Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 59 prologue with real monsters

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Latest website: For the original "three-in-one" evil spirit Sauron Einhorn Medici, there is nothing better than destroying the "picture

This "obsession" has become more profound.

Even if they have been separated by Abner's "surgery", it cannot be changed!

"But you can't just go in like this...we still have to continue the investigation..." Sauron changed the subject and emphasized again.

I didn't expect that Sauron, who is the most reckless of the three of us, has become so cautious now... Was he scared by 'Duo? Medici sneered, but he didn't express any objection, but disagreed with Einhorn on how to investigate.

But Sauron, who was listening to the two old rivals taunting each other, secretly raised the corners of his lips...

Because he keeps in touch with Abner, he is not ignorant of the situation in the town, and the reason why he is so cautious" is more to hold back the "Red Angel", lest she destroy someone's plan.

But at this time, the "city wall" at Taniguchi suddenly became much lower, and the small town of Lancer inside did not have the "dangerous" feeling just now.

The three angels stopped their quarrel immediately, looked at each other, and then used their abilities to head towards the town.


In the attic on the top floor of the central villa in the town, the mayor who was explaining how to use the ceremonial long knife to Alex suddenly stopped. Then, he stood up and looked down at the window, and said solemnly:

""On the surface, the town has been opened, and most of the people in the town have returned there. Now is the time, High Priest, when your men are weak. We have to hurry up and contact your companions and other outsiders to seize , summer, complete the ritual and return the seasons to normal."

Hearing this, Abner, who was sitting on the side drinking tea, asked with a smile: "What do you need us to do?" "

The mayor took a deep look at Abner, then at Alex the "Hunter" who was eager to try, and said after deliberation:

"Based on what I know about Embrio, he is probably still playing with the female adventurers in his bedroom at the moment...I hope this, Professor Assistant, can take the opportunity to avoid the guards and go to Contact other outsiders detained in the VIP building, and then concentrate on getting rid of the patrol members who stayed behind.

"And some subordinates who are still loyal to me will go to grab Embrio on the second floor with Mr. Alex, who can still use extraordinary abilities, and bring him back to this attic.

"Well, this place was originally a place for layout changes, seasons, and ceremonies. As long as a little preparation is made, it can be restored to its original state... This is done by me. "

Having said that, he glanced at Abner and the two again, and asked sincerely: "What do you think? "

"A very good plan, I have no objections. " Abner nodded with a smile.

"me too! "Alex also expressed his willingness to agree after being stunned for a moment.

"Very well, then let's hurry up and complete our own tasks..." There was a rare hint of eagerness in the tone of the mayor who had been calm.

Seeing this, Abner sneered secretly, thinking: The core of this plan is to send me away temporarily, right?

How could an "old fox" who had planned for many years and waited to come to Tudor's "blood descendants" expect outsiders to succeed?


It must be because he can't see through my details, so he wants to send me away, so as not to destroy his purpose of "changing seasons".

As for the "key" in my hand to enter the kingdom of "Tuduo", he should feel that after the "season change", he has enough strength to get it from me...

Hehe, if my guess is correct, he is probably an incarnation of "him"!

In addition, the armed forces directly under the mayor in this town will not be less than that of the high priest.

While his thoughts were turning, Abner did not choose to turn his face immediately, but waited until he "sees it" before taking countermeasures, otherwise hidden dangers may be left.

As for contacting the people in the so-called "VIP Building"

Outsider? Abner didn't do that at all, instead he conveniently added a barrier around the building to protect the people inside.


In the bedroom on the second floor, Abner, who is wearing the appearance of Embrio, has already briefly explained the next step of the "script" to Gwen, Forsi, and the four witches, and finally said:

"In short, when someone kills me with a knife, the four of you will join forces to use the four ritual long swords I made to seal off the space and prevent the other party from escaping."

These words are naturally spoken to the witches, and only they can use their own symbols such as "doom" and "disaster" to cause huge "chaos" in the space in a short period of time and prevent the use of the "teleportation" ability.

"Miss Gwen and Miss Lydia stayed here. Once they received the oracle from the **** of war and destruction, they would use the sword of Xiyin to kill the high priest.

"As for Fors, you can go out more, after all, that's what you should do when traveling...but you should be extra careful."

Abner "fakes" various "traces" that should exist in the room, lest the mayor come over and become suspicious later, while assigning tasks to everyone.

Well, on the point of "falsifying" traces, those four well-informed and experienced witches provided a lot of help.

"Be careful...Are there any other dangers in the town besides those other seasons?" Fors, who was very familiar with Abner's style, immediately noticed the hidden meaning in the other party's words.

"Whether it's the mayor or the 'high priest', there will be no cards... so you will know when you meet." Abner said so on the surface, but he thought in his heart: that "high priest" As I said just now, a demigod once entered the town, but in the end he surrendered, God of the Four Seasons, my lord... so where is he now?


The patrol captain, who seemed to be only twenty-five or sixteen years old, did not return to the "surface" like the others this time, but leaned against the wall near the stairway, monitoring the direction of the attic, preventing the mayor from taking the opportunity to make trouble.

However, when his gaze touched the door of the "High Priest" on the second floor, he thought of those four charming ladies with their own styles. Thinking of their graceful appearance under the "High Priest", he couldn't help feeling irritable He took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

He was just about to find a "fire" to light a burning match was handed to him.

The patrol captain looked up and found that it was his team member named Jack who hadn't returned to the "surface layer" this time, so he didn't care, and leaned his upper body forward and leaned over.

But immediately there was severe pain in his chest, and a dagger stabbed his heart while he was lighting a cigarette.

"Why...?" The patrol captain looked at the man who stabbed him fatally, and couldn't believe it.

"Captain... the mayor gave me more!

"Besides, don't you think that 'High Priest, isn't a suitable leader?'" Although the team member trembled all over, he still explained the reason for his defection.

The patrol captain smiled wryly and shook his head, "'High Priest, no matter how bad it is, it's better than that old monster! That's Lancer's biggest threat.

"Because he's a real monster...I've seen it with my own eyes! "

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