Anomalous Collector - Chapter 713 welcome to jail

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Ling Tian Jianzun took the lead and rushed into the portal in an instant.

I saw a gloomy water vapor rushing towards my face, the gloomy wind was blowing, and the ghostly atmosphere was full of ghosts. It was a swamp full of insects and snakes, and there were rotten bones everywhere, as well as altars and gallows.

Behind him, a dozen other old gods followed.

The gods have already discovered at this time that the place where they appeared is in the air, and just after walking out of the portal, they began to fall toward the ground.

And here, there is only a trace of the divine aura of the Jade Emperor, and there is no figure of the Jade Emperor and the night watchman.

Sword Master Ling Tian sneered:

"Tips for carving insects."

With a wave of his hand, a brilliant sword energy has been released, whistling towards the swamp below.

Wherever the sword energy went, those worms, snakes, rats and ants were killed on the spot, and the swamp on the ground instantly separated a huge ravine dozens of meters wide and thousands of meters long, revealing a clean surface.

On the surface, there was a portal that was originally hidden in the mud of water plants. At this time, it was glowing slightly green, and the faint aroma of plants and cherry blossoms wafted out from it.

"Keep up!" Ling Tian Jianzun took the lead, still the first to rush into the portal.

The gods of the heavenly court behind him were naturally not to be outdone, and they followed closely behind, turning into a stream of light.

They have already discerned from the smell of cherry blossoms and vegetation, this is definitely the high sky of Mulberry country.

Although they are both old gods, as the dignified Zhongzhou Heavenly Court God, they are disdainful of the direction of the Sang Kingdom and Gaotianyuan, and they don't think there is any danger at all.

Sure enough, when they passed through the portal, they immediately appeared above the ruined Gaotianyuan secret realm.

There is also the divine aura of the Jade Emperor, as well as the spiritual aura of the night watchman.

As far as the eye can see, there are traces of battle everywhere. The towering cherry tree in Gao Tianyuan fell to the ground at this time, and there were flames burning.

Sword Sovereign Ling Tian did not stop at this moment, and immediately continued to lead the old gods forward. This time their target was the cherry tree.

Sure enough, in the crack of the huge tree trunk, there was a shining door. Obviously, the night watchman escaped from here again. As for your majesty, it is natural to chase and kill the night watchman.

Sword Master Ling Tian snorted coldly:

"What night watchman, I think he should be called the door god."

While speaking, everyone has once again passed through the portal.

This time, what appeared in front of them was a blood-red temple of terror. On the towering stone pillars, there were terrifying heads and some body fragments of wild gods.

This is also a cave **** domain.

At the moment of entering here, they have already obtained the name of this God's Domain.

Museum of Fear!

A group of heavenly gods couldn't help showing a clear look, and instantly found the commanding heights of morality.

The night watchman, the guardian of mortals, is simply an evil god.

Sure enough, this is his real lair, and the fox's tail is exposed like this!

This scorpion really deserves to be punished!

At this time, the gods believed that they had occupied the Heavenly Dao, and their momentum was very high, but this time they circled around the museum of fear several times. Finally found a new door.

There is still a lot of ghosts coming out of it.

While lamenting that the night watchman, the thief, the cunning rabbit's three caves, is really tricky, he rushed in again without hesitation.

This time, the one who appeared in front of the righteous gods was the ghost emperor's secret realm where there was no light and skeletons and flesh and blood everywhere.

There are also earth fissures and lava surges.

The sulphurous breath makes one want to vomit.

Ling Tian Jian Zun said sensually:

"This son should have obtained some old mysterious realms and the inheritance of magic weapons by chance, so he has such power, but from this secret realm, we can also see that this person is not right, and he is a complete evil demon. , I am waiting for the righteous god, and I will kill him when I get it!"

The clairvoyant next to him nodded and said:

"Yes, with His Majesty, he can't run far at all. I want to see how many secret realms he can use to escape! the volcano!"

The clairvoyant's eyes flickered with light.

Point to a lava gushing volcano not far away.

The gods rushed over, and they found a portal in the volcano.

There is a gloomy aura and a strange musty smell coming from this portal, but under the cover of the volcanic atmosphere, it is nothing.

The gods were already familiar with the road at this time, and immediately stepped forward again, turning into a stream of light, rushing into the portal.

The thief has nowhere to run!

It is even very likely that the emperor has completely suppressed or even imprisoned the thief now. They may not be able to help these heavenly gods now, but they will be amazed and flattered in front of your majesty. Your majesty must be delighted.

It's the idiots like the Giant Spirit God and the Great Ghost King, who don't follow him at such a critical time, and don't show their faces in front of His Majesty. I really don't know what to think.

While thinking about it, all the gods in the heavenly court rushed into the portal in an instant.

Just then, there was a loud slamming of the door behind him.

Before the gods had time to wonder, a strong musty smell came from the nose, as well as the sweet smell of blood.

This time, they didn't appear in midair. They seemed to appear in a huge square. This was a strange building. The towering sky could be vaguely seen, and the surrounding walls were filled with blood-red lights.

At the same time, there was a towering throne of white bones and lava in front of them. Li Fan sat there with a smile on his face, looking at the group of old gods.

"Thief, you... Your Majesty... Your Majesty!?" Sword Master Ling Tian was about to attack when he suddenly saw black tentacle-like chains protruding out of the void in front of the throne, tying a figure there.

It is the Jade Emperor!

"Guard! Escort!" Sword Master Ling Tian shouted, turning into a sword light and rushing towards the bound Jade Emperor.

Behind him, a group of old gods also ran away.

At this time, they faintly felt that something was wrong, but they didn't figure out what went wrong for a while.

The place where they are now should still be a secret cave, which seems to be very different from the previous one.

At this time, the flying sword under Ling Tian Jianzun's feet kept shaking, UU reading www. uukanshu. com seemed to be alerting him to something, but he couldn't think about it at this time.

Just at this moment, more chain tentacles came out of the void and attacked them, densely packed and endless, like a group of snakes in the doomsday!

And the man on the throne of white bones and lava, at this time, was flaming black flames all over his body, and he changed his appearance in an instant.

With a pale smile and a crown of black fire, it was a ghost from the deepest depths of the abyss, and smiled at them:

"Welcome to the jail."


(Good night everyone~~~)

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