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As a country of the Shang Dynasty, Chaoge was extremely prosperous.

Wang Xian Nangong Wuliang changed into the clothes he wanted to match, and strolled around Chaoge.

Of course, the two did not forget the business.

After inquiries, the two have determined the stage of "Fengshen".

Half a month later, Emperor Xin of Shang went to Nuwa Temple to pour incense, and the so-called "poetry play Nuwa" incident also occurred.

Empress Nuwa was angry and sent three thousand-year-old fox spirits, nine-headed pheasant spirits, and jade pipa spirits to enter the palace, causing chaos in the Shang Dynasty.

, Di Xin as the emperor, plus the prosperity of the Shang Dynasty, the three demons could not approach Di Xin.

Coincidentally, Fei Zhongyouhun recommended Su Daji, the daughter of Jizhou Housu Hu's daughter, to King Zhou, causing Su Hu to rebel.

After several battles and the persuasion of Xibo Hou Jichang, Su Hu agreed to send his daughter Su Daji to the palace.

However, it is also the best opportunity for the thousand-year-old fox to enter the palace.

It is still a while away from Su Daji Chaoge, so Wang Xian Nangong Dance will experience the customs and folk customs of Chaoge.

After wandering for a few days, Wang Xian Nangong Wu went to Nuwa Temple.

As two people who know the truth of "Fengshen", they naturally know that Emperor Xin is doing absurd things in writing poems and dramas under normal circumstances.

Everything is about evidence, so the two went to Nuwa Temple to see if they could find evidence.

As the Virgin of the Clan, Mother Nuwa has a very prosperous incense, and the palaces are endless for the residents of Chaoge City.

Wang Xian Nangong Wu entered the Nuwa Temple, and when the two saw the statue of Nuwa Empress, the corners of their mouths twitched naturally.

"I now believe that Di Xin was bewitched, not to mention Emperor Xin, even if he is ordinary, he can think of this kind of sculpture!" Looking at the sculpture of Empress Nuwa, Wang Xian resisted and complained at Nangong Wu's voice transmission. .

Tucao, really hold back, the Queen's sculpture is not to mention the allure of the country, at most it is a shape, and the face is more blurred.

How can such a sculpture be tempted?


Nangong Wu nodded, looked around at the Nuwa Temple, and whispered to Wang Xian, "Can you go back and see what the netizens guessed?"

"It should be a problem, wait until later, there are more now."


After the two each took a stick of incense, they left the Nuwa Temple.

In the middle of the night, Wang Xian Nangong Wuliang went to Nuwa Temple again. Looking back between the scriptures, the two finally understood why Di Xin wrote a poem to a sculpture that looked like a woman.

When Emperor Xin entered the fragrance, the sculpture of the Empress Nuwa has undergone an earth-shattering change, from an ordinary sculpture to the beauty of a whole country.

If it's unexpected, the beauty is the goddess Nuwa.

This Nuwa, not to mention Di Xin, even Wang Xian would be tempted.

The beauty of the queen's concubine, but the allure of the country and the city is breathtaking, and it is more a kind of maternal brilliance, and the maternal brilliance is like a deadly poison to attract men.

The light continued to flow backwards, and the goddess Nuwa, who had conquered the country and the city, disappeared, and a shadow of the whole body shrouded in golden light appeared in the Nuwa Temple.


Looking at the shadow shrouded in golden light, Wang Xian said.

"Buddha Light!" Nangong Wu nodded.

"Well, it's really the hand of one of the two saints in the west."

Jin Guangzhi's shadow was blurry, and he could see the specific appearance clearly, but what he could influence, only Shengyi could do it.

"Just know which saint."

Nangong Wu said.

"Heavy, it's enough to only know the Second Holy Hand in the West."

Wang Xian stretched out his right hand, and a shadow stone appeared, recording the image of the blurred hand.

"For the reward of the mission, the evidence can only be temporarily sealed." Wang Xian shook his head slightly.

The long-term "Journey to the West" quest to learn from the west of the dungeon allowed Wang Xian to gain a million full attributes and a 160% damage increase.

Nowadays, the "Fengshen" dungeon is slightly higher than the "Journey to the West" dungeon. After all, the rewards for completing various event tasks are higher than those for learning from the West.

What's more, there was a super BOSS Hongjun staring at him, and as soon as the evidence was released, Ding Hongjun would be pressed to death.

No matter how afraid of Hongjun, but Hongjun's discovery, the destined mythical task cannot be completed, and he can't get the final reward of the task "Twelve-Rank Industry Fire Red Lotus".

Therefore, Wang Xian can publish the evidence in his hand even if he says anything.

"Sister Wu, let's go, by the way, try to find a way to get an identity, and then the good show will be wrong after a few moments." Wang Xian said.

Su Hu Xiannu's team was far away from Chaoge, and with repairs and the like, it was only a matter of time before Su Daji entered the palace.

"What are you going to do?"

"With the strength, it should be difficult for the palace to seek worship."


"Of course they became worshipers together. For the convenience of doing things, Sister Wu is wearing men's clothes."

"no problem."

a few days later.

Su Hu's daughter Su Daji attacked, and Su Hu and his party were entertained by the Emperor Xindian.

Wang Xian Nan Gong Wu this has become the worship of the palace, and has won the trust of Di Xin.

Because of this, the two also appeared in the hall.

"The aura of the fox's body is like it!"

Looking at Su Daji, who was so beautiful and full of seductive aura, Wang Xian Nangong Wu looked at each other in dismay.

"Isn't your sincere ancestor Su Daji?"

Nangong Wu guessed.

"Should be able to!"

Wang Xian shook his head.

In the history of Blue Star, UU reading also contains Su Daji, that Su Daji, the daughter of Jizhou Marquis Su Hu, a thousand-year-old fox spirit, and a woman of the Su tribe.

The Su tribe was attacked by Di Xin, and they gave Su Daji to Di Xin first, and then they were spared the fate of being attacked.

What's more, Su Jin still has an extremely mysterious elder sister Su Mu, so Su Daji should be Su Jin's ancestor.

Now the breath of the two imagined, it should be because of the "fox".

When Wang Xian Nangong dance communicated with each other, Su Daji had completed the dance performance, and was affirmed by Di Xin and accepted as the princess.

"Xian, the tragedy of Queen Jiang happened after a long time, can you stop it?" After Di Xin took Su Daji away, Nangong Wu asked Wang Xian.

"The Conferred God Battle has officially started, and the machine is in chaos. Although it can be exposed a lot, it's not a problem to do some things." Wang Xian understood what Nangong Wu meant and said with a smile.

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