Welcome to the Nightmare Game - ~ Extra Chapter

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Profile of Fan: When the idol girl who is attending high school encounters the reincarnation of the Holy See exorcist, the original science seems to have become unscientific at once...

Idol girl: A beautiful girl like me, of course, only likes a handsome girl!

Handsome girl: Ah!

Broker: Excuseme?


Note: This is outside the AU (AlternativeUniverse), which is a parallel universe, not a story under the world view. In this article, there is no nightmare game. Everyone lives in modern times, and there are such magical creatures as the ghosts and devils, but they are not widely known. They involve the places and characters in the copy of the castle, but the story in the text. Different, please refer to the text.

In addition to sexuality, sexuality has changed, and sexuality has changed (the important thing is said three times). Because of gender differences and different growth experiences, the character and the text are slightly deviated.

Qi Le people entered the entertainment industry from a young age while reading high school while singing and singing, for the famous idol girl; Ning Zhou for the reason of the transfer from abroad, the mixed-race exorcist Yujie.


The sunlight outside the window was too much, and there was not even a cloud in the blue sky.

Qi Le people looked at the window with their cheeks, and there were snacks.

The teacher was giving lectures on the stage, and the students around them all bowed their heads and took notes. The eyes of Qi Le people quietly drifted to the dark blue-eyed student on the window. She sat upright and looked at the podium. Teacher, look serious and serious.

Her blue eyes are so beautiful.

The thoughts of Qi Le people suddenly returned to the day before a month ago.

That day, she was only killed the night before, and flew back to X City overnight. It was already after zero, so she went to sleep the next day and stepped on the school bell to rush into the school building. Although the school is very tolerant of her frequent leave, but Qi Le people do not want to be specialized because of the identity of the idol, so she will still comply with the school's discipline as much as possible.

The class bell is nearing the end, and there is still a corridor away from the classroom. Qi Le people are playing at the speed of the 800-meter women’s championship of the school games. While running, they think that they may not be late, and the result is At the corner of the corridor, she ran into a person.

"It hurts!" The collision was so strong that Qi Le people raised their heads in angrily and glared at the coming person.

The blue-eyed girl who was hit: "...sorry."

Who is this? I have never seen it before, is she wearing a beauty? So tall and beautiful!

Qi Le people looked at the people in a dull manner. For a while, the class teacher’s cough sighed aloud: "I’m sorry, I am hitting you, sorry!"

The class teacher who accompanied the blue-eyed girl smiled and said: "Small Qi, what do you do in a panic?"

Qi Le people immediately bitter face: "...sorry, teacher, I am late."

"It doesn't matter, you are busy at work, the teacher understands, go back to the classroom." The class teacher said, walking with the two people to the classroom.

Qi Le people walked on the left side of the class teacher. After two steps, they slowed down and secretly looked at the **** the right side of the class teacher. She looked at the front without squinting, and her side looks more stereo than the average person. With double sapphire eyes, Qile people boldly guessed that she should be a mixed-race.

"Hey, I am Qi Le, what is your name? Why have you not seen you before? Have you transferred to school?" Qi Le people put on the signature smile on the mirror, sweetly laughed at her, in the slightest No idols smashed up.

The blue-eyed girl glanced at her and turned her face quickly, not snoring.

The Qiele who failed to take a break took a second. what? Someone even ignored her? This unscientific!

Qi Le people appeared at the age of seven, and just appeared in the drama of the Republic of China as a sister of the protagonist of the poor, because the plot needs to cry from the beginning to the end, crying touching the lungs and intestines, and because of the role of liking, acting outstanding, smart and pitiful The little girl played lively and immediately became the little daughter of the majority of the aunts, and became a national sweetheart.

Since then, it has been a Lolita's Qile people who rely on the actor's mother's network and their talented acting skills - probably not counting the long-haired face - all the way to a decade later, the brokerage company's development route for her The planning is also in place. From the age of thirteen, she has transformed from a poor and lovely sister and daughter to a youthful idol and beautiful girl route. She plays and sings and sings. She is too busy to have 48 hours a day. If it wasn't for her mother who insisted that she continue her studies and asked her to finish at least college, she would not even have the opportunity to experience normal school life.

It can be imagined that the campus life of popular idols is a star-studded moon, and Qi Le people have never met anyone who has shown her good words.

Applying the lines of her most recent idol drama actor, that is: very good, woman, you have successfully caught my attention!

"Ning Zhou is a new transfer student. I used to be in Italy. Chinese is not very good. You have to help her more and help her integrate into the group as soon as possible," said the class teacher.

"Oh, no problem, give it to me!" Qile people gave a courtesy to the class teacher, and attracted the smile of the class teacher.

The girl named Ning Zhou unnaturally turned her eyes and looked at the scenery in the distance, silent.

For a month, she is still like this.

Qi Le, who was separated from the memory, sighed softly, watching Ning Zhou’s eyes more and more embarrassed.

Ning Zhou is really beautiful, so cold and cold, and it exudes a gas field where people are not close. Qi Le people heard that the classmates in the class also talked about her privately, saying that she is not very easy to get along with. It is comparable to Qi Le people.

Hey, why is it so cold? She has already hinted at the hints many times, but Ning Zhou is always a "hmm" to end the dialogue, which can make the idol girl frustrated, if Ning Zhou's eyes are not disgusted, she almost thought that Ning Zhou hates her. It is.

Qi Le people are on the arm, looking at Ning Zhou on the side of her face. In the warm sunshine, her side face seems to be shining. It’s so beautiful...

Coldly, Ning Zhou turned his face and looked at it. The Qi Le people who were peeking were caught in a hurry. The two men’s eyes collided in the air... What would the average person do? Looking away from the line of sight? Qi Le people did not, she maintained her posture on the arm, and smiled broadly on Ning Zhou, smiling very sweet.

Ning Zhou quickly withdrew his gaze and looked away from the window.

Her earlobe is red in the warm sun.

Qi Le people blinked and repeatedly confirmed that they were not mistaken.

So, in fact, Ning Zhou is not cold, just shy? The Qile people were shocked by this thought, and they screamed in their hearts for a long time, Ning Zhou! lovely! She is shy! Super cute!

Qi Le people's heart has overflowed with an unprecedented impulse, she has to work harder with Ning Zhou, to be friends with her! The kind that can bury your chest!

One mind was thinking about it, the bell rang, and the Qi Le people sat up straight, and the students around stood up and walked around the classroom. A few good students surrounded the Qi Le people and chatted with her.

"Let, I heard that you have to release a single, have you already recorded it?"

"When is your new show released?"

"Let the music, help me and Su Yingdi to sign a signature! The news said that you will participate in that drama!"

"Is that XX and XXX really falling in love? But how do I feel that they are hyping!"

A variety of problems surrounded the Qi Le people, curious baby girls are scrambling to inquire about the entertainment circle, Qi Le people patiently answer one by one, and some inconvenient to say have to be vague, Fortunately, girls are just curious, and they don’t want to ask questions. Compared with them, it is obvious that the students in other classes and even other grades have made her a headache. If she is going out to go to the toilet now, it would not be possible to take two students, because she will be overwhelmed by the crowds...

This is also the trouble of being a popular idol girl.

Until the afternoon of school, Qi Le people did not find a chance to get closer to Ning Zhou. She walked too fast. Qi Le people did not find a chance to leave school with her. They had to go out with the girls. . In the afternoon, she was responsible for picking up her driver’s leave. She thought about whether she was going home by taxi or walking home. She thought about it anyway, the school was not far from home. It was the peak time of work, the road was too blocked, or go back. .

So Qi Le people put on a mask and went home with their bags.

From the beginning of elementary school, there were only a handful of opportunities for Qi Le people to go home alone. She looked at the motor vehicles that had blocked from the street to the end of the street and the battery car that occupied the sidewalk. I snorted and turned around. Walked into the alley.

Through this alley, I can reach the community where her family is located. Qi Le people happily sing the songs in the single that will be launched soon, and will go to shoot MV tomorrow...

At dusk, the orange-red light falls on the end of the alley, so that the surrounding scenery is shrouded in a layer of decadent Jinhui. A cold wind blows in, and there is a hint of coldness in the coolness. Qi Le people instinctively feel a touch of ominousness. She hesitated to stop and look back - the dim sunset is the projection of the building, everything is ordinary.

The exit was ahead, and the Qi Le people stepped forward as they stepped on the uneasiness of their hearts.

It was a cold wind, and the wind was mixed with the smell of odor and rot. Qi Le people held their breath and took two steps in three steps, but the accident did not let her go, just less than ten meters from the entrance. The golden sunset was suddenly swallowed up by the strange darkness, and the Qi Le people suddenly stopped and looked at the front strangely.

The residential buildings on both sides of the alley were filled with crows and screams, and the surrounding days suddenly darkened, as if they had entered the night in an instant. Qi Le people looked back in panic. The original road did not know when it had been drowned. In the dark.

what happened? Ghost hit the wall?

Qi Le people panic, call out the phone and call, the result is unlocked, there is no signal!

The Qile people who use the mobile phone lighting are flustered and go faster and faster, but no matter how they go, there is no end to the road ahead. Only the light of the mobile phone lights up a small piece of land in front of it, and there are traces of blood on the ground...

There was a strange movement in the darkness ahead. Qi Le people stopped and looked at it. The flashlight illuminated the darkness. In this faint light, there was a shaky black shadow. Here, step by step, slow and heavy, as if a cool body was forcibly removed from the morgue, posing in a weird posture, stumbling forward.

It has already entered the illumination range of the flashlight, and the Qi Le people took a breath of cold – is that a living person? The limbs are stiff, the skin is gray, and the eyes are red with a sultry red. It pauses for a second, the low-lying head jerkes up, and the red eyes look straight at the Qile people. direction.

The next moment, it opened the closed mouth, revealing a row of sharp teeth, roaring and rushing to her!

Qi Le people yelled and ran away. She bet that her school fair would not be so hard when she ran 800 meters, but even then, the monster that suddenly became flexible became more and more tight. Grabbed the Qi Le people's calves.

"Ah--" Qi Le people fell to the ground, the monster opened his mouth, and he would bite into her throat.

At the beginning of the millennium, Qi Le, who had already closed his eyes, heard a gunshot. The pain in the expected time was not coming. She carefully opened her eyes and the monster on her body had been covered with a layer of frost. Through her body, she stunned, and even struggling to crawl out of the monster, while smacking a dirty dress, looking around to find the source of the gunshot.

The darkness around it is gradually fading away, and the sunset returns from the end of the world, sprinkling the pulse on the earth.

In the direction of the setting sun, there was a tall, slender figure, holding a silver-clad shell in his hand, looking at her from a distance.

That figure...

Qi Le’s eyes widened and ran to her without thinking. The man took a step back and seemed to want to leave, but Qi Le’s name had already broken her name: “Ning Zhou! You wait!”

Ning Zhou did not go away after all, but was pulled by the Qi Le people: "What happened just now? What is that monster?"

"...lower monsters." Ning Zhou said, heading for the monster that was shot and killed, leaned over and checked to make sure it was dead, and then took out a bottle of silvery luster from the bag. The liquid was poured onto the body, and the body instantly turned into a black spot, which escaped into the air.

Qi Le people are still immersed in the absurd feeling of the thrilling adventures, full of strange problems, but seeing Ning Zhou is about to leave, she quickly catch up, dragging people like a rogue: "Don't you Go, how did the monster come? Why was it suddenly dark? What is the silver liquid in your bottle? Is it corpse water? Who are you? Is it not ordinary people?"

Ning Zhou, who was hugged by his arms, looked at the curious girl with a sullen look. He didn’t know what to do for a while. It’s okay to open it up, but it will definitely hurt her, let me go, no matter how I can get away... What should I do?

"Oh, you talk to me, I am scared to death, can you send me back? Is it good? My home is a little bit, very close! You will send me well." Seeing Ning Zhou seems to have Shake, Qi Le people immediately switched to the acting mode, staring at Ning Zhou to sell Meng, trying to impress this mysterious transfer student with the eyes called "puppyeyes".

"...go." Ning Zhou compromised.

Qi Le people silently compared the gesture of victory in the heart, happy and naturally holding the arm of Ning Zhou - that moment she felt that Ning Zhou people are stiff: "Thank you for saving me, Ning Zhou, you are so handsome. La! Upgrade to my goddess!"

then? Then she succeeded in seeing Ning Zhou’s ears red again.

It’s so cute, Qi Le people snickered in my heart.

On the way home, Qi Le people played the stalker side of the idol girl, which was rare to see. The hard-working person had a lot of information from Ning Zhou’s mouth, which was not accurate. It turned out that she had entered the nightmare world at dusk, a projection of the real world in hell. When night falls, its power will become strong, and occasionally someone will mistakenly enter the nightmare world and be met by monsters. Attack.

She also learned that Ning Zhou was not from Italy, but from the Vatican. The Holy See was not only responsible for psychological beliefs as she imagined. There were also very complex underground churches under the superficial institutions. Since the struggle, the exorcist is not a character in a novel, but a real existence.

At this moment, the person she was holding in her arms was a Holy See exorcist.

It sounds really cool, it sounds cooler than the idol girl!

On the short road home, Qi Le people's world view was washed once. Sadly, she still wants to continue to receive scrubbing. She has already returned to the door. She still pulls people and doesn't let go: "Come with me, My father and mother are not at home these few days. I have no appetite for eating alone, and I have lost a few pounds!"

Qi Le people said, but also pinched his arm and looked at Ning Zhou pitifully.

Ning Zhou once again compromised.

Qi Le people feel that they have found a way to deal with Ning Zhou, as long as the full play of the charm to sell cute and spoiled, Ning Zhou shy and soft, no such girl.

"I have a look at what's in the refrigerator. Auntie will give me some food when I come to clean the house in the morning. Just take it out at night and it will be hot." Qi Leren opened the refrigerator for a while and smiled back. The name of the dish was reported again, "...what do you want to eat?"


"There is no casual dish! So, I will give you pasta and steak. Is it good for me? These two are good! Well, that’s it! You can do it for a while, let me cook. "Qile people drove Ning Zhou out of the kitchen, opened the sound and put up the songs of his last album. They are all youthful and happy songs. Listening makes people feel happy - although Qi Le people themselves Her own songs don't catch a cold. When she hears the melody, she will recall the crashing feeling of vomiting in the studio, but for some unspeakable subtle mood, she now wants to express herself in front of Ning Zhou. , all kinds of.

This careful machine caused the attention of Ning Zhou. She picked up the album shell of Qi Le people "inadvertently" on the coffee table. The **** the cover wore a full-fledged sailor suit and tied the hair into a pair of ponytails. Her jumping movements floated up, and it looked like a pitiful and cute drooping eye that became radiant because of her happy smile.

Ning Zhou had been watching for a long time, and even did not find that the Qi Le people who were busy in the kitchen frequently looked back at her. She picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. The picture of the song MV was immediately presented to her, the girl wearing sportswear in the MV. I was participating in the sports meeting, fell on the way, and felt a cold sweat, but stood up reluctantly, limping to the end of the **** knee.

The stubborn and tenacious eyes... Ning Zhou’s heart was suddenly hit, and then wake up again, this is just the MV.

When she looked at the kitchen, she just ran into a sneaky peek and peeked at her Qi Le people. The two men’s eyes were separated by a transparent glass door, and the Qi Le people who had been found squinted and covered their eyes. After half a smashing, I opened the glass door and said with a red face: "The MV was shot! I didn't fall when I was running. Last year I also won the 800m women's championship in the school sports!"

Of course, the champion can be won because the sports special enrollment students cannot participate in the school games.

At the Games, Qile people were photographed from the beginning to the end. They took the headline of the 800 meters and made headlines, so when the MV came out, they were ridiculed in good faith. Lemei, you are the 800 meters champion. Did you get the player in front of you?

Qi Le people want to express themselves in front of Ning Zhou. It is naturally a bit depressed to see the MV in the MV. Ning Zhou is still looking so seriously...

The inexplicably irritated Qi Le person pulled Ning Zhou and prevented her from focusing on watching TV: "Come and help me with the handle. You cook the pasta and I will make the steak! I can teach you if I don't."

Then one's kitchen turned into two people. The sunset outside the window stretched the shadows of the two people, and they collided unconsciously. When the elbow touched another person, both of them would stiffen and recover if nothing happened. go with.

The living room outside the kitchen echoes the familiar melody, full of youth and love.

After eating dinner, Qi Le people left Ning Zhou to write homework. Whenever she writes homework, she always complains. She can make money to support herself. She still has to learn how to write homework. With her frequency of leave, she can It is not easy to maintain the position of the middle reaches. The price is that she must often read the textbooks on the set, and when she is tired, she will not sleep until she is hungry in the afternoon.

When doing homework, Qi Le’s mouth still doesn’t stop. There is a sentence that talks to Ning Zhou without a word. Ning Zhou said too little, almost she is talking alone: ​​“My mom is busy recently, she is the busiest of my family. The people, when the movie was released and the propaganda, the three cities were normal every day. The age is still in the air. I think she has to struggle until she is 80. My dad is okay, and teaching at the university is not very busy. When there is a problem, I often don't see the figure, and he is a man who is a wife and a daughter. When my mother is resting, he is not busy. I really want to paste him a face." Qi Le people said, inadvertently Asked, "Your mom and dad? Have you come to X City with you?"

Ning Zhou’s handwriting kept saying, “It’s already dead.”

"Ah..." Qi Le people stopped, "I'm sorry..."

Ning Zhou stopped the pen and looked up at her: "It doesn't matter, it has been a long time."

The blue eyes are so calm, almost repressed, as if to say something unrelated, but... Why does she feel a sorrow?

No, you haven't let go. The Qi Le people refuted her words in your heart. You are obviously very upset, but you don't want to admit it. Do you think that you are weak? But people have such emotional emotions. When they are happy, they laugh. When they are sad, they cry. When they like someone, they bravely pursue it. Because of these feelings, people will become real.

The distant place came with a bell. Qi Le people took a look at the time and made a firm effort to leave the heart of Ning Zhou. Pretending to find time, he said: "Oh, it’s too late, or you don’t leave. Well, I am alone at home, that happened before... I was a little scared.” Said, Qi Leren blushingly asked, “Can you stay with me?”

In the face of such a person, Ning Zhou could not refuse such a request. Qi Le, who got a positive reply, happily went to help her find the change of clothes: "I haven’t worn this pajamas yet, the underwear is new, the toothbrush and towels are all ready, placed in the bathroom on the second floor. I went to the first floor to wash."

After that, Qi Le people sprinted down the stairs, brushing their teeth quickly, washing the face while singing, and after washing, they looked at the mirror for a while, hesitated and then took the thief and took it from the washstand. I took a bottle of a very fresh girl-type perfume, sprayed it twice in the air, and then walked away from the incense.

The Qile people who walked out of the bathroom also sniffed the smell of the body, and the faintness was not obvious after being mixed with the shower gel. Should it be... a natural fragrance?

The fragrant Qi Le people walked to the front of the piano in the living room, pressed twice, then sat down and skillfully bounced the piano.

Ning Zhou, who had finished washing, walked down the curved staircase. Qi Le people looked up at her and said with a smile: "I will sing the song in the new single."

Ning Zhou nodded silently.

Qi Le people coughed twice: "This "I like you", dedicated to the goddess Ning Zhou who is willing to accompany me through this frightening night, your blue eyes are as beautiful as sapphire, I like your eyes."

"Everything becomes incredible, I love you at first sight, the world is a sweet moment. Your smile is your voice, I can't go in my mind, my sight only follows you, the first love suddenly comes... I want to take you out of loneliness The world, I want to accompany you to see all the beautiful scenery, and I will never be separated from you... La la la la, I like you so much, la la la la, I like you."

In the brightly lit living room, the girl who played the piano and sang a song gave her a song, with a few sweet smiles. When she was looked at by the brown eyes, the heart would always be in a disorderly rhythm. The heat flow that surges in the chest is so strange that it is so difficult to control. She is afraid of this uncontrollable, but she wants to let it go.

The Qile people who finished playing looked at her with eager eyes: "Is it nice?"

Ning Zhou nodded hard.

So Qi Le people laughed: "You like it! Waiting for the new song next time, I will sing it to you!"

Ning Zhou looked at her deeply, and the deep blue eyes under the light seemed to be gentle.

Qi Le, who had no teacher to show his sister's skills, was excited and excited. He said calmly: "It's too late, let's go to sleep."

She said, she took Ning Zhou to the bedroom: "My bed is quite big. It is no problem to sleep two people. If you are not used to it, we will have a quilt."

Anyway, there is no such option to sleep next door.

Ning Zhou is actually not used to it. The girls here are going to the toilet in groups. Walking on the street is a pair of hands and hands. It’s a common practice to touch the chest. When she first came, she thought it was here. The girls are all gay, and later discovered that this is a difference in national conditions.

"My friends have slept with the girlfriends, and can still whisper, but I entered the art circle too early, the broker is too strict, no good friends to sleep with me." Qi Le people see Ning Zhou It seems a bit hesitant, and it’s a pity to sell it. “I will definitely have a nightmare tonight...”

Ning Zhou once again compromised. She was frustrated to find that she was always easily convinced in the matter of Qile people, and there was no bottom line.

Success and the goddess lying on a bed, Qi Le people snickered into the quilt, happy to hate to play a few rolls in the bed, but face the goddess, to be reserved, hold!

The dimly lit bedside lamp illuminates between the squares. Qi Le people drilled their nests against the pillow and looked at Ning Zhou sideways. He said with a smile: "Let's have a chat."

"..." said that it is very late to go to bed early? Ning Zhou couldn't help but swear, but still nodded.

Qile people are quite good at chatting. There is no way to say that the meeting is also the professional quality of the actors. Otherwise, when the reporter interviews, the mouth is stunned, and the other party is also embarrassed. When the program is on, the atmosphere is stagnant, and the cold field has a huge lethality.

Seeing that the goddess agreed, Qi Le people chatted with her, and the more they chatted, the closer they were. At the end of the day, they leaned on their shoulders and showed her their photos.

"This is when I was seven years old. At that time, I cried and didn't want to go to school. My mother threatened me to say that if I didn't go to school, let me go to the filming. Every day I crawled in the mud and hanged with steel wire. I cried. I said that I would rather go to the filming, so I was taken to the studio to teach people to be a man. At that time, she was filming the drama of the Republic of China. The scene of the war was scary. I was scared. I thought the big brother who was acting died. For a long time. The director of the next film studio just came over to find old friends to chat, seeing me crying with a pitiful look at me, saying that the actor who played the little girl next door broke his leg and couldn’t come to discuss with my mother. At that time, my innocence, I thought that I couldn’t go to school when I was filming, and I walked happily with the director. I have since gone on the road of no return. The most pit is that I have to go to school after taking a movie. While shooting on the side, if the test is not good, please ask the tutor to make up the class! The heart is mad, there is no humanity." Qile people sneaked into the mother with Ning Zhou, and said that the anger is still more than the stroke.

The nose of the nose conveys the smell of the girl's fragrance, mixed with shower gel and unknown fragrance, fresh and sweet, almost never close to the person, Ning Zhou instinctively stiffened the body, repeatedly stressed that she is harmless, No need to guard, no counterattack. On several occasions, her eyes have habitually landed on her slender neck, so soft, with a little effort, she will never be able to sing a good song. She can be biased, she has no defenses at all. This kind of innocence does not prevent Ning Zhou from worrying and subconsciously worried.

"...What about you? How was your childhood?" Qile asked in a whisper, she was a bit embarrassed, for fear that such a problem was too abrupt, but could not help but want to know more about Ning Zhou.

That is not a happy memory, she will not want to know, Ning Zhou thinks.

She doesn't want to know the endless **** killings between the nightmare and the human world, and she doesn't want to know what it would be like to be alone at the age of thirteen to hunt a demon at the Hell's border, and I don't want to know the bomb. When the food is in the devil's forest, how painful the intestines slip out of the abdominal wounds. Clearly sitting side by side, the world they lived in was never the same world.

Those who concealed the filth and darkness of peace and the world, she did not want her to see.

Ning Zhou was silent for too long, Qi Le people lowered their eyes in frustration, realizing that their problems have already plagued Ning Zhou: "I'm sorry... I am too curious..."

"I went to the Holy See when I was thirteen years old..." Ning Zhou interrupted her apology and said calmly, "I have never seen my father. After my mother died that year, I have no other relatives who can act as guardians. Her friend followed her will and sent me to the Holy See, where she was a guardian of a respected senior.

"The days of living in the Holy See are very happy. I have learned a lot of things. I also decided to be an exorcist like my mother and fight the devils hidden in the dark. These years of dreams are expanding and happening all over the world. The demon attacks are increasing... I was commissioned by a descendant of a German aristocracy to come here to investigate the old things of a female elder in her family who lived in China."

Ning Zhou saw Qi Le people looking at her expectantly, wanting to listen more, then talked about some modified hunting devils, Qi Le people listened to her seriously, many words Ning Zhou said very hard, I also brought a bit of accent, but it was so cute when the Qile people heard it. The more she listened to it, the more she heard it in the thrilling place, and she took a cold breath and nervously held Ning Zhou’s hand.

The girl's hand was small and soft, and there was no place for her long hair. She found that Ning Zhou's hand was different from her. She took her palm and looked left and right, and curiously touched her palm and tiger's mouth. He touched the scar in the left hand palm of Ning Zhou, which was like a stab, and said with distress: "This is a lot of pain."

The palm of the hand was touched and numb, and Ning Zhou breathed a stagnation and pulled back his hand: "It's going to sleep."

Qi Le people are a bit regretful, but when they think about going to the MV tomorrow, they have to turn off the lights.

The room suddenly darkened, and the balcony of the bedroom opened the window, and the wind blew in from the screen window, along with the moonlight. Qi Le people lowered the sound of breathing, listening to the ear, so close, she could not hear the sound of Ning Zhou's breathing. If it was not the temperature of another person, she could not even feel that someone was sleeping next to her.

The hand hidden under the quilt sneaked in the past, grabbed Ning Zhou’s hand, and she looked at her from the side, her back to the moonlight, her five senses were immersed in the darkness, but the sapphire eyes were twin Hui.

The Qile people showed a smile on the face illuminated by the moon. She held the hand of Ning Zhou and went over and kissed her on the cheek: "Thank you for saving me today, good night, Ning Zhou."

Too close, when she approached, Ning Zhou almost turned over and started to hold her, but the sweet smell of the girl confuses her until the soft lips stick to her cheeks, she did not move.

The Qi Le, who had finished the goddess, lay back, and the quilt caught her lower half of her face and covered the hand she held Ning Zhou.

Unfamiliar joy and incitement linger around her at the same time. In such a complicated mood, she breathes another person's breath and gradually sinks into her sleep.

The night was quiet and long, and the Qi Le who had always had a good sleep suddenly woke up. She hesitated and squinted out of bed to go to the toilet. She did not realize that she was alone in the big bed.

When she went to the bathroom, she yawned and looked at a pair of glasses. She was sleepy in the mirror. When she was about to step out of the bathroom, she suddenly turned back and slammed her head. The toothbrush cup on the washstand was not her. !

The sleepiness was washed away, and the Qi Le people thought back, because the bathroom on the second floor was loaned to Ning Zhou, so she moved her things to the bathroom on the first floor, but...Ning Zhou people? !

Qi Le people rushed out of the bathroom, shouting Ning Zhou's name looking around, no one in the bedroom, no one downstairs in the bathroom, no one in the living room, nowhere! A pair of slippers fell off in the run, Qi Le people suddenly thought of something, with a foot ran to the front of the porch of the shoe - Ning Zhou's shoes are gone.

she left?

Qi Le people sat down before the piano, but it was angry and aggrieved. Why did Ning Zhou quietly leave in the middle of the night without a word? why?

Maybe something urgent? Qi Le people thought sullenly, and returned to the slippers that he had fallen in his run, and slowly walked back to his bedroom.

Once again, I returned to the warm bed. The Qi Le people didn't sleep after two rounds. When they finished the MV tomorrow, she must ask Ning Zhou to ask.

Suddenly, a thought came out of the Qi Le people's mind: Wait, it's not because she slept and snorted, so Ning Zhou couldn't bear to go?

Qi Le people hold their faces in their hands, like "screaming" in the screaming figure. It’s hard to lie to the goddess to sleep with the bed. The result is that it’s too shameful because I’m sleeping too badly.

Qi Le people on the verge of collapse want to pick up the phone with tears and tears, open the recording, she wants to record her sleep, how can I have a bad sleep as an idol girl? Refused, she refused!

With a cell phone recording, Qi Le people lay back in the bed and covered the quilt with a half face. The moonlight outside the balcony window was still clear. She could still remember the face of Ning Zhou, who was looking at the moonlight a few hours ago. She was so curious about her, but when she used to unveil the tip of the iceberg, she couldn't help but feel bad for her. She knows that Ning Zhou has let her know that the past has been modified. She is not as relaxed and happy as she said. When she is close to her, the stiff and cold alert on her body can't fool people.

Qi Le people do not know what kind of experience will make her develop these habits, and her little princess who has been raised in the greenhouse from the niche and raised like a star, the wounds on Ning Zhou, The chilling eyes, the precise shots... all the details hint at her, they are not a person of the world at all.

But what about it? Can't a friend be a friend? She just likes Ning Zhou, she is distressed by her, just wants to make her happy. She wants to give her the most beautiful song, and wants to show her all the bright, warm and warm feelings, as long as she can get a trace. Silk's happiness, a little bit like the world under this sun, she feels worth it.

From small to large, Qi Le people got a lot of love, now she wants to give her love to Ning Zhou, she wants her to feel that being loved is a very happy thing.

Thinking about it, drowsiness came up again, Qi Le people yawned, and looked at the moonlight on the balcony, which closed his eyes.

Drowsiness, Qi Le people felt that there seemed to be movement at the bedside. She opened her eyes in confusion and saw Ning Zhou lying down gently to her side.

"Where have you been?" Qile people dreamed of whispering.

"...the bathroom."


Qi Le was suddenly awake, and she did not speak up when she fell asleep. Instead, she pretended to be confused and shook her hand and continued to close her eyes. She smelled that the taste of shower gel on Ning Zhou has changed. This is not the taste of her home shower gel.

Recalling the scene where she shot a monster in the nightmare at dusk, Qi Le people knew her whereabouts.

Covering the smell of iron and blood under the scent, it is impossible to deceive people.

Still don't want to dismantle her, Qi Le people thought, pulling Ning Zhou's hand into a ten-finger posture, anyway, this time, she will not let go.

When she was about to fall asleep again, Qi Le people vaguely felt that something was coming over and said something to her, but she was too sleepy, and she had already slept before she woke up.

The sky is already bright. At this time, Ning Zhou should have gotten up, but the hand is tightly buckled. When I turn my face, I can see the face that Qi Le people sleep sweetly, long eyelashes, red cheeks, and The slightly open lips, how to look at them are very cute, Ning Zhou actually quietly watched for a long time, let the sun rise higher and higher.

Downstairs came the door to open the door. Someone came in. The five-feeling Ning Zhou frowned. This is the footstep of a woman. Is it the mother of Qile? Is she better to avoid?

But Qi Le people also said that it is normal for girls here to sleep together...

The door of the bedroom was pushed open violently, and the woman with a slender figure outside the door knocked on the open door with anger: "It’s all time, your mobile phone is not open, remember to take the MV today. ?Hurry up and give it to me!"

Chen Baiqi, the agent who killed Qile’s family, is about to rush in and pull people up. Look at it from far away. There are two people on the bed!

At this moment, Chen Baiqi, a senior agent, is full of collapse: Qi Leren! Do you remember that you are the idol of the youthful girl route? Why is there a wild man sleeping in your bed! You haven't transformed yet, you can't fall in love! How have you developed to go to bed!

The "wild man" sat up from the bed and looked at Chen Baiqi coldly.

Oh, not a wild man, great... a good ghost! Who is this woman!

A chaotic Qi Le person yawned out of the bed and looked back at Ning Zhou, especially naturally on her cheek to kiss: "Ning Zhou, early."

Chen Baiqi: "..."

"Oh, Sister Chen, this is my classmate. I am a little afraid of sleeping alone. Let her stay with me." Qi Le said without changing his face.

"...hehe." Chen Baiqi smiled and didn't smile. My mother said that your parents were not at home for half of the time. How did you sleep before?

The girl named Ning Zhou nodded to her and went to wash. Qi Le people took Chen Baiqi to the bathroom downstairs. While brushing her teeth and washing her face, she explained the situation with her. The strange events I met yesterday could not be said. I had to say that a person came home to meet the robbery of a small gangster, just saved by the classmate Ning Zhou, a little afraid to ask her to stay for one night.

Chen Baiqi will be suspicious, but it is not easy to say anything, let her wash and go to the studio.

Qi Le people think of this, their mobile phone was taken by her last night, it should be automatically shut down without electricity, no wonder Chen Baiqi so rushed to her house to personally fish.

After washing, Qi Le people can't take breakfast, and there is food in the refrigerator. When the aunt will come to clean, she will leave a note for her, but I want to eat at night, though.

Ning Zhou has the illusion of living here.

After telling Qile people that she had something to leave, Qi Le people said "oh" with frustration, and reluctantly followed Chen Baiqi to the car, and the car drove to the shooting location.

Along the way, Chen Baiqi inquired about Ning Zhou from start to finish. Qi Le people should say everything. One word that should not be said is not said. Chen Baiqi’s instinct is that Ning Zhou is not such a simple character. However, without evidence, she is not good enough to let Qi Le people stay away from her.

Finally, she sighed: "Your identity is not normal. Be careful when making friends. If you meet someone with ulterior motives, enter your room, sneak a photo, eavesdrop on you, tell the media about your privacy, your image will be It is a big blow, especially if your current route is very taboo."

Qi Le people know that Chen Baiqi is good for her, listening to the training.

"Although your last transformation was very successful and got rid of the image of a little girl, this transformation is the most crucial. If you can't jump out of the image of the young girl now, your play will only get narrower and narrower. You will find that as you grow older, there are fewer and fewer plays, and there are always young and new faces to replace you. The audience does not want to see a 30-year-old actress still playing the 17-year-old Girl. Your mother's thinking is very clear, she will take the time to give you a drama, and you play mother and daughter - your mother is also fighting for you, she never promised to play this age-exposed role - This gimmick can drive your popularity. If you play well, the next scene will take you as the heroine. When the small screen stands, it will grow like a big screen to your mother. The company is already discussing your new image and The route is up, and when you go to college, you will be able to operate. By then, you will not be as leisurely as you are now." Chen Baiqi thought of the future of the snow, he could not help but pick up the temple.

"I will work hard, Miss Chen, thank you for being so bothered for me." Qi Leren said that although the person standing in front of the audience is her, but there are countless people behind her behind the scenes, she has a smooth road. Today, Chen Baiqi did not know how much trouble she had helped her.

When the actor is really not easy, Qi Le people looked at the scenery that was constantly going backwards, and sighed softly.

However, it will be harder and harder than being an exorcist. Qile people think that when she thinks about Ning Zhou, she can't help but smile. They will have a lot of opportunities to get along in the future.

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