Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8435 Don't give Galo a chance to perform

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Chapter 8435 Don't give Galo a chance to perform

Before the servant Xiao Si got close to the princess, Jia Luo's subordinates had already killed him directly. Feng Tianxing stepped forward first, and stood between the servant Xiao Si and Jia Luo's subordinates on the pretext of meeting the princess.

It wasn't just Feng Tianxing who secretly condensed his spiritual energy and clenched his fists.

Jia Luo was also extremely nervous at this moment, and only at this moment did he see Feng Tianxing's true purpose.

It's not that those demons outside killed his disciples, let alone taking advantage of the chaos to encircle and suppress him here.

The real killer move is on this servant Xiao Si.

As long as he opens his mouth and confirms that the princess is not the deity, everything will be over!

Jia Luo was extremely nervous, but the incident happened suddenly, and he hardly left him any time to prepare. After a hasty response, there was always a huge loophole.

The moment he asked his subordinates to do it, Jia Luo already regretted it in his heart.

What a crime it is to kill the servant of the queen!

Even if his subordinates successfully killed him, so what?

The truth that I sent people to interfere with my guilty conscience will definitely be exposed, and then there will be another wave of public opinion that cannot be extinguished.

It was a fatal blow to someone like him who stole the power of the Demon Emperor.

If the name is not correct and the words are not right, how many people in this world will be willing to listen to him?

At this critical juncture, Jia Luo couldn't use force yet, which made him feel aggrieved the most!

It is clear that the people present, whether it is Feng Tianxing or the servant Xiaosi, are not his opponents, as long as they raise their hands, they will be wiped out!

But now, he can only watch and can't do anything!

Doing things is a guilty conscience!

If you don't do it, you will be exposed to the truth!

This is almost lore!

Jia Luo's mind turned rapidly, and in an instant, a flash of light emerged.

He suddenly raised his finger and pointed in Xiao Si's direction.

"Take down this assassin!"

"Dare to be unfavorable to the princess, I think you have eaten the heart of a bear!"

With Jia Luo's strength, although the time for him to think carefully is extremely long, in the eyes of the outside world, it is only a short moment.

Feng Tianxing, who was protecting the servant Xiao Si, let out a low shout, and the spiritual energy disguised as demonic energy was suddenly released.

There is no more orthodox magic energy than this!

This is the magic energy that Feng Tianxing left behind from his own demon body.

Little Four is always just a card, a card that oppresses Jia Luo, no matter in terms of strength or background, it is impossible to compare with Jia Luo. It is impossible for Feng Tianxing to pin all his hopes on this person.

He still needs more hole cards, more helpers, and more lore means to take this piece of meat from Jia Luo's mouth!

With a palm on the shoulder of the servant Xiaosi, Feng Tianxing's eyes were sharp.

"Are you an assassin?"

Xiao Si was already trembling all over at this moment, and he was just short of the last straw, which would completely crush him.

There are too many demons present, and they are all masters countless times stronger than him. If they really do it, they will be wiped out in an instant!

A sense of powerlessness suddenly swept through his body.

It has never felt such a powerless situation. Everything about itself, whether life or death or achievement, depends on the choices of others.

"Pawn, yes, I'm just a pawn. Is this the sadness of being a pawn?"

At this moment, the memories of Xiaosi's long years emerged one after another.

Since he was born, he was valued by the Demon Emperor's subordinates because of his handsome appearance, etiquette, and ability to wear clothes, and he was finally selected as the servant of the emperor's daughter.

And the identity of the queen's servant gave him more advantages and rights than other demons.

He has always been full of pride in his heart, even when he was bought by Feng Tianxing, he still did not lose his dignity and self-confidence.

Convinced that he is the chosen one in order to be bought at a high price.

Then, when Feng Tianxing told him to dismantle the Jia Luo plan and seek growth space for the real princess, Xiaosi still did not waver.

He firmly believes that he is the real protagonist, and if he appears on the stage, he can make these demons shut up and stop.

But now, the wind and rain are precarious, everything is just dust and moments, and helplessness and confusion fill my heart.

Everything he once recognized, his values, everything, was trampled to pieces at this moment.

"Am I just a pawn?"

Muttering to himself, there was a battle between heaven and man in his heart.

And it seems that he can't do anything except the battle between heaven and man in his heart.

Until Feng Tianxing's hand pressed on his shoulder.

"Are you an assassin?"

Xiao Si was suddenly shocked, he turned his head to look at Feng Tianxing.

This demon has firm eyes and a determined demeanor. Facing so many demons, he doesn't have the slightest fear.

He still clearly remembered the conversation between Feng Tianxing and him a few days ago.

"At that time, there will be many strong demons. I can't protect you, and even self-protection will be a problem. As long as Jia Luo tears his face, we will both die, and there is no room for retaliation."

"Are you scared now? If you're afraid, you can quit earlier. I'll just send another person to pretend to be a servant. Anyway, the princess is fake, so it doesn't hurt."

At that moment, at that moment, that sentence he once said raged violently in Xiao Si's mind.

"I am the fourth-ranked servant of the queen. I have faced countless powerful demons. What is there to be afraid of?"

The rhetoric at that moment, at this moment, encouraged Xiao Si.

His mind suddenly became calm.

These demons are all rebels and thieves, they are all coveting the rights of the princess, they are just a bunch of chaotic parties!

These demons are a bunch of **** traitors!

I am justified in my name, and I am also a servant of the Demon Emperor, so why not be afraid of these things!

What's more, Feng Tianxing, an outsider, is risking his life. Why is he retreating first from something that is closely related to him? This has the dignity of being a humiliating demon!

Xiao Si's eyes lit up, as if a ray of light dispelled the darkness and shattered all the worries in his heart.

In order to protect the rights of the queen daughter and the rights he has used for so many years, he should stand up now.

At least you can't retreat earlier than the demons around you.

Immediately raised his hand, determination was written in his eyes.

"I am Xiaosi, the servant of the princess, who dares to say that I am an assassin! Believe it or not, let the queen tear your **** apart!"

With a sharp shout, the surrounding area was shaken.

Even Feng Tianxing was slightly startled by this sudden burst of momentum.

This is a change beyond his expectations.

Xiao Si's snarl yelled, which really stunned the demons present for a moment.

Feng Tianxing stood by Xiao Si's side, looking directly at the approaching demons.

"Why, this friend thinks I'm an assassin?"

"I think it's better for the princess to make the decision. He should recognize who this devilish energy is."

Feng Tianxing launched a counterattack again.

But he didn't give Jia Luo the right to choose, but directly threw it to the princess who was a puppet.

Jia Luo is too strong, and he has enough vision to know how to deal with it, but the foils he found are not necessarily the same.

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