Eight Hills in the Eastern Jin Dynasty - v4 Chapter 3212 Blood relatives fight for power

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Liu Yu raised his brows and said solemnly: "Since ancient times, the conditions have been difficult, and most of them have been in a nomadic state. Even the Central Plains area is not as fertile as it is now, and almost all places are still the same grasslands and forests as now outside the Great Wall. At that time, people could only form tribes to resist beasts together, and the source of food was mainly beasts.

Liu Muzhi nodded: "Yes, natural disasters, beasts, and other tribes are all huge threats to survival, so the ancient sage kings and sages are actually capable and capable, and can carry all the fallen people to survive. The leader, the so-called Li Xian, means this."

Liu Yu said sternly: "Fatty said it well, because the leader is based on his ability, not his children, so there is a system of concession, not what Miaoyin and Alan said, because he is not sure who his father is. It is wrong to not establish a son. The fundamental reason why others do not establish a son is that others are more capable than sons and are more helpful to the tribe."

Murong Lan smiled and said, "That's the truth, but parents like their own flesh and blood, it's natural, if a leader has more and more power, he naturally wants to pass the power to his son. The abolition of the concession system started from the beginning of the Xia Dynasty. He expelled Boyi, who was to be established by Dayu, and established himself as the king. From then on, the inheritance of the descendants began. On the grassland, I don't know when it started. , but all the tribes, the Xiongnu in the Qin and Han dynasties at the latest, also passed on from father to son, brother to brother, and this kind of blood inheritance, not the so-called virtuous."

Wang Miaoyin nodded: "So, this is nature, no matter whether it is the Central Plains or the grasslands, it cannot be avoided, because if you are virtuous, then everyone will feel that they are virtuous, and will eventually fight against each other, just like Brother Yu said before. Yes, there is no father and son in front of the power, and there is no inheritance rule, then there will be chaos, the enemy will not come, and the one will fight first. Therefore, this blood inheritance is the wisdom of the predecessors for thousands of years. From the beginning, with this set, the world began to stabilize and the dynasty began to continue, Brother Yu, don't be impulsive and reverse the course of history."

Liu Yu shook his head: "I don't think this set of blood inheritance is a historical progress. There is one problem that cannot be solved, that is, blood does not guarantee the heir's ability to be the strongest, the most convincing, to pass the throne to his son, to give Brother, it is not for the purpose of preventing vendetta and stability, but because of his own selfishness, and what I am talking about is that public and private powers are not divided. It is the beginning of blood inheritance, and it is also the fundamental reason why each generation is weaker than the next."

Wang Miaoyin's brows furrowed deeply: "You are right, but you can't help but admit that this blood inheritance is at least better than outsiders who disagree with each other, and then rely on their own strength to fight for the throne."

Having said that, she looked at Murong Lan: "Isn't that the way you are on the grasslands, the big chief often can only manage one of his own tribes, and many other tribes just submit to his foreign surname, just like the Tuoba clan established a dynasty, The Helan tribe is just a tribe that is submissive to them, but it also has ambitions to win the throne of the Great Khan, and does not hesitate to go to foreign countries and start rebellion.


Murong Lan sighed: "It's true on the grasslands, you are the roost with strength, but even your own son, brother, who leads the tribe after splitting up, will raise troops to seize the throne. The greatest leader of the grasslands, Modun Chanyu, just kills him. The father is independent, as for the brothers attacking each other, the father and son turn against each other, just look at our Murong family, you will know, wonderful sound, this kind of blood and family affection is equally unreliable in the face of power."

Liu Muzhi also nodded and said: "Yes, we are actually the same in the Central Plains. In the Eight Kings Rebellion, which is not the clan of the Sima family, and which is not blood relative? The same is true for the previous Han Dynasty's seven kingdoms rebellion. Relatives, even father and son brothers, can ensure that this power is passed on smoothly and smoothly."

Wang Miaoyin gritted her teeth: "Then we have to find a way to let the descendants and brothers not bring troops. As long as there are no troops in hand and the land is not actually sealed, then they will not have the possibility of raising troops and causing chaos."

Liu Yu said with a smile: "Miaoyin said it well, the world is constantly fighting for power, and in the final analysis, the reason is that those who have the ability to seize the throne often hold heavy troops and divide the land. Jin, Huanxuan, Liu Liaozhi were able to rebel successively, Qiao Zong, Lu Xun and others were able to separate and rebel, because their soldiers and horses only obeyed them, not the court, nor the emperor. Even if it was me, Xile , Wuji and the others, this is also the case, so Miaoyin you are the empress, holding the jade seal in your hand, you can issue edicts on behalf of the emperor, but you can't command me as a minister, right?"

Wang Miaoyin sighed: "Familiarity returns familiarity, but I have to say, this is not right, just like what you said just now, you are a minister, not an emperor, and you are above the emperor. Outrageous."

"So what Mu Zhi and I thought about was that you should change the dynasty and establish yourself as the monarch, so as to solve this chaos of the weak and the strong."

"After this fight~www.novelbuddy.com~ you should consider this matter when you go back, but this requires the cooperation of the noble family, and I am angry this time, not because Mu Zhi temporarily changed his mind, but because you didn't go there at all. Thinking about this, if you want to go this way, you should never turn against the noble family now, and turn to reunite with Murong Lan to protect the Xianbei people."

Having said that, Wang Miaoyin looked at Murong Lan and said sternly, "I'm not arguing with you this time, I'm doing it for the sake of state affairs. You should also know that Liu Yu's current basic plan is that the army relies on Beifu, but Beifu is not him. Alone, and Liu Yi is there, politically, he has to rely on a noble family."

"No matter what kind of order he does or what kind of culture and education he does to the children of heroes, those are not the ones who can help him ascend to the throne. If you want to have power in your hands, you must have a good relationship with the noble family, otherwise they may Turn to support Liu Yi. If you really love him, don't hold him back at this time."

Murong Lan sighed: "Miaoyin, you should know that for so many years, I have been in a dilemma for the family and the country, all I want is that the people can save their lives in this troubled time and settle down in the Central Plains, now we are not just for one Can we discuss an agreement that is acceptable to all parties?"

"Let's go back to Liaodong's hometown, that is, send them to die, let them enter the family manor like this, that is, let them be slaves, is there no other choice but death and slavery?"

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