Mystery: Start with the Reader - v11 Chapter 57 Inner Town Screenplay

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Latest website: After dealing with the so-called "high priest", Abner, who was wearing the appearance of "Embrio", turned around and looked at Miss Gwen, who was only wearing close-fitting leather armor due to the heat.

He was just about to say hello to the other party, but he heard Fors, who was lying on the bed, panting heavily, making a wish quite skillfully: "I want to restore my spiritual...spirituality completely."

Hearing her wish, although "Alvin Abraham" was not here, Abner still "borrowed" the power of his own body with the authority of "wisdom" to satisfy Forsi.

Miss "Magician" who was almost "drained" instantly "resurrected with full blood" and sat up from the bed.

Seeing this scene, Lydia's eyes widened immediately, and she wanted to make a wish like her, but she didn't even have the strength to open her mouth. She could only helplessly look at Miss Gwen and let her captain speak for herself.

After receiving Lydia's "signal", Gwen finally reacted. She retracted the "Silver Sword" in her hand into the scabbard, glanced at the black-haired young man in front of her, and asked after deliberation:

"Are you really Abner?"

"Of course it is true!" Abner nodded with a smile, and then softly recited a distinguished name:

"O Lord of Souls from Eternal Darkness; You are the Lord of the Dead, the King of Conquests; You are the God of War and Destruction."

He knew what Gwen was worried about, so he dispelled her doubts in the most direct way.

Sure enough, after hearing the honorable title of "Master of the Dead", Miss Gwen was relieved immediately, and a sincere smile appeared on her face, and then she asked: "Can you help Lydia solve the 'curse on her first, ? She looks in pain..."

"That's not a 'curse,...'" Abner just shook his head, but stopped his movement, and then said after a little hesitation, "I can try it, but I don't guarantee it will work." Success...don't worry, there is no danger of failure. "

"It's better to try that way, it's better than what it is now." Miss Gwen looked at Lydia worriedly, and begged again.

Abner nodded lightly, then took out a card out of nowhere, and unsealed a Beyonder characteristic that did not belong to the 22 pathways.

That is exactly the characteristic of the demigod-level outer **** path named "lawbreaker" by Abner.

He plans to use this as a "medium" to perform the secret technique "Black Domain Technique" that he learned from the second half of "Blood Feast" written by Rhine.

Originally, based on Abner's current personality and the knowledge gained from "analyzing" the "law breaker" for a long time, there is no need for a physical "medium" to use the "black domain technique", and to "create" a fake in his own "white tower" That's fine too.

However, it is only a few "wisdom eyes" that manipulate the clone of "Embrio", which cannot reach the level of the main body, so it can only be the next best thing.

As the "Black Domain Technique" was used, a black light ball with a diameter of nearly two meters completely wrapped Lydia's body, and then the "black ball" kept shrinking, and it was tightly attached to Lydia's body. On the surface of the skin.

After a few seconds, the "Professor of Potions" turned into a "Little Black" in "Conan".

But this is not over yet, the black on the surface has gradually become "transparent" again, revealing Lydia's true face...but the skin seems to be more "healthy", without the "pale" of ordinary vampires ".

At this time, Lydia's physical exhaustion seemed to be resolved. She couldn't wait to jump up from the bed, but because she lost her balance, her center of gravity was unstable, and her body leaned too far forward, she saw

It is necessary to let the beautiful face and the ground have an intimate contact...

Fortunately, Miss Gwen had quick eyesight and quick hands, and picked it up in one go, saving her from injury.

"Where is my extraordinary ability? Even the improvement of physical fitness and balance brought by the potion is gone?" Lydia asked repeatedly, regardless of the image.

Seeing the success of his secret technique, Abner, who once again verified a guess, was in a good mood, so he patiently replied:

The effect of the black field technique is to invalidate all extraordinary abilities inside it, so you naturally cannot use it. "

Speaking of which, he saw that Lydia seemed to be opening her mouth to speak, so he waved his hand to tell her to be calm, and then continued, "This town is currently targeting all extraordinary existences, unless you get angel level or higher.

Otherwise, all Extraordinary beings who enter the town will fall into a state of "weakness".

"This is actually the suppression of the Extraordinary characteristics in your body by the environment!"

"And the reason why you feel physically exhausted and spiritually exhausted is actually because your extraordinary power is confronting the town's environmental power. As a 'battlefield,' you are naturally affected.

"Generally speaking, after a day, when the extraordinary power in your body is completely suppressed and you fall into 'decline', you will be able to return to normal...Of course, the 'normal' here refers to ordinary people The 'normal,.

"And my 'Black Domain Technique' is essentially similar to the environmental power here, just because it's more efficient for you alone..."

After listening to his explanation, Lydia, Gwen, and Forsi suddenly realized what happened to them.

"So that's how it is... No wonder that guy said he will recover in a few hours..." Saying this, Lydia stared unhappily and was "imprisoned" by Abner on the altar Real Embrio on board.

"For low-sequence Beyonders, a few hours is indeed enough... Heh, that guy probably hasn't seen much in the world, and the Beyonders he has encountered in the past are probably pitifully few. " Abner smiled and shook his head.

After all, there are not many Extraordinary people in such a remote place, and there are very few people who come to the small town of Lancer.

Next, after a few people briefly exchanged the information they got, Miss Gwen asked the previous question again:

"What should I do next?"

Abner raised his head upon hearing this, looked at the direction of the attic through the ceiling, and then replied with a smile:

"It's very simple, just follow the script for the time being and just act!"

He roughly guessed what the so-called "inner layer" town was like.

"script? "Fors and Gwen spoke in unison, expressing doubts.

The impatient Lydia even asked directly: "What script? Where is the script? How do you want to play it?"

"You don't need to worry about just need to cooperate with Abner said with a smile.

"How to cooperate?" Forsi asked first, but her tone was a bit weird... Past experience told her that Abner was going to play tricks on people again.

At the same time as she was asking the question, "Dong Dong Dong", a knock on the door came to the ears of the four people, and then the captain from before reported at the door:

", High Priest, Your Excellency, four more ladies have entered the town...I sent them here directly! "

Although his wording is normal, it always gives people a feeling of "flattery".

Abner didn't respond to him for the time being, but turned to the three of Forsi and said with a smile: "The first scene begins, you go to bed immediately, and then cover your body with a quilt, so as not to be spotted by the patrol captain. .....

"Well, Lydia doesn't have to."

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