Harry Potter’s Morning Light - Chapter 2741 Land of Firebirds (49)

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  Chapter 2741 Firebird Land (forty-nine)

  The surface of the earth is covered with many springs, streams, rivers, and lakes of various sizes. It is impossible for the earth to lack water in a large area, because if there are no rivers, lakes, seas, and other water sources, the earth will be barren.

  The rain that falls from the sky is nothing more than water. Under the scorching of the sun, the water disperses into tiny particles, and rises into the sky under the action of hot air, until it encounters cold air and turns into clouds, forming raindrops and falling.

It is like a tool, not just referring to the use of water for irrigation and transportation by human beings. There are probably two reasons for the deterioration of food. On the one hand, various microorganisms grow and reproduce; Adverse reaction to spoilage of food. When the free water is reduced, the speed of microbial reproduction will be inhibited. Adding a little salt when curing ham can turn fresh meat into bacon, and its preservation time will therefore be longer.

  Some people say that life is like a burning fire, the heart is the hotbed of this fire, the blood gets its vitality from it, and the lungs absorb the raw materials that make people burn in the air. This is not just oxygen.

  Animals will obtain information by smelling the urine and other substances left by the same kind. Musk was originally used by male deer to mark their territory for courtship. Female deer will be attracted by this smell, and other animals will be attracted by the smell of females.

  Because most of the sources of information obtained by humans come from vision, and the sense of smell accounts for only a small proportion. In contrast, the vision of dogs is worse than that of humans, and the proportion of olfactory auxiliary cognitive functions increases, and their sense of smell is also more sensitive than humans.

Unprocessed musk smells bad, as does the smell of other people. Perfumes and spices not only cover up the smell, but to a certain extent, they also replace the smell of secretions and convey some messages , to arouse people's associations.

   When Madam Maxim first received a letter from Hagrid, she was not impressed by Hagrid's poor font and content. What attracted her was the smell left on the parchment.

  Most of the people she corresponded with had the habit of wearing perfume, and the perfume was often applied on the inside of the wrist. When people picked up the quill to write, it was not just the ink dipped on the letter paper.

   Anyone who has been to Hagrid's hut knows what it smells like. In short, Mrs. Maxim likes the "natural and wild" smell very much.

  Pomona remembered the task that Albus gave Hagrid, and when they learned that Hagrid was going on a date with Madam Maxime, they even helped him dress up.

  Hagrid's hair may have been unwashed and combed for many years. It was not only knotted, but also very stiff. Sybil combed his hair with a comb made of keel, and it broke.

But he looked a little tidier than usual, and he looked much better in the "formal suit" he wore to the Buckbeak hearings than the moleskin coat that Minerva had chosen for him. of.

  Pomona sprayed Hagrid with perfume. She didn't know that she had ruined Madame Maxime's favorite scent by doing so. What could she see in the dark Forbidden Forest?

  However, Hagrid dressed up specially for a date with Madam Maxime. Not only women, men also dress up on dates, but before Hagrid, no one had ever done that for Madam Maxime.

  Pomona, who is also a mixed-blood magical creature, can understand Madam Maxime's mood, but Hagrid doesn't know that their date went smoothly at first, and Hagrid even took Madam Maxime to see the dragon.

  Although this violates the "rules of the game", it is nothing compared to another problem. The problem was that on a later date, Hagrid suddenly brought up the word "half-blood giant", and stepped on Madame Maxime's "tail" all of a sudden, making her jump up in anxiety.

  Since then Hagrid has lost his "charm", Madame Maxime is no longer interested in him, so her attention came to "business".

  Audrey Dumont was one of the few students of Beauxbatons who shook hands with Harry Potter, not because of his identity as Harry's savior, but because his hands touched the Philosopher's Stone.

She is right, they are going to leave soon, as long as they survive these two months, they will return to France after the Triwizard Tournament is over, and if they want to find such a good opportunity to search the castle and find the Philosopher's Stone in the future. It's not that easy anymore.

   "Speak lightly, survive these two months!" Pomona lost his temper in Snape's office, "I don't have time to deal with her, help me find a way!"

  Snape continued to conduct chemical experiments, as if he didn't listen to what she had to say.

  Pomona is very sad, he was not like this before!

   "I don't have time either." Just when she was about to cry, he said coldly, "Tomorrow I'm going to Greta's house for a party."

   "Are you still going to have fun at this time?" Pomona condemned with her waist pierced.

  He looked at her with a horrible look until she felt guilty.

   "After old Barty Crouch died, there were still owls with letters to Percy Weasley for instructions. Do you think the dead write to the living?" Severus said.

   "Maybe someone forged his name..."

   "And he didn't know that old Barty Crouch was dead." Severus put down the test tube in his hand, "This news is tightly sealed, not many people know."

   "You went to the party to investigate this?" Pomona asked.

  He seemed to have no time to pay attention to her, turned around and went to the storage room next door, and he came out with a few jars after a while.

   "The ingredients for compound potion have been stolen again, help me find out who did it?"

   Pomona stared at the bottles, feeling like a police dog. The owner put something belonging to a missing person in front of her and asked her to smell it. Then she used her sense of smell to find the missing person.

In addition to Hagrid, Harry, Madam Maxime, Karkaroff, and Snape, there is another person who knows about Barty Crouch's death, and that is Hermione Granger, who was also her second-year student. He concocted a compound decoction. Although he was not lucky enough to poison himself to death, he was hospitalized in the medical wing for a period of time because he accidentally ate cat hair.

Flowing grass is a kind of medicinal material in the compound decoction. It is relatively easy to get. If it is made into syrup, it can also achieve the effect of turning into someone in a certain period of time. But this way, it takes a month to boil It is unnecessary to make compound decoction that is complicated and prone to failure, and the materials are scarce and precious.

   Potions are considered by some people to be a branch of Charms, and not everyone is fascinated by potions, because the function of potions is nothing more than to achieve magical effects that can be accomplished with a wand.

  The release of magic power is affected by emotions, but in the laboratory, there is no need to feel danger, fear, and pain. Every step is step-by-step, and you need to be calm, which is very suitable for adjusting emotions.

   With a "bang", Peeves seemed to have smashed something again, and loud laughter came from a distance.

   "Are you going alone?" Pomona asked, looking away.

   "Go with Kingsley." He also turned his eyes away, and said sullenly, "He just missed putting a pair of shackles on me."

   "Bloodman Barrow, he's over there!" a child shouted.

   Then Peeves' laughter died away.

Some people say that Rowena Ravenclaw put the shackles on Barlow's hands as punishment for killing her daughter Helena. Unshackle Baron's hands.

   It is also said that the shackles on Barrow's hands were put on by himself as a confession and atonement.

   But Pomona has seen Barrow whimpering on the observatory, and he doesn't look as crazy as people say.

  He is also an astronomy enthusiast and likes to observe the starry sky, so Pomona thought, maybe this is how he and Helena met.

  Every midsummer, he would break free from the chains in his hands, materialize like Peeves, and then hunt down and kill students like Draco Malfoy who went to school on summer vacation to explore.

  Muggles have a lot of ghost stories about schools, but here is a real ghost encounter.

   "Who are you thinking about?" He asked in a hoarse voice.

   "Draco." Pomona said with a smile, just about to ask him, "Do you remember the summer vacation of the first grade, when Draco was hunted down by Barrow", but was interrupted.

  Pomona had thought, handed him the letter to Cairo as an exchange scholar, and her heart was pounding.

  People can sometimes predict danger, and now she dare not move.

  He was holding a concealed knife in his hand. The handle of the knife was made of unicorn horn. It could distinguish the ingredients of poisons, and it was more effective than the Scapin Revealing Curse.

  Muggles will use reagents to analyze the components in the mixed liquid, but this is equivalent to adding a substance into it, making the liquid more complicated.

  When you are moving forward in the maze, you find that you have gone the wrong way, and when you want to go back and walk again, you will find that there is no way back, because the hedge has moved. At this moment, you may think that the maze you are in is no longer the one you started from.

   But in fact, the hedge only moved a little bit, and the rest remained the same. As long as you break its barrier, you can cross it. This is called "a leaf blocking the eye".

  But how can people in the maze see the "full picture" like people flying on a broom in the maze?

   "Do whatever you want."

  Madam Maxime's voice sounded in Pomona's ears, and she took half a step forward as if bewitched.

   "He has her eyes." Albus said to young Severus Snape "Lily."

  This Slytherin cellar is so **** green everywhere, even the sunlight that passes through the lake turns green.

  She felt that the knife had been inserted into her heart, so she retracted the step she had stretched out, and ran away from the dungeon before tears flowed.

  (end of this chapter)

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