Capture the Goddess From Douluo - Chapter 1392 voyeurism

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"Of course it looks good, impeccable."

Xu Ran pinched his chin and watched it very seriously.

You know, in the previous life, this kind of scene usually only appeared in some painters' notebooks. And real people, if they don't have a beautiful face, they are really hot-eyed. With the beauty of Han Yue and the others, no matter how they are dressed, there will be no too discordant picture.

As long as the person is beautiful, it doesn't matter if the clothes are equal to zero.

"You little fairy, you really want to fascinate people. Fortunately, no one else saw your pure and lustful appearance, otherwise God knows how many times my love rivals will appear inexplicably in the future." Xu Ran stepped forward He hugged Han Yue's waist, and gently stroked that **** little navel with his index finger.

"How could I go out to show others? If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't sacrifice myself." Hearing Xu Ran's praise, Han Yue was overjoyed, but said very arrogantly.

No matter what, she is also the eldest lady of the Han family, so she can just pass it to Xu Ran in the boudoir. She doesn't want others to see her like this. If there are other people who shouldn't watch it, she will definitely kill her.

"Close the door first, let's talk slowly after entering the house!"

Xu Ran hooked the door, and then...

Not far away, what Han Yue didn't know was that her charming appearance had already been noticed by two people.

Not others, but Xin Lan and Han Xue.

At this moment, the two women were staring closely at the direction of Han Yue's boudoir, not knowing what they were thinking.

Xin Lan is fine, she has long been used to it. Even she is better than Han Yue.

And silly Baitian Han Xue was dumbfounded.

Is this still her sister who is as proud as a white lotus? This is too...Han Xue felt a little hard to say. Although when Xu Ran took Han Yue away before, she vaguely understood what was going to happen in her heart, but Qingyan still felt different when she saw it.

Of course, the most important thing is stimulation. A strange feeling made her even unable to bear the desire to continue watching to satisfy her desire to spy.

"He really is a formidable enemy."

"Han Yue is much stronger than I imagined. Her legs are a bit plump than mine, her skin is similar to mine, and her figure is also similar. I didn't expect Han Yue's figure to be so good. Why didn't I notice it later?"

Xin Lan watched it with gusto.

She swallowed a pill that can hide her breath, so there is no need to worry that Han Yue will find her. As for Xu Ran, he is too lazy to care about such trivial matters.

Xin Lan secretly competed with Han Yue in her heart, from skin to measurements, almost as long as Xin Lan could be used for comparison, she made a contest in her heart.

"You, you..."

Han Xue blushed, Xin Lan's bold words made her blush. She didn't expect that such a quiet girl like Xin Lan could say such astonishing words. And he insisted on taking her to peek at my sister and Xu Ran... It's embarrassing.

"What's wrong with us? Don't tell me you don't like Xu Ran. I won't believe it." Xin Lan looked at Han Xue with big eyes blinking. Han Xue and Han Yue are 30% similar, they are both very beautiful beauties. Smooth and white skin, exquisite figure, even she is a bit tasty. No wonder that guy from the Hong family can always think about it, naturally he has capital.

"I didn't, don't talk nonsense!"

Han Xue was suddenly caught by Xin Lan's words, and suddenly became flustered.

She has completely changed her view of Xu Ran now. She was fascinated by Xu Ran's way of slaughtering all directions and slaughtering all the powerful members of the Hong family in an instant. Even though it has been a while now, and the battlefield outside has been cleaned up, it is still difficult for her to get out of that scene.

As long as it is a girl, it is rare for a man who does not like domineering.

Especially the kind of man who is domineering to outsiders but considerate to himself is even more difficult for them to resist.

"Really? Who was that who was reciting poems and painting with Xu Ran somewhere before, you and me?" Xin Lan continued to joke.

"Are you spying on us again?"

Han Xue was furious and glared at Xin Lan viciously.

She thought this woman was really disgusting. It's nothing more than peeking at my sister, but also peeking at her and Xu Ran. Thankfully they didn't do anything.

"I read it openly." Xin Lan said seriously. Xin Lan felt that she should hold more handles on the Han sisters in the future, so that she would be invincible in the future getting along with each other.

"Hmph." Han Xuejiao snorted.

"Well, what kind of person is Xu Ran? He should be very famous in Canaan College, right? It's a pity that I have never been to Canaan College." Han Xue held her clean chin in both hands, a little absent-minded, imagining Han Yue I couldn't help being envious of the scene where Xinlan and the others got acquainted with Xu Ran at Canaan College.

"He is not only famous in Canaan College? As long as he is willing, the dean of Canaan College is his." Xin Lan said with a smile.

"How is it possible? Canaan College is the best college in the world." Han Xue opened her mouth slightly in disbelief. No matter how ignorant she is, she still knows how terrifying and huge Canaan College is.

For so many years, Canaan Academy has cultivated many strong people. And these powerful people have entered the major forces on the mainland, forming a huge network of relationships.

Even though there is no way to compare with the powerful forces in Zhongzhou, as an academy, Canaan Academy is already the top.

And Xin Lan actually said that as long as Xu Ran wants to, he can directly become a college of Canaan College, which made Han Xue's little heart a little bit unbearable.

The dean of Canaan College, even many powerful forces in Zhongzhou will give some face.

Only then did Han Xue understand how powerful Xu Ran had become. UU reading

"What is Canaan Academy? He has great abilities. In this world, he is the only one who can bully others, and no one can bully him."

"So now we just need to wait for the people from Fenglei Pavilion to come to seek death with peace of mind. Even if the Dou Sheng comes, Xu Ran can slap him to death." Put it in your eyes.

Dou Sheng!

Han Xue's eyes widened!

"You mean, Xu Ran is stronger than the average Dou Sheng?"

Han Xue is naturally clear about the level of Dou Qi Continent, and Dou Sheng is already at the top level.

"Otherwise, why do you think Xu Ran dare not take Fenglei Pavilion seriously? Even if all the powerful people in Zhongzhou add up, it may not be enough for Xu Ran to fight." Xin Lan said nonchalantly, while Han Xue was slow Slowly numb.

She didn't know if what Xin Lan said was exaggerated, she only knew that Xu Ran was very strong, so powerful that he could ignore Fenglei Pavilion.

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