Path of Medicine With a System - v2 Chapter 1932 Family fun

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   "Zhang Fan's money is really delicious and hard to digest!" On the way back, the boss of Bird City looked at the snow-capped mountains outside the window and said to the second child with emotion.

   "Just put the rotten meat in the pot. It is estimated that the tea economy may surpass the bird market this year." The second child had a look of satisfaction on his face. Perhaps this is also because of the different feelings brought about by different accusations.

  The boss wants to command Zhang Fan to listen to him, it is probably a bit difficult. But the second child is different. He has been in the end of the province for many years, and now he is about to become the leader. Even if he doesn't listen to his own words, he will still be praised heavily in the credit book.

   And after they left, the leaders of the ministry could not leave because they came with orders from their superiors.

   To help Zhang Fan integrate the pharmaceutical company in Bird City, Zhang Fan returned to the country without making a sound. The state rewarded Zhang Fan with great vigor. For rectal and hepatitis B drugs, except for some large and established state-owned pharmaceutical companies in big cities, some of them are all assigned to tea.

  The current pharmaceutical level of Chasu is not good enough. No, the Ministry directly integrated the frontier state-owned pharmaceuticals, and all of them were assigned to Chasu Hospital. In the early years, frontier pharmaceuticals developed slower than the mainland, but later on it was even worse, and even pharmaceutical companies could only export some sugar and salt water to various stans.

   If you can make sugar and salt water with peace of mind, and then win the entire Stan market, there is nothing to say, but it is a pity that you can’t win the big ones, and you can’t look down on the small ones. The final result is half dead. It's all over now, and it's been assigned to Chasu Hospital. The ordinary employees of the pharmaceutical company are beaming one by one, but the leaders at the leadership level are like chrysanthemums blooming, their faces are as ugly as they are.

   Just before the Chinese New Year, the hospital has finished dealing with the matter of wrangling.

   Sending away the gods from all walks of life, Zhang Fan and the others are also preparing to celebrate the New Year.

  The year-end bonus has already been issued, and Zhang Fan is willing to give another year-end bonus. It is estimated that the boss of Bird City will give Zhang Fan another class.

  However, with such a great achievement in the hospital, we can’t just talk about it happily. Old Chen still has a way, “I heard that the sales of Mixc Mall are not very good this year, so let’s support them.”

Enterprises and public institutions, Chasu Hospital are better in this regard. When needed, he is a public institution, such as when the government subsidizes, not to mention Zhang Fan. When things are going well, when Zhang Fan needs more autonomy, he often says that he is an enterprise.

  But in Chasu, Zhang Fan can say whatever he wants, anyway, the Chasu government has already worn a pair of trousers with Chasu Hospital.

   Just before the Chinese New Year, the Chasu Hospital paid the Chasu government to replace a large amount of cash cards, one for each person in the hospital, and more than 20,000 cash vouchers, which completely brought the hospital staff into the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

  Xue Fei took his wife shopping in Vientiane, "Buy a gold necklace. I didn't buy anything for you when I got married. I was young and ignorant before, but now I am sensible!"

   "Aren't you ashamed of so many people? What gold necklace do you want? I'm like an upstart. I'll buy you a better suit. Look at you, Zhang Yuan, how formal you are in the meeting."

  Actually, the needs of ordinary people are really low. They don’t seek any ideals in life, and they don’t seek any golden houses. As long as the wife and children are hot on the kang, and life is full of hope, that's enough.

  The hospital is always on duty. This year’s Lunar New Year’s Eve was originally on duty. Zhang Fan originally wanted to say something. After all, his sister also came, and the family was considered the most organized Spring Festival in many years.

  Before he spoke, Wang Hong quietly told Lao Chen about this matter. When arranging for the leader to be on duty during the Spring Festival, Lao Chen took the initiative to ask him to be on duty on New Year's Eve.

   After finishing his work, Zhang Fan clocked in at noon and went home. The family was extremely lively this year, and it was different during Chinese New Year with or without children.

  As soon as he entered the door, he saw Zhang Zhibo driving around the house excitedly wearing the little clothes of the cartoon pony that his little aunt bought! drive! Driving all over the ground. The kitchen was even more lively, the old man was good at vinegaring fish, and the old man Lu, despite being a doctor all his life, could cook authentic nine-turn large intestine. The two old men are the chefs today, and Shao Hua and the others are all assistant cooks today.

"Hey! You're back. It's New Year's Eve, and you're still at home, so you're going to make Shao Hua tired." Mr. Zhang Fan was sitting at the door of the kitchen, picking onions and garlic as a helper, and he had never been in the kitchen very much. The time is estimated to be full of resentment.

  Zhang Fan smiled, pinched his son's chubby little butt, washed his hands, changed his clothes, and started to help in the kitchen. Although Zhang Fan is not good at cooking, he is really good at making dumplings. Even if three people make dumplings, he may not be able to make them all by himself.

Lamb stuffing, I don’t know what the lamb stuffing in other places is like. The lamb stuffing in the northwest is almost pure meat. It’s best to mix it with lamb leg meat and a little hard fat from the tail of the sheep. The lean meat and fat meat are mixed Chopped into granules is the best state.

  Put a little green onion and ginger, and then eat a lot of water in the meat filling.

  This kind of dumpling soup is full of water, and the aroma of fat and protein is completely integrated into the water. The aroma that blooms is definitely not comparable to that of dumplings that are too dry to make meatballs wrapped in dough.

  Shaohua has prepared several kinds of dumpling fillings this year, including mackerel and leek, shrimp and corn, and cuttlefish dumplings.

   Not only dumplings, but also hot pot with Northwest characteristics.

Northwest hot pot, put tofu and meatballs on the bottom layer of the brass hot pot, and then put eggs on the top layer, eggs and fruits as the main flour and supplemented by flour, and a layer of vegetables and vermicelli on top of the fruits. The thick potato vermicelli is the best of.

The top layer is a layer of paper-thin meat slices, which must be fat and thin beef and mutton. When ready, slowly immerse in the broth made from beef bones, put in the charcoal that has passed the fire, and then slowly The sizzling copper hot pot thoroughly stimulates the aroma of the ingredients.

  My family reunite to eat New Year’s Eve dinner. There should not be too many dishes. After all, the stove is limited, and you often cook too much. The dishes in front are already cold, and the dishes in the back are not yet served. Especially for stewed and stir-fried dishes, the fragrance of the Maillard reaction is the strongest when there is temperature, and as the temperature decreases, the fragrance of the dishes will slowly dissipate.

  When the lights first came on and the fireworks in the city began one after another, the New Year’s Eve dinner for Zhang Fan’s family also began.

Zhang Fan's father-in-law and his own father drink alcohol, and those who can save alcohol often don't drink alcohol. There is a lot of wine in the house. Wine, and this year because of the contribution of the Tea Su Hospital, not only the owner of the winery, but even the boss of the bird market asked the secretary to send two jars of rice wine to Mr. Lu this year.

The warmed rice wine exudes a special aroma. What Zhang Fan and Old Man Lu drank was beverages. The rest of the family can drink a little rice wine. Even Jing Shu can drink a few sips. Even Zhang Zhibo is excited to participate with his own milk bottle. came in.

  The fireworks outside the window in the icy world, and the steaming sense of reunion and happiness in thousands of households, maybe this is the scene of the prosperous age!

  After dinner, Zhang Zhibo, who had been taught by Jing Shu, staggered and kowtowed to the elders. The doll with a bigger fart already knew that he needed lucky money.

  The sound of crackling firecrackers made the taste of the year even stronger. Although the party has become less and less attractive to young people in the past two years, the old people are still waiting in front of the TV on time.

  Zhang Fan's phone was as hot as a gun barrel, and Weixin's New Year's greetings kept surging like a tide.

  Classmates, friends, and colleagues, Zhang Fan also gave lucky money to several of his students. Although the four girls have different talents, none of them work hard enough to make Zhang Fan dissatisfied.

On the first day of the new year, Zhang Fan accompanied Chasu’s leader to give New Year’s greetings to the staff on duty in each department. All the sides came over with one hand. Moreover, Chasu Hospital is the first unit where the leaders come to pay New Year's greetings. Especially on Renda's side, they are extra polite this year.

   After all, the geriatric department of Chasu Hospital is really in charge of the Northwest.

  Zhang Fan didn't care, Ouyang's happy face was blooming.

  Send off the leader, although it is the first day of the new year, in fact, the hospital is relatively speaking, it is already the end of the new year.

For example, in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, there are a lot of children rushing to celebrate the New Year. Other departments leave one or two doctors on duty. Almost half of the departments in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are at work. Of course, they do not have to follow the rules during the New Year. Off work rules.

  The departments of the hospital can really see what is drought, drought, flood, and waterlogging during the Chinese New Year.

The emergency center is so busy that even the leader’s red envelopes are collected by the head nurse on behalf of the head nurse. During the Chinese New Year holidays, the emergency department is extremely busy. Those who were injured by bombing, those who drank too much alcohol, those who ate too much greasy food caused stomach discomfort, and Cooking is anxious to cut to the fingertips.

  As for the departments of breast and endocrinology, doctors and nurses cocked their legs while kneading melon seeds while watching TV, and even discussed whether to entertain themselves with a simpler hot pot at night.

   These departments don’t have many people, and some departments don’t even have a single patient number.

   But you can't drag people to the emergency center to help, unless they are really too busy. Under normal circumstances, even if they are idle, they must ensure that there is a doctor in the department.

  Zhang Fan saw off the leader, chatted with Ouyang, and went to the emergency center to help.

   "I drank too much, and I haven't woken up until now. I was afraid of accidents at home, so I was sent to the hospital."

   "Eat too greasy, cholecystitis attack!"

  In the emergency center, there were constant groans.

  Zhang Fan took a few students and doctors who were in training to help deal with the patients. The more the Chinese New Year is, the more prone to accidents, especially those with underlying diseases, you still need to pay attention, after all, it is not so beautiful to go to the hospital during the holidays.

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