Martial God Asura - Chapter 5366: An Amazing Guest

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Chapter 5366: An Amazing Guest

Chapter 5366: An Amazing Guest

“Elder, why is that so?” Chu Feng asked.

“Under normal circumstances, those who wish to cultivate in this tower have to climb the stairs. The stairs naturally exert pressure on those who seek to climb them, and how high one can climb depends on how talented one is.

“These bamboo slips are backdoors that allow you to circumvent the test and arrive straight at the 19th and 20th floor. I don’t mean to underestimate you, but the pressure you’ll face from the stairs on the 19th level is immense. If you climb the stairs from the first floor, you might be able to slowly acclimatize yourself to the pressure, but you won’t have any chance to adapt if you go in straight from the 19th floor. You may risk injuring your body if so,” the old man said.

“I see. Thank you for your advice, elder.”

Chu Feng had also guessed as much, just that he wanted to verify his conjecture. He was surprised at how patient and respectful the old man was to an outsider like him, especially considering how powerful the latter was.

While Chu Feng was not the type to fall for bootlicking, he appreciated it when others showed respect for him. The old man’s attitude slightly changed his impression of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

I guess it’s not everyone in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion who acts all high and mighty.

“I wish you all the best, young master,” the elder said.

“Thanks for your well wishes,” Chu Feng replied.

Holding the bamboo slip containing the number ‘19’ in hand, he stepped into the spirit formation gate.

Moments later, he was transported to a vast room. Scanning the room, he spotted many copper figurines that were over tens of meters high and a couple of other tools placed along the sides of the room. These were conjured by a formation to allow one to practice one’s martial skills.

There was a peculiar energy suffusing the room that wasn’t just simple martial power or spirit power. It had a quality that enhanced one’s intelligence and sensitivity toward martial power. Being in such an environment was indeed beneficial to one’s cultivation of martial skills.

However, Chu Feng didn’t get to work straight away. Instead, he took out the bamboo slip containing the number ‘20’ and entered the spirit formation gate once more.

That transported him to the 20th floor.

Just as he had expected, the energy on the 20th floor was much stronger, but he didn’t think that it was enough. Thus, he turned his sights toward the stairs.

“Why? Are you interested in challenging it?” Eggy asked with a chuckle.

“I was just wondering if the energy will get any stronger if I head to the higher floors. I don’t want to waste too much time grasping this martial skill,” Chu Feng said.

“Go ahead then. I doubt that a test of talent can hinder you anyway,” Eggy said confidently.

“This tower isn’t to be taken lightly. It wasn’t built by the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, and I don’t think that it came from the Ancestral Martial Realm Sect either. I suspect that it was left by the person who created this land. I’m not completely confident of success,” Chu Feng said.

“I trust you,” Eggy said.

“Haha! Since Milady Queen is that confident in me, I shouldn’t let you down. I ought to at least give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng headed to the staircase, but to be safe, he only took one small step forward. He was ready to retreat the moment he sensed danger.


A powerful force immediately crashed down on Chu Feng.

Most people would have sustained severe injuries and spurted blood from that powerful force, but Chu Feng was no ordinary cultivator. It was tough for him at first, but he soon adapted to the pressure and started heading toward the next floor.

It didn’t take long for him to reach the 21st floor, but he merely glanced at it before continuing the climb. He wasn’t satisfied with just the 21st floor. It was with such a thought in mind that he passed by the 22nd and 23rd floor too.

However, he halted his footsteps when he reached the 24th floor.

He noticed a woman, who despite her young age, had a fabulous physique. She had a fair complexion that contrasted well with her black hair. Her face was chubby with baby fat despite her slender arms and thighs. She had large eyes that reflected the innocence of a child. She looked both adorable and obedient.

Her black dress somehow reminded Chu Feng of his first meeting with Eggy. The two did share some similarities in terms of how adorable they were, but if a comparison really had to be made, the young woman’s looks were still lacking.

She wasn’t the type to bewitch others at first glance, but she did trigger a person’s instinct to protect. Just her harmless and obedient appearance was enough for her to win goodwill from others.

The token she wore at her waist indicated that she was from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

“Oh? I didn’t think that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion would have such an adorable lass. Chu Feng, why don’t you offer her some guidance?” Eggy asked.

The young woman was practicing her martial skills, which was a rare sight in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion since most people chose to devote their time to developing their spirit power. That being said, the young woman did possess formidable cultivation talents.

Chu Feng could tell that the young woman was much younger than him, probably only in her early twenties. It was rather terrifying how someone as young as her was able to reach rank one Half-God level. Even by the standards of the current generation, she was monstrously talented.

Back when he was her age, Chu Feng was still extremely weak.

The young woman was so focused on her cultivation that she didn’t notice Chu Feng. Chu Feng also didn’t say a word, choosing to just quietly watch her.

She was cultivating a rank eight Exalted Taboo that was rather challenging to grasp. She had already gotten the basics down, but she was struggling to fully master it.


A woman donning a purple dress suddenly entered the 24th floor through the spirit formation gate. She was a junior from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion too, and she possessed the strength of a Gray Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist.

“Who are you? Who allowed you in here?”

She didn’t make a move right away upon noticing Chu Feng, but she took on a high and mighty attitude. Her shout drew the attention of the cultivating young woman, who turned around to look at Chu Feng too.

Unlike the woman in the purple dress, the young woman displayed no enmity toward Chu Feng. If anything, she seemed curious about Chu Feng.

“I am Chu Feng. I have come here to cultivate,” Chu Feng replied.

“Chu Feng? Our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion has no one who goes by the surname of ‘Chu’. Whose servant are you?” the woman in the purple dress asked.

“I am not from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. I merely stopped here for a moment because I saw that lady over there cultivating,” Chu Feng said before turning to the young woman. “Miss, you are trying to master that martial skill, right?”

The young woman nodded in response.

“You shouldn’t channel your martial power on the blade when you make your move. First focus your martial power on your hilt. Only when you thrust your sword outward should you direct your martial power forward. You should be able to exert a much greater force that way,” Chu Feng said.

“What a joke. As if our young miss needs your guidance! Do you know who she is? I have no idea how you managed to get here, but I advise you to leave right away. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson for daring to peek at my young miss!” the woman in the purple dress snorted.

Her attitude was unbearably arrogant even though she was only a servant.

“I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Not wanting to waste his breath arguing with the woman in the purple dress, Chu Feng headed up the stairs. That shocked the young woman and the woman in the purple dress, for they didn’t think that Chu Feng would actually take the stairs.

Their shock only deepened when they saw how Chu Feng was completely unfazed by the stair’s pressure, especially the woman in the purple dress.

“Young miss, am I seeing things? He doesn’t seem to be affected by the stairs at all!” the woman in the purple dress asked.

Instead of answering that question, the young woman channeled her martial power and thrust her sword forward.


The sword qi that flew out from her sword completely disintegrated one of the copper figurines.

“Young miss! You mastered the martial skill!” the woman in the purple dress exclaimed excitedly.

The young woman sheathed her sword before turning her attention toward the stairs once more. Her face was colored in delight.

Her response sparked a realization in the woman in the purple dress, and the latter asked, “Young miss, it can’t be that that man’s advice helped you to master the martial skill?”

“That’s right.” The young woman nodded.

“Is that fellow really that formidable?” The woman in the purple dress was stunned.

“That seems to be the case. He mentioned earlier that he isn’t from our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion?” the young woman asked.

“Yes, that’s what he said earlier,” the woman in the purple dress replied.

“It looks like we have quite the amazing guest here. Chu Feng? Why have I never heard of him before?” the young woman murmured.


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