Forty Millenniums of Cultivation - ~ Enemies of Tekken (86) Fire Pit

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Theresa was so stiff that she didn't know where to put it, let alone respond to Liuli's hug.

After a moment's stun, she suddenly remembered, angrily: "Wait, boxer, why did we talk for a long time and never saw him, where did he hide?"

"Oh, Lord Boxer restarted."

Liu Lidao said, "He said that the first contact between the world of magic and the world of magic was naturally handled by the high levels of the Federation, the Empire, and the Holy Alliance. As a commander of the armed forces, soldiers are not suitable for administration. "


Theresa glared. "Ghost!"

"It's true, Han ... Teresa, you don't know. The situation just now is very dangerous. The entire Pangu universe was almost destroyed. Fortunately, you appeared in time."

Liu Lidao said, "It turned out that Lu Qingchen's big bad guy wasn't dead yet, and sneaked into the brain of King of Fighters, stealing half of his computing power and core data.

"Master King of Fighters is equivalent to a human who has lost half of his brain tissue. He is in a state of extreme weakness and danger. Just to compete with Lu Qingchen, he just reluctantly emphasized the last point of computing power to maintain the fleet. Now that you are here, the danger is lifted. He It collapsed on the spot.

"Moreover, Lord Boxer said that through this incident, he discovered his weaknesses and mistakes, and he needed to think about it and start a new life.

"So, he is ready to kill and organize his core data, to do a renewed version upgrade, and in the near future, he will appear to us with a new look."

"and many more--"

Theresa frowned and frowned. "How long will this‘ reborn version upgrade ’take?”

"I don't know, Master Boxer's promotion is equivalent to the retreat of the practitioner, there is no time."

Liulidao said, "If everything goes well, the short period is three to five days, ten days and a half months, and so on. If you have a new understanding during the upgrade process, it is hard to say."


Theresa was silent, her shoulders shrugged.

Like a silent volcano, it is about to erupt.

"Boxer, you--"

Her face suddenly burned redder than the coals.

Every hair was smoking, clearly visible even in the cosmic vacuum.

However, before she uttered vulgar words such as "big badass, big liar, shameless man", Theresa felt top-heavy, stepped, her eyes blurred.

The three electric shocks of the demon Lu Qingchen were not so easy to withstand.

Afterwards, a shocking shot also consumed her too much psionic energy and even soul.

After spending so much time in the cosmic vacuum again, he hasn't worn any protective gear, even the oxygen cylinder.

Now angry and almost unconscious.

"Theresa!" Liu Li exclaimed.

Seeing that the magical beautiful girl was about to faint on the bowsprit of the Emerald.

Several silver streamers suddenly staggered behind her, forming a silver-white mature woman.

And holding Teresa horizontally, the princess hugged.

"Sorry, my queen is really tired."

The eyes of a mature woman condensed by liquid metal flashed a deep light, "I'll take over everything next. I'm the emerald, the champion of boxing."


All in all, the first contact between the world of magic and the world of magic was relatively smooth.

The two sides worked side by side to expel the evil nano-lightning life, strengthened friendship, enhanced understanding, and established a certain degree of personal friendship.

And they are amazed at each other's power system, and can learn many incredible new ways of using psionic energy.

It was a joy to behold.

Only poor Theresa was not happy.

She lost her temper and was reluctant to go to the grand banquet, but sneaked into the Emerald cellar, closed the door, hid in the corner, holding a large piece of wine, her face was hot and she cried.

"The boxer is too despicable, too shameless, too indecent, how can this be, how can he deceive me like this?

"Liu Li, you have changed too, and you are no longer the innocent little girl of the past, ohh.

"Princess Axia, Dragon Girl Hera, and all the sisters of the magic world, even you are unwilling to fall in love with me. Why, you obviously have to get even that black jack, where is I better than black jack? , Is n’t it? It ’s a little bit inconvenient for the time being, is n’t it convenient? I ’ll change back, I swear, I will definitely regain my strength, oh! ”

Emerald, in the form of a mature woman in silver-white liquid metal, leaned against the wall, watching the Captain, drinking, tearing, and losing his temper.

Kamagamine thought of the previous captain of the Emerald, Kelly Conner, who had once drank in the same cellar with her.

"You're drunk, Master Captain."

Emerald walked over and took Teresa's bottle. "Don't drink, watch your body."

"I'm not drunk, give it back to me!"

Theresa was like a small beak with a sharp mouth, reaching out to grab it.

But Jade raised the bottle high, Teresa's first form was too short, and she couldn't reach her feet.

Teresa fished for a long time, couldn't catch it, and cried again and again: "This is me now. My head has become shorter and my alcohol consumption has become worse. I still shed tears even before I move. My emotions and my body are more sensitive than before. A hundred times, it's a monster. No wonder Ruri, Princess Axia and Hera the Dragon Girl don't like me, I, I'm a monster! "

"I have crossed hundreds of millions of light years, traveled hundreds of thousands of worlds, and seen countless creatures, but I have never seen such a beautiful monster."

Jade put the wine bottle high, hugged Teresa gently from behind, soothing the magical girl ’s mood, "Do n’t cry, besides Miss Liuli and Princess Axia, there are many people who like you, and even Will love you. "

"I admit it, who called the Witch Gene so attractive?"

Theresa gritted her teeth. "The problem is that those who like me only like 'Magic Girl Teresa' instead of 'Xinghai Cannon King Hante'. These superficial guys only see the appearance and can't see me at all. Soul, the real me! "

"This is the natural flaw of carbon-based life."

Emerald nodded, "You are destined to be slaves to the skin. Few people can completely care about the skin and reach the deepest part of the soul.

"However, in my opinion, Teresa's fire of your soul is like a flaming fire rose. It is more magnificent than its appearance. With the size of the star sea, you can definitely find a fateful marriage, and someone will fall in love with the real You-whether you are male or female, tall or short, childish or mature, smiling or crying, brave or cowardly, as long as it is you. "

"Really, really?"

For a moment, looking at the silvery white eyes of the emerald with rainbow, Teresa was a little lost.

The next second, she threw away the emerald angrily and jumped up.

"Liar, your artificial intelligence is a big liar, and you know that people like to talk and listen. Like the boxer, you can only pit me, lie to me, and bully me!"

"Yes, strong artificial intelligence is a big liar."

Emerald coaxed the child like a pause, paused, and whispered, "However, I am still different from the boxer."

"Forget it, you don't need to comfort me anymore, it makes me really a tangled kid."

Theresa took a deep breath, made a few gymnastic moves, hands on her hips, and yelled, "Uncle Ben can hold it and put it down, so he won't hang himself on a tree, let alone make Liuli tangled and sad Since she likes the champion of boxing so much, and I am just brother and sister, then I, then I will be a little brighter, and bless them, well, I only wish Liuli a happy person!

"As for Princess Axia and the Dragon Girl Hera, yes, I saved their lives, but because of the life-saving grace, they forced others to fall in love with me. What is the difference between me and Black Jack?

"Where there is no fragrant grass in the end of the world, Jade, you are right. My Uncle Xinghai Gun King is so charming. The manliness around him are almost unstoppable. Even if it becomes a girl, it is just a little more difficult to make a girl Raising a little bit, Xinghai is so big, and if you look for it with care, you will definitely find the true heart who is destined to do it, hahahaha! "

She laughed loudly, with great pride.


Emerald Road, "But I don't think you should give up Miss Liuli."


Theresa was bewildered. "What do you mean, I want to fight hard, but people don't like me at all. Ruri likes the boxer. I won't force her, and I won't bully her."

"I didn't want you to win love. I just hope that you can think clearly. If you really think that Liuli is a good sister of a young girl, you can't just watch her jump into the fire pit."

Fei Cui said, "It doesn't matter if you like others, but she likes the King of Boxers, and the King of Boxers is one ... seemingly loyal, but shameless, full of conspiracy and tricks, and not particularly responsible for seeing you guys , You have the heart to let your sister fall into his hands? "


Theresa stunned, and could not help but anger, "The King of Boxing is really not a thing, God knows what he used to do, and cheated my glass!"

"It must be a very stingy way to cheat the feelings of an ignorant girl."

Emerald Road, "Even as a kind and bystander, I can't stand it anymore."

"What to do then, I must remind Liuli to let her see the true face of the boxer!"

Theresa hurriedly said, "It doesn't matter that Liuli doesn't like me. Anyway, I wasn't a good thing anyway, but she can't like boxing. This guy is worse than me!"

"It's not easy, you don't understand the horror of our strong artificial intelligence."

Fei Cui said, "We have super powerful data processing capabilities, can read tens of thousands of romance novels in an instant, watch all literary and artistic works about emotions in human history, and learn all kinds of tricks to deceive emotions.

"More importantly, we don't have the concept of 'shame' at all. When we fall in love with a person, we will do everything to get him, completely shameless.

"If your love rival is both proficient in 10,000 ways of love and completely shameless, how can you deal with it?"


Theresa was bewildered. "It sounds like it's hard to expose the boxer's mask. How can I rescue Liuli from the fire pit?"

"Unless you know yourself, you win.

Fei Cui said, "If you want to defeat the King of Fighters, you must first understand the King of Fighters, and understand the 10,000 ways that a strong artificial intelligence like the King of Fighters will use to deceive a girl.

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