I Will Be The Crowned King - ~ A leave of absence, then the outlook for the next volume 1

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I thought there was definitely enough time, but Kong Kong suddenly caught a cold and felt dizzy. I really didn't have the strength to think too much. After writing more than 2,000 words, I felt that it was really not good enough, so I had to say sorry to everyone first.

Then there is the next volume... I believe that readers here can guess to some extent, Anson will return to Clovis, and then there is a foreshadowing for a long time, important but not very important characters will appear at the beginning of the next volume, by the way The prelude to the whole story after the opening.

Yes, that is, Anson really embarked on the prelude to the story of "Coronation as King" - after four volumes and millions of words, this book finally entered the theme!

Whoa, whoa, whoa... far away.

Regarding being crowned king, this is the biggest spoiler in the book, but I believe that readers and friends who see it here will definitely see that the order of the old continent is already on the verge of collapse, the kingship is not so stable, and someone has just begun to emerge The ambition is somewhat against the trend.

So the crux of the question is where is the foundation of the kingship established, and someone is actually no longer a human being, and why should he be the king? This will be the main line of the story in the next volume.

Finally, two small questions (actually a spoiler) - this volume mentioned the disappearance of the holy city of the Old Gods, Boredim, so how did it disappear?

And where is the Holy See, the Ring of Order?

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