Path of The Dragonborn - v2 Chapter 1292 Nord smoke will rise

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The level of complexity of the Calvard problem, in a sense, seems to be underestimated, consciously or not, by other countries and organizations around the world—that's what Heliga hears hidden from it. Due to the influence of different factors such as race, region, culture, interest groups, etc., if you want to make a pie-shaped statistical map of Calvard's basic national conditions, it will inevitably be as colorful as a palette. Because of this, the leaders of Calvard in recent years are all good at playing balance, and the current leader, President Locksmith, is one of the best.

He was born in a famous family in the Western Department, and because of his youthful experience, he has a deep relationship with the capital of the Eastern Department, and even has a deep friendship with the king of the underground world like "Black Moon". At the same time, he expanded his contacts in the guerrilla association through other channels—different from Erebonia, which was also a big country, Calvard was very tolerant of the existence of guerrillas. As for the rampant local forces and mafia in the republic, it can only be said that it is a historical problem that has not been properly resolved since the revolution of this country.

And when the empire is strong today, the Calvard government also lacks enough strength and momentum to boldly break the situation, so in any case, its solution to these social problems is to rely on delay and negotiation. Due to the tight defense of Crossbell under the command of Rufas Elbarea, and the Imperial Army has raised the defense level of this place, it is extremely difficult to break through. Therefore, the Guerrilla Association has determined within the next few months that Inside, in the direction of the Nord Plateau, the Republic of Calvard will provoke a local conflict with the Erebonian Empire. Of course, the purpose of war is neither for territory nor forcing the empire to sign any favorable treaty, it is simply a way to divert social contradictions. Of course, if you can achieve some good results, you can also take the opportunity to hype in the country, so as to appease the hearts of the people, and at the same time, you can beat the forces that are just around the corner in the country.

"These things, the Prime Minister and the others must be very clear." In the middle of the night, on the rooftop of the Royal City of Gransel, Olibart said after hearing the news, "And most of them are also ready to fight in Nord. …”

"After all, the time before the civil war was close to a real conflict. It's just...I don't know what he's going to do about this issue? Although I can't expect Calvard's army to be more effective than the previous attack on Cross Bale has improved qualitatively..."

"There should be no need to worry about the expansion of the war... As long as we can achieve reasonable results, the two sides will withdraw their troops through a secret agreement. It's just that the Nord Plateau may be affected, especially..." Heiliga was silent for a moment, "I think The church has probably guessed similar news. This summer, they will not assign itinerant priests to the Nord region, citing a change in the position of the cardinal in charge of personnel management in the Nord region."

"Usually the change of the bishopric will be completed within a few weeks, and this kind of repetitive work that is done every year will not be affected by the handover problem at all... It seems that the church's news is much better than us." Olibart smiled bitterly, "But as you said, the residents of the Nord Plateau are likely to be affected by the war... We can't control the side close to Calvard, but in the west of the plateau, I think we can still do something. ."

"When I finish talking with Locksmith, I will test the chancellor and see what he thinks." Heliga said, "Generally speaking, in a fight with Calvard, the Empire will avoid falling into a disadvantage. This is a very important source of political achievements and prestige for the prime minister who came from a civilian background... However, if the Republic is forced too quickly, and too many terrorists and mafia are greatly active because of the lack of fear of the government, our country will The safety of the company is also affected to some extent. So I estimate that there will probably still be a tacit understanding, and the two sides will abide by an established unspoken rule, and it will be fine to just compete a few times."

"I think so too... Recently, the military is also rushing to study new mecha tactics. I heard that "RF" has produced a new product that can be mass-produced after repairing the model of the civil war. . "Olibut said this, and suddenly thought of something, "Could it be that you provided something?" "

"No... If I do that, the old man Yoguru will be unhappy. After all, Dr. Schmidt is also a genius. It is not difficult to give him some time to improve his weaknesses." Heliga shook his head, "I guess that's the case. The Republic just wants to make a big news to divert the public's attention, while the Empire intends to take the opportunity to test new tactics... So even if the Republic has a slight upper hand, both sides can explain it. The prime minister is beating up the underdogs of the noble faction right now. It is the time when the aristocratic faction is just as powerful. It is impossible for the aristocratic faction before the war to scold him for his slightest fault. This loss is something he can do now. tolerated."

"Alas... I didn't find a chance to chat with President Locksmith during the business meeting, and I didn't quite understand what he was thinking. Listening to Lloyd and the others, I could only tell that he was a very cunning person. You The next time I went, I just happened to explore his real situation and see if I could cooperate with him on some issues in the future."

"Why, you also plan to sell iron ore cheaply?" Heliga said half-jokingly.

"It would be great if it could be sold. Iron mines are now more strictly regulated than before, and people from the government got the authorization from the father... It's just Osborn's trick." Olibart cooperated very well. He shrugged, "Of course, I don't need to rely on unilateral concessions like selling out national interests to cooperate with others. I always feel that developing common interests is the true meaning of cooperation."

"That's exactly what you would say. It's been a long time since I heard such a naive tone, and I thought the Civil War made you more realistic."

"Huh? Are you two here?" While the two of them were talking, Selazade brought Fei and Ling up from the direction of the spiral staircase. "The car to the embassy is ready."

"Ah...Is it already this time?" Olibart woke up suddenly, "Oh, I told Mura before that I would do the summary work at this stage—"

"Ah...about that, Mr. Mura said it before we came, because I know that you will probably forget things because you played too much today, he has already found a group of trustworthy clerks to do the job well, You can check it out on the way back."

"Ah... as expected of my Mura." Hearing Fei's words, Olibart—perhaps this time he was really sincere, "I really want to rush into the embassy's room and hug him and kiss him hard..."

"Mr. Mura also said that if His Highness fell ill, he would be stripped, stripped, **** and carried back..." Ling on the side showed the eyes of a little devil watching the play, while Sherazade had already pulled out the leather whip and was eager to try it. .

Thankfully everyone at the banquet was far away - otherwise someone would have heard the gaffe of the Empire's political figures screaming and screaming.

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