World Defying Dan God - Chapter 5246 God of the Beginning

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Chen Xiang and Lingxu began to discuss the possibility of the death world in the beginning, and Lingxu began to speculate on the formation of the death world in the beginning based on some clues he had grasped.

Although this is only a speculation by Lingxu, Chen Xiang thinks that the possibility is very high, so many creatures died back then, and the souls of these creatures are so powerful, it is impossible for them to turn into energy after their souls are scattered.

If their souls are still there, and they gather again, it is very possible to open up a space of their own.

Because the soul floating in the universe or the starry sky is quite dangerous, if it is encountered by a powerful creature in the universe, it will be absorbed and swallowed.

And souls move very fast, and are difficult to be torn apart by the energy between heaven and earth, so these souls will gather together, which can make them safer.

Over time, after many years, a large number of souls gathered, and released very strong soul fluctuations, attracting more souls, and then opened up a space that belonged to them.

In that space, they can also obtain the energy of the primordial world, and then derive their practice rules.

Lingxu said: "Master, I'm not making random assumptions, because in the starry sky, there was once a very strange and powerful energy gathered, and then it disappeared. After communicating and discussing with each other, we all thought it was possible The world of primordial death appeared."

Chen Xiang wondered: "If there really is a world of death in the beginning, why did they stop the construction of the star gate?"

Lingxu said: "It must be stopped! Because the star gate spans space, it is very likely to affect the stability of their space, or accidentally break into their space."

When Lingxu said this, Chen Xiang thought it was more possible.

"The Imperial Palace seems to be deliberately concealing this matter. All Taichu Schools aim to build star gates, but they don't tell this about it. Why?" Chen Xiang couldn't figure this out, not just the Imperial Palace , The same is true for the Sanshengjiao.

"I'm not sure about this, there may be other reasons! Master, those first-rank ministers and princes in the palace you mentioned, they should have been in contact with the death world in the beginning, and know more about this aspect." Ling Xu said: "I can only ask them."

"Lingxu, try your best to inquire about this matter for me in the starry sky." Chen Xiang said: "Maybe some of the star spirits in the starry sky have come into contact with the death world of the beginning."

Lingxu said: "Okay, I'll go right away."

Chen Xiang is not completely sure yet, but if he wants to build a star gate, he must figure out this matter, because this is the biggest obstacle to building a star gate.

Palace Master Xiaoqing had read many books related to the construction of star gates before, and she also knew that many of the star gates in Taichu Academy were destroyed by external forces, but she didn't care because she felt that she was too far away from building star gates. far away.

And at the moment, with Chen Xiang joining in and providing the amazing medicinal planting technique and alchemy technique, Palace Master Xiaoqing also knew that he was not too far away from building a star gate.

So she also attaches great importance to this matter at this time, and is trying to find a way to contact the palace to find out the reason.

Palace Master Xiaoqing would come to Chen Xiang from time to time to report the progress of the medicine field in the star core space.

Chen Xiang had already eaten the Absolute Beginning Primordial Spirit Pill refined by the Holy Soul Pill Puppet, and he had also obtained a lot of Transformation Bead God Pills.

In the past few days, he has also used the world-defying furnace to refine many flaming primordial souls through his own flames.

If you want to cultivate the Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning, you need to fuse the Dao Soul of Absolute Beginning.

Shui Shengxiang and Narcissus Ying helped the girls of Purgatory Sacred Girls Group to fuse those Flame Absolute Primordial Dao Souls, and then began to practice by eating the Pearl of Essence.

Under Chen Xiang's guidance, their cultivation has been very smooth. Now that there are enough divine pills, a thousand Purgatory Saints can cultivate the Divine Orb of Absolute Beginning.

Chen Xiang also gave a lot of medicinal materials to the Fruit Monster Clan and them. If they planted them, the Purgatory Saintess Group would be able to use the Holy Soul Puppet to refine alchemy in the Immortal War Xuanmo Tower, and they would be self-sufficient.

And Purgatory Saintess Group is also the strength that Chen Xiang wants to cultivate secretly. If their cultivation bases are very high, plus they have experienced the experience of the ancient Purgatory period, they will have great advantages in all aspects of mood. After their strength increases , is definitely very powerful.

As for how to compete with the Sanshengjiao, that is the main concern of Xiao Qinggong.

Palace Master Xiaoqing also promised Chen Xiang that she would give Chen Xiang pills regularly, she didn't ask why Chen Xiang wanted so many pills, she just guessed what Chen Xiang was messing with, to fuse and refine super pills or something.

Chen Xiang himself is also cultivating. After cultivating the Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning, the next training is to use the Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning as a basis to improve the divine power of Absolute Beginning. Generally, any breakthrough will be reflected in the Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning.

The most common breakthrough is that there will be a circle of lines on the Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning, which is called the Divine Pattern of Absolute Beginning.

There are other abnormal situations, not the appearance of the God of Absolute Beginning, and there are many types.

Palace Master Xiaoqing told Chen Xiang that her Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning was not of the type of Divine Pattern of Absolute Beginning, and those who cultivated the Divine Pattern of Absolute Beginning were relatively ordinary, generally speaking, they would be very mediocre, and there would be no outstanding ones.

And Chen Xiang looked at his Divine Bead of Absolute Beginning, there was a circle of Divine Ancestor's pattern on it, this was a very common expression, and his Divine Ancestor's pattern was still very straight, like a straight line.

Generally speaking, the gods of the beginning have lines, and each person's lines are different.

Palace Master Xiaoqing's Divine Orb of Absolute Beginning has "stars" appearing, and if it appears a little, it is the first level.

After Chen Xiang practiced for a while, he didn't pay much attention to it. He now has two circles of Absolute Beginning Divine Mark, which is the second level of Absolute Beginning Realm.

After the breakthrough, he could also feel that the divine power in the early days had improved significantly.

Palace Master Xiaoqing came to look for Chen Xiang again, mainly because she had good news.

In the room, Palace Master Xiaoqing said with a grin: "Brother Shen, there is news from the palace! They know that the two third-rank saints are dead, so they will send new saints over to investigate the two third-rank saints. The cause of death of the holy minister."

Chen Xiang looked puzzled, and asked: "Xiaoqing, why are you happy? This is not good news."

Chen Xiang and Palace Mistress Xiaoqing have become more and more familiar with each other this month, and Chen Xiang also called Xiaoqing directly.

Palace Master Xiaoqing said with a smile: "Because they sent ministers from the territory of the prince next door! The territory of the prince closest to us belongs to the Temple of Hundred Flowers! It is beneficial to us, and it will definitely not be like the Sansheng sect. Guy like that."

"Really? Then do you know which prince it is?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked, he felt that if it was the prince of Hundred Flowers Temple, maybe he knew him.

"I don't know, it's kept secret! I only know that it's the prince of the Hundred Flowers Temple." Palace Mistress Xiaoqing shook her head and said, "In short, they treat us very well. When the time comes to investigate or something, I guess they will just fool around."

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