Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 84 skillful

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Compared with other Extraordinary paths, the "Prisoner" path has its own special features in the promotion ceremony.

Starting from Sequence 5, every time after drinking the potion, in addition to assisting the ritual, it is also necessary to self-imprison for a long period of time in order to progress smoothly.

When Sharon became a "Puppet" before, it took three months... and this time she was promoted to "Cursed Object", according to her own, it took eight to nine months, or even longer.

It is precisely because of the need to resist the effects of the "potion" for such a long period of time that Miss "Justice" made up a "virtual personality" that treats herself as an "item" for her, otherwise such a long period of erosion After that, Sharon's main personality is likely to be completely "polluted" and completely turned into a "sealed item".

But even with the support of the "Manipulator" and the assistance of the "Ritual", the process of promoting the "Cursed Object" is still full of dangers, which is why Klein unconsciously showed a trace of worry.

But he can't do anything about it, after all, the extraordinary path is accompanied by madness and despair...

The only thing he can do is to ask "Snake of Destiny" Will and give Sharon a "good luck" blessing.

And before her self-"imprisonment", accompany her to spend a reunion New Year with her family and watch a movie together. While his thoughts were spinning, Klein, who returned to reality, sighed slightly, and said to Sharron who was talking to Miss "Messenger", "I have already contacted Miss 'Justice', and I can take her over at any time... "

Having said that, he couldn't help asking again: "Does it have to be today?"

At this time, Sharron had already changed back to her favorite black court dress. She looked at Klein, nodded and said:

"I want to enter the ceremony while today's good experience is still in my heart... This will allow me to still remember the touch and beauty when I was "imprisoned, and reduce the possibility of going crazy in despair."

It was rare for her to say such a long paragraph, but Klein was not happy at all. Reinette Tinekerr's four blond-haired and red-eyed heads turned around, and said one by one: "You are right..." Self...indulging "not enough..."

If it is the "indulgence" faction, they will only look forward to the indulgence after the "pain" in despair, but it is not so easy to despair.

"Enough!" Sharon said with certainty.

Reinette's four heads stared at her for a while, then nodded in unison:

"I..." believe... "your..." "judgment..."

At this time, Klein saw that Sharon had made up his mind, so he said nothing more, boarded the "grey fog" again, and passed a "road map" to Miss "Justice".

About a minute later, wearing a "lie" mask and fine-tuning her figure, Audrey appeared in Maric's house.

After another half an hour, Klein dissipated his thoughts after watching Sharon drink the potion, turn into a real "puppet" and put it into an exquisite box full of various magic symbols. "Historical Projection".


In an ancient castle on the outskirts of Backlund, the blood clan's annual New Year's party was going on. Emlyn picked up the glass containing the scarlet liquid and took a shallow sip.

Because of the war, the blood quality of Audra's family has dropped a lot... He half-closed his eyes and sighed in his heart.

——The Audra family has purely human partners and has opened several hospitals. There used to be fresh blood every day... Unfortunately, after the outbreak of the war, not only the blood stored in the blood bank was given priority to the field hospitals, but even blood donation people have also become rare.

At this time, on the dance floor, handsome men and beautiful women hug each other and dance to the sound of romantic music, sometimes turning around and sometimes strolling.

"What's the point? These guys are really disgraceful. As a noble blood race, you should sleep in a coffin or play in your own room... Cough, why do you want to imitate humans and hold various events?" party? Even dancing!" Emlyn stood on the edge of the railing on the second floor, whispering contemptuously

said a few words.

As the largest city in the world, there are many vampires living in Backlund. They hide in all walks of life and have completely integrated into human society.

As for those who couldn't restrain their desire for destruction and bloodthirsty, they were either sent to the ancient castle deep in the mountains, or they were dealt with in advance in order to prevent the official extraordinary organizations such as the Nighthawks and Punishers from finding clues.

Emlyn looked at those fellow clansmen who became more energetic as the night progressed, and felt more and more that they had no common language with them.

At this moment, the host of tonight's banquet, Kasimi Audra, came over with a wine glass, smiled on the surface, but said jealously:

"Lord Nebais wants to see you."

"Okay." Emlyn calmed down, put down his wine glass, and followed Kasimi into a lounge in the castle leisurely.

Due to the efficacy of the "Fountain of Youth", Nibais no longer needs to lie in the coffin for a long time.

Seeing Emlyn coming in, this middle-aged and elderly gentleman, who looked much younger, signaled Kasimi, who had brought him over, to avoid him with his eyes, and then asked:

"You want to exchange for the vertical eyes of the 'Ordinance Wolf'?"

"Yes, Lord Marquis of Nibais..." Emlyn nodded, "I heard that this requires the completion of your mission?" He instinctively ignored the other two exchange methods.

"My task is a bit difficult, and it may even put you in danger... Are you sure you want to take it?" Nibais said with a smile. "What is the specific task?" Emlyn did not reply directly, but asked cautiously.

After asking, he suddenly realized, and added: "I can make a contract and not disclose it to anyone."

"Yes, UU Reading You have grown a lot." Nibais nodded "gratifiedly", "But it's fine to sign a contract, I believe in your reputation."

He paused at this point before continuing:

"My mission is to go to the Karaston area of ​​the Pas River Valley in the southern continent, join a newly rising force that believes in the 'God of War and Destruction, and serve the current high priest of this force for half a year.

"Would you like to?"

Emlyn was stunned when he heard this quest, not because the quest content was too harsh, but because "Xing Xing" came to his house to find him a few days ago, and asked him to explore the so-called "Demon Wolf King" "Divine Kingdom". ", also located in the "Claraston" area.

Although he didn't agree immediately at the time, he also promised that the other party would seriously consider it. In fact, he wanted to understand the specific tasks of the Marquis of Nibais at the New Year's party before making a decision.

Who would have thought that two things are actually in the same place.....

"Isn't this a coincidence?!" Emlyn couldn't help muttering in his heart.

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