughter, so he doesn't care. After your divorce, he still wants to occupy the house and drive away the three of you. Such a person is very bad. Feng Huiru cuckolded him and asked him to be the best, I didn't bother to care about it. "

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