Godly Student - Chapter 5661 Doomed?

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【God-level transfer student】【】

After following Hei Mo's suggestion, Cheng Yu finally figured it out and directly revised the original plan.

It was originally an arc, and they finally reached their destination according to such an arc.

But now it was directly changed to a straight line by Cheng Yu.

Although Cheng Yu has already approved the words of the black devil, they will still go to see those small towns when they pass by.

Even if they thought that there would be no new clues most of the time, since they encountered them, they would just take a look. In fact, it didn't waste too much time.

But generally speaking, Cheng Yu was actually a little anxious, so the speed along the way was as fast as possible.

Originally, it took him more than half a year to arrive at the place where he found the stone painting. Even though it took about a month according to the original plan, they finally arrived at the destination in a total of more than four months. nearby.

"Master, how far is it to reach the destination?" The black devil already knew that they were close to the destination, because Cheng Yu had already said it.

But how far is it now, only Cheng Yu himself knows.

But in fact, Cheng Yu himself is not very clear, because the map in his hand is not real-time.

And where his current location should be on the map, how far this location is from the target is uncertain.

Only after he walks through it once can he know the specific distance between the two.

"Anyway, it's almost there, and I can't tell you how far it is. I guess it's just these days!" Cheng Yu looked at the map, only judging from the approximate distance he marked on the map, It is indeed very close.

But this is just a rough figure.

"Don't worry, according to the distance on the young master's map, we will be able to see the river in less than five days at most!" Bai Mo looked at the map in Cheng Yu's hand, and then calculated.

"Is there no rush? It's been more than four months. I don't know if the exit has appeared. If it has appeared and disappeared, then we don't know when we will have to wait. " said the black devil.

"If the information we have is correct, then this exit should not have appeared yet!" Cheng Yu said, looking up at the sky.

"Why are you so sure, young master?" Hei Mo asked puzzled.

"Have you forgotten? When this exit appeared, there were two suns hanging in the sky. Although we are in different positions and cannot see the scene in the painting, at least if there are really two suns in the sky, we You can see it wherever you stand.

But for so long, I have been observing the sun in the sky, and there have never been two suns.

So I believe this exit should not appear yet! "Cheng Yu explained.

"But you also said that those two circles may not be the sun. If they really don't refer to the sun, then it's hard to say." Hei Mo said.

"Indeed, so now we're left to chance. I'd rather hope that the two circles really refer to the sun.

Otherwise, it is really impossible to judge whether this exit has already appeared.

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【God-level transfer student】【】

And if they are not the sun, then even if we find the river, we still have to spend a lot of time to decipher the secrets of these two circles.

You know, that river must be very long.

Even if we find the river, we still have to consider whether we should look upstream or downstream of the river.

If we find the wrong one, we have to spend time going back.

So there are still too many unknowns waiting for us next.

I just hope that we can be really lucky, and that we can find it at once, that is great luck. "Cheng Yu said.

"Since we were able to find these clues, perhaps this was arranged by God long ago. So I believe we should be able to successfully find this exit in the end.

Otherwise, what did God give us these clues? "Hei Mo said with a smile.

"That's not necessarily true. Maybe the heavens are playing tricks on us? If everyone who gets a clue can succeed, isn't everyone in this world able to succeed?

If nothing else, just talk about our human world. Whenever a treasure is born, many people will get the news.

Then if according to your statement, there are tens of thousands of monks in the world, and they just let them get the clue of the treasure, can they all get the treasure?

In the end, didn't most of them die because of the treasures? How many people actually got the treasures?

So although we got such clues, it doesn't mean that we will be able to find the exit location on time, we have to work **** our own. "The white devil said angrily.

"Then if you say that, is there someone else who has got the clues we have now, and they will also find this place?

This is not the human world, there is no one else here except the three of us.

So if we can get these clues, then it must be destined and arranged by God long ago.

As you just said, there are only a few people who actually get the treasure.

Then there is no one else here, so isn't it just the three of us who found the exit? Isn't this predestined? "Hei Mo said very dissatisfied. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

"Heretics! But if we can do what you said and we can find the exit smoothly, of course I couldn't be happier.

But are you sure there are only three of us in this world?

What if someone else actually got the same message?

Just like the painting stone in the young master's hand, maybe they found such a painting stone in other towns?

So whether this exit can only be found by us is hard to say. "The white devil continued to retort.

"I'm lazy to tell you, after we find the exit, you will know what it means to be slapped hard by reality.

I don't believe that there are other people in this world.

And even if there were, they wouldn't be able to rob us. "Hei Mo said confidently.

With the young master here, and the young master with so many half-step true immortals, who else is he afraid of?

"Don't talk too early, if there are real immortals here, then everything will be difficult to say! I think even if the young master meets a real immortal, it will be very troublesome." Bai Mo said.

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【God-level transfer student】【】

"Bai Lao is right, whether there are really people in this world is actually uncertain now.

But your words really reminded me that it really takes a long time for this exit to appear.

Then we are not the only ones waiting for the exit to appear, so when the exit appears, maybe someone else will appear. "Cheng Yu said.

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