Dark Blood Age - Chapter 1851 Intercept

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Soon after the drow returned to the twelve-line cube, the cube gave the shadow a coordinate and ignored it.

"You are not left-handed opponents."

The shadow glanced at the coordinates. Although they didn't know what the drow wanted to do, they were certain that they had refused to unite with themselves and had to act alone.

The cube did not respond, and the twelve lines began to flow into each other. The shadows that traced them for a long time clearly indicated that the cube was about to enter high-speed motion.

It seized the time to persuade again: "I know you are very confident, but you are too small to turn left. Although you have the body of the monument, I can feel that it is not completely controlled by you. Yukiko will help, whoever is the enemy will die!"

The cube did not respond, just like the pride and stubbornness of the drow.

The shadow continued to persuade him without giving up: "You, we, plus 95827, will there be a trace of resistance to left-hand rotation. Otherwise, you have to flee, and you can only hide. If you do this, it is meaningless except to die."

A light spot appeared in the center of the cube, and the diagonal lines that flashed intersected at the light spot. In an instant, the twelve lines disappeared, and the light spot shone diagonally, in front of the shadow, in the dark starry sky, Fleeting.

The shadow quickly calculated the direction it was sailing, without any hesitation, immediately followed.

Direction-the source of great gravitation!

In the Sixth Era.

On the white circular platform, two non-human human bodies appeared on the platform.

It is still the white tablet in front of them, regardless of whether there are one or two human bodies on the platform, the white card always blocks from appearing in front of any subjective perspective.

Two human bodies came here one after the other.

The human body who arrived later questioned the white card: "You have shifted your course, why don't you go to the ferry?"

The white card asked: "Is it necessary to go there?"

The human body who arrived later said to the human body who arrived first: "Zan, are you sure that the **** reserve is still at number 217?"

The first human body, Zan, replied briefly: "Yes."

The human body that arrived later, because, continued: "I have always disapproved of the blockade of No. 217. Even if the **** reserve is determined to be there, I still disapprove of it. Don't forget, it still has a coming point where you can easily leave."

Zan said: "I can't leave. I've been there. There was a problem before the arrival point. Not long before we went, it was re-arranged. Unless we pass through the alien galaxy or pass through the Kiko ship. Only the dead can live."

Suspiciously said: "I said before that there are weird lives in the Rainbow Bridge and some lives related to Shen Chu. They might have come here, but they were taken away on the way. If Shen Chu ventured into the arrival point of No. 217, , The same situation may occur."

Zan said: "Then we must first have the legal life of Ji Zijian, and according to my speculation, the matter you mentioned may involve an important life in the kingdom of God, and as far as I know, the kingdom of God has You and I will be dealt with by the stronger and larger forces. It is not the scope that you need to deal with."

Because it didn't say anything anymore, what Zan said, it was also heard, and it was a very high-level important event for the kingdom of God. Although it was not as sensitive as the **** reserve issue, it was extremely destructive.

On this issue, it wisely chose not to talk about it anymore, and told Baipai and Zan the latest information: "They have been discovered. This is the coordinate. They are flying towards the source of great gravity, the Sixth Age. This is where you are now. You need to explain the direction of the navigation."

White card said: "There is no explanation. They just want to send things into the giant attractor. This is the only way to avoid being obtained by us."

Because said: "So, are you going to intercept in advance?"

White card said: "According to our agreement, we don't need to tell you all we know."

Reason: "According to the agreement, you should go to the ferry."

White card said: "According to the agreement, to get that thing is the highest-level action criterion for you and us. Do you say that going to the ferry is important, or is it important to go to the source of gravity?"

Zan said at this time: "Because, there is no need to entangle the Sixth Age intelligence not fully shared with us. They really do not have the obligation to share all intelligence with us. Now the **** reserve is temporarily isolated, and the operations we have completed have shown effectiveness. The position of the established targets can be determined, and we need to discuss again, who should we fight first and who should we fight first?"

With that said, it showed a huge star map on the platform, and several targets were marked out.

Zan pointed out three of the coordinates and said: "First of all, the most important targets are these three, including the target location that I just brought. The other two, one is desperately fleeing through this weird path, it turned out to be perfect. Avoided the influence of the alien galaxy, and the other one has been nesting here for a long time, never moving."

A blank card said: "That escape route was prepared for the humans who hadn't left Ji Zijian. I thought Chu would take this route, but I didn't expect it to be him."

Because using the dictionary language given by the Sixth Age: "Prepared for the humans who left without the way of the Jizi ship? This is really interesting. The matter of the gods has caused such a big disturbance and caused such a big impact and chaos. It's not you or the godly reserve, it's it, and it has successfully crossed the sea without telling the truth."

The white card said: "This is normal. We always thought it was Chu, but it can't be regarded as a success. Chu may have been on this road and it has caused a lot of trouble, otherwise it would have left quietly for a long time."

Because said: "Why didn't the gods go there by himself?"

The white card did not answer, Zan said: "Because it is not what it needs."

Then, Zan said to the white card: "Can you determine which era this human is from?"

The white card said: "The possibility of the Pre-Five Epochs is very small. If it comes from the Pre-Five Epochs, it should have escaped a long time ago. It will not wait until now. It can only come from the Sixth Epoch or the Seventh Epoch. It is difficult to determine the specifics. Chu is here. The interference of the two epochs is too great, all eyes and focus are on him, as long as it is not too high-profile, it is easy to hide the past.

However, Zan, I understand what you mean. If it comes from the Sixth Age, it will definitely be handled by us, but if it comes from the Seventh Age, it can be handled by you, and we don't want it. "

Zan also said straightforwardly: "Okay, it is difficult to find it, easy to catch it, now that it is found, it can't run away. Besides, the one that stays still, this has nothing to do with you, it is our goal, we just need You can provide some assistance."

White card said: "No problem."

Zan said to the cause: "The last one is the target to the source of giant gravity. My opinion is that the first two targets are assigned to several spiritual masters acting alone, and the main force is assembled to immediately intercept the target to the source of giant gravity."

Because said: "I agree."

White card said: "I have no problem either."

Zan then said: "Next are secondary goals. After the first three goals are resolved, these secondary goals must be cleaned up."

Having said that, it arranged an order according to the star chart, but it did not expect that on the secondary target, it was opposed by a white card.

White card said: "After solving the first three goals, the key point is to solve this!"

Because: "It's just a wild spirit."

The white card said coldly: "It is indeed a wild spirit, and it is not in our agreement, but you must be very clear about its importance based on the accumulated intelligence now, so you and I don't need to cover each other now.

I really can't fight it alone, and of course you will suffer losses if you fight it. I admit it, but I don't need anything, including the Fifth Age controlled by it. I can give it to you. I only want it. "

Zan quietly said: "With the spirit war, it may be killed. We can't guarantee that it can live."

The white card said: "I just want it if I die."

Zan did not immediately agree to a white card, instead, he said: "I have discussed with you many times. Your real opponent will not be the chaotic and hasty seventh era, but more likely to be one of the first five eras, such as the missing first. The First Era, and the Fifth Era, which involves a lot of secrets."

A white card said: "I have always said that you underestimate Chu. The Seventh Epoch is not much weaker than ours under his influence. Do you really think that the people who control the Seventh Epoch can always control the Seventh Epoch Ziship? If it falls into Chu's hands, you will know its horror."

Zan said: "Now there is no problem with the God Chu issue, and its issue has been decided, so there is no Seventh Epoch issue you mentioned."

White card said: "That's what you think."

Zan said: "Since we can't convince each other, it will fight at the end, and wait for us to attack the alien galaxy controlled by it, and you don't have to worry about our repentance. It occupies the alien galaxy in the Fifth Age. With your assistance, we won’t be able to get in either."

The white card did not speak, and Zan Heyin quickly left together.

In the Ji Zi ship, a figure walked out of the blurred light and shadow, and said to the one who had been waiting outside for a while: "Yao Xiang, you can go into the Rainbow Bridge yourself."

The man was taken aback, but in the end he didn't say anything.

In the starry sky, one by one left-handed spirit masters concentrated on the alien galaxy closest to the giant attractor, preparing to intercept them.

Several other left-handed spirit masters went to two directions respectively, and one of them reached an alien galaxy near a cage star and immediately attacked it.

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