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Seeing Reinette and a strange demigod teaming up to block the "Silent Disciple" Gaxima, two other evil and terrifying auras suddenly brewed in the sky, as if they were about to descend from the air.

However, the next moment, those two auras disappeared without a trace, as if they had never appeared before.

Jiaxima's complexion suddenly turned ugly, but he was not afraid. After all, Reinette is currently only an evil spirit, and her condition is not very good. Even with the addition of that strange demigod, she may not be a match for him, the favored of the gods. .

"Reinette, do you want to know where the main part of your body is? Come and beg me, maybe I will tell you!" Jiaxima laughed wantonly, completely ignoring the "silent disciple" role-playing rules.

At the same time, he secretly activated another sealed item, preparing to provoke Reinette's emotions.

"Give it to..." "The Fool..." "Psychic..." "Can also..."

"Get..." "My..." "Body..." "Location..."

Reinette's four heads stared at Gashima's face, and said in turn.

In the "Secret Realm" created by "Master of Miracles" Alvin Abraham, the "Rose School" angel "King of Curses" Baranka and "Evil Lord" Belloc who wanted to rescue Gacima before suddenly appeared In this boundless special space.

However, although the "Sly Domain" is a mutated special ability and has some characteristics of the "Surprised Realm", it is impossible to really trap the two Sequence 2 angels.

Just when they were about to work together to break this space and return to reality, their attack was suddenly absorbed by a "door" that appeared suddenly, and they ran to other "worlds".

Immediately afterwards, a man and a woman appeared in the "Sly Domain" one after another, and stopped in front of the two angels.

The man is naturally Abner, he is using his original face, but it is changed by Alvin.

The other is "Blood Moon Queen" Olnia, who also showed her true appearance, making the two angels of the indulgent faction look dazed for a while.

It's a pity that they are all angel ranks who ascended in the Fifth Epoch, and they don't know who the woman in front of them seems to be synonymous with the concept of "beauty".

But they don't recognize it, but it doesn't mean that no one recognizes it...In a hidden space outside the "Sorcerer Realm", the "Blood Demon Lord" Wookie and the "Tentacles King" Denoga hide in the "King of the Cursed" With the means on his body, he quietly observed this scene.

They are the other two angels belonging to the "Rose School", the two "creators" of the "Moon" pathway...

However, they had no intention of helping. "'Bloodmoon Queen, ah...She has also recovered...The blood race is really hidden!" "Lord of the Blood Demon" Wookie sneered.

"What? Are you going to help?" Denoga, the "king of tentacles" next to her, sneered, "Speaking of which, in several battlefields, only Jiaxima fell into a disadvantage... Tsk tsk, their '1, There are quite a lot of Super Sealed Artifacts!"

Wookie glanced at his sleeve, and said coldly: "How could I help? Don't you know how the '1' level sealed items in their hands came from?

"Oh, when Lilith seized the authority of the Primordial Moon, although our children did not lose themselves like those wild vampires, their strength was also greatly reduced...

"This allowed those indulgent guys to find an opportunity, and almost emptied out the members of the organization who believed in the "primordial moon," and turned them into sealed items!

"And now that we are true 'mother gods, believers, we should clean up these 'mother trees,' fellows."

"King of Tentacles" Denoga asked playfully, "Are you no longer afraid of the punishment of 'Abomination,'?"

"Shua? He can't protect himself now! Otherwise, when Reinette appears, he should have come." "Lord of Blood Demon" Wookie snorted coldly, and continued, "And I don't think The other party showed all their strength... At least our original "Bound God, hasn't shown up yet!"

"Then wait and see..." Denoga nodded, approving Wookie's judgment.

But what they didn't know was that a layer of fog had enveloped the periphery of the "secret" space they were in at some point...

That is the fog that symbolizes "fraud"!

At the same time, in a certain low-dimensional "parallel world", roam in the "ghost empire" of countless "mirror worlds".

The "brave" Giuseppe Castilla, who was at the last step in the crusade against the "devil king", suddenly opened his eyes, and his temperament became completely different from before.

"Oh, this 'world, there is no Abner, no Alvin, no Evans, no Rhine, no Vicente...not even ***,,'Arrogance, wait for me to use 'The trumpet is gone!

"Tsk, this is removing my traces, using all means to prevent me from 'traversing, come in...' Hidden sages, you really value me!

"It's a missed Giuseppe, who is really me, but has been 'staying, living, and being incompatible with other 'I,' Liu Bo, ah!"

After talking silently to himself, Abner got a little familiar with Giuseppe's body and abilities in this "parallel world", and then continued to think:

It should be because today is my birthday, that is, the owner of the "Wheel of Fortune", and the "luck" sent by Will made the "Hidden Sage" reveal this flaw, otherwise I would have to consider using the "Memory" Theater" to force "information coverage"...

But in that case, there is no small possibility that the "hidden sage" will find out the clues, and the previous preparations will be in vain...

Intentionally letting him find out that I was using the "Dark Card" as a cover, UU Reading uses the "Extraordinary Aggregation" of the "Queen of Mysteries" to explore the low-dimensional world, and attract the attention of the "Hidden Sage" on the bright side ;

I've discovered this world where god-like rituals are arranged, but I didn't tell you about it until the Southern Continent War started. "Fraud" hides the sage, making him feel that I or the goddess can no longer be distracted from exploring the "parallel world", and sneaked in quietly...

Finally, add the arrangement of the goddess and Lilith that I don't know well... Keep the "hidden sage" in this world completely!

While his thoughts were turning, Abner did not forcefully break out of the "Empire of Ghosts", after all, it is very likely that the "hidden sage" who is always observing the world will discover his existence.

So he patiently waited for the "Phantom Empire" to return to the "port" located in the "Sea of ​​Madness", then he walked out of it and returned to the North Continent through "Teleportation".

June 1350... The timeline of this world is still before the war broke out... But there seems to be no difference except that some people and gods are missing...

What will be the "mysterious event across the continent" arranged by the "hidden sage"?

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