Welcome to the Nightmare Game - Chapter 135 The dream of the Holy Mother (25)

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When he walked out of the holy tomb garden, Dr. Lu seemed to be still in a dream. He stumbled to follow the footsteps of Ning Zhou, and turned back again and again, his eyes flushed.

"What happened last night? Is the nightmare witch dead? Su Heren?" Dr. Lu still didn't know what happened last night. He was always confused after the fainting of the past. He vaguely felt that he was being carried by people. Returning to the lord's castle, he woke up when the sky was bright. There was a note left by him by the Qi Le people, saying that he had already got the medicine, and the poison on his body had been lifted, so that he could rest well. .

Dr. Lu guessed that they were in the former site of the Holy See. They immediately rushed after waking up. Who knows that they have received such a terrible loss.

"There is no Suhe." Ning Zhou’s hoarse voice came, and the coldness was all killing. "Only, deceive the devil."

Dr. Lu froze, and the chill spread from his feet. The warm sunshine could not make him feel a slight warmth.

Su He, is the devil?

Dr. Lu jerked back, the death of Qi Le people...

"Is he... is he doing...doing it?" Dr. Lu could hardly say a whole sentence.

Ning Zhou nodded.

Dr. Lu took a step and fell to the ground and burst into tears.

The details that were once ignored by him have emerged one by one. If the appearance of Su He in the novice village can be explained by the novice village BUG, ​​why did he suddenly appear in the castle? What is involved with his separate conversations with the two? Since then, Qi Le people seem to be wary and alert to Su and that, why?

He never thought about it.

When Qi Le people came to invite him to participate in the mission of the Holy Mother of Dreams, they just ran into the Soviet Union and they said goodbye to them... If all this is not a coincidence, but a plan to deceive the devil, then he is in this tragedy. The role played is to push Qi Le people to the accomplice of death.

"Let's go." Ning Zhou said with a low voice, walking toward the temple at the highest point of the Holy See.

The time left for him is almost empty. The long-dead field is losing balance. If it is allowed to develop again, it will collapse into a black hole and destroy the entire holy city. He must break before that. This field will release people trapped here.

Back in front of the temple, the half-destroyed building in the sun was magnificent. The ruined angels in the square were surrounded by a disc with a diameter of four or five meters. Now Ning Zhou knows what it is. It was the image of the Virgin of the Holy See. The will of Mary resurrected it, holding up the sword of her judgment and killing the devil.

Once again, I came to Shimen, and the heart that had already been riddled with holes once again felt mourning. Just remembering the mood when I pushed the door last time, he almost lost the courage to push the door again.

There is no time.

Ning Zhou took a deep breath and the pain in the abdomen was generally painful. He put his hand on the door and pushed it forward.

The sun shines from the damage of the dome, like a sly light blade, cutting the darkness.

Ning Zhou carefully circumvented the **** traces of the tragic tow on the ground. The soul of the wandering spirit came to the deepest part of the hall. He was so disgusted with the black dragon's widow who died in the scales of the sword in the hands of the Madonna.

That sword is the token of destruction.

Pull it out, open the dead area, and everything will end.

Dr. Lu saw this after he came to the temple -

On the one knee, Ning Zhou kneels in front of the Madonna, devoutly draws a cross on his chest, and the golden light shines from him. The countless light spots are densely draped into a phantom of a sacred hexagram, and the wings curl up behind his back. As the blazing angels began to stretch out, the huge six wings spread out, forming a piece of golden light.

The illusion of the blazing angel gradually became clear, and Ning Zhou stood up and took a step forward. The blazing angel on the majestic stalwart also took a step and reached out.

The giant sword inserted in the scales of the black dragon began to shine, and the giant sword of metal was inspired by the divine power, slowly pulled out of the dragon body and fell into the hands of the blazing angel.

There was a sacred hymn in the collapsed temple. There were countless golden and silver spots at the foot, like fireflies, and the light shone, and the pure white drowned everything, letting the sin of the world annihilate in the holy light.

The song rang, this temple destroyed in the war seems to have returned to the heyday of the past. Dr. Lu, standing at the edge of the stone door, stared blankly at everything in front of him. The Temple Basilica in front of him was intact and countless The believers who wore the white rituals were walking past him and walking towards the depths of the hall.

Just under the cross at the deepest part of the temple, a blonde blue-eyed Saint Sister is smiling at them, and seeing all the mournful smiles in the world, easily heal the pain in the hearts of the people.

Tears still fell unconsciously.

Dr. Lu looked at Ning Zhou, and the huge six-winged angel behind him held the giant sword and coveted. Ning Zhou, he looked sadly and indifferently at the phantom of the holy nun in the depths of the hall, and walked toward her step by step.

The blonde's holy nun smiled softly at him, holding his face and dropping a gentle kiss on his forehead.

The illusion disintegrated, the figure of the holy nun disappeared, and the believers of countless prayers disappeared, and the magnificent temple was hidden... In the broken wall left behind, the lonely Ning Zhou stood on the destroyed hall. Facing the huge cross, draw a cross on the chest.

Blood and tears, life and death, sin and punishment, first and foremost, everything is here.

The blazing angel holding the giant sword opened his eyes. He raised the sword of the judgment that belonged to Mary. The brilliant halo condensed here, even if the sun was more dazzling than it was at this moment.

The giant sword is lifted and swings in the direction of the rising sun of the East.

The world is silent at this moment, then the next second, the sky is torn, the earth is divided, and countless pieces are split from the cracks in the sky. If a broken mirror falls, it falls into the air and then disappears into the air. In the middle, the holy city that was once hidden by the field of the nuns finally returned to reality from the gap of time.

The dream of the Holy Mother is overlapping with the nightmare world, and the people living in the dream are returning to reality – a **** and cruel world that is ravaged by demons.

The blazing angel of this sword sighs at the sun that is falling. It is not the real sun. It is only the illusion that the nuns constructed in their own fields. When the field is broken, it also falls down together.

The blazing angel's light is getting weaker and lighter. Some strange black mist rises from his feet and begins to pollute the power of holiness. The blazing angel looks at Ning Zhou blankly. He does not understand why this devout believer suddenly wavered. .

The sword of the judgment is falling, and the huge sword body is gradually shrinking, turning into a sharp blade inserted in front of Ning Zhou. He slowly opens his eyes, and the blue eyes are faintly flashing red light.

Ning Zhou smothered his face in pain and took the sword of judgment on the ground. The power from Mary poured into his body silently, calming the uneasy evil power, waiting for him to squat again. When you open your eyes, the red color of the fundus has disappeared without a trace.

The blazing angels summoned by the faith dissipated, and the golden figure gradually turned into nothingness. The beautiful wings behind him were scattered, such as dandelions blown away by the wind, golden, silver, and a few pieces of black. Countless feathers flew to the earth in the wind. One of the black feathers swirled in the air, colliding with a small piece of blue-and-white fallen flowers, the petals were pushed by the black wings, and once again, they sailed farther and flew farther.

It slowly fell and floated into the quiet garden of the tomb.

In the warm sunshine, the blue and white petals swirled down and gently kissed the cold lips of the Qi Le people.

Gentle as a kiss of a lover.

[Player Ning Zhou, complete the dream mission of the Holy Mother. Mission completion is 117%. Obtain special mission clues, and the infernals that arrive in the depths of the underground ants in 30 days will trigger the mission by themselves, and the overdue will be considered as abandoning the mission. 】

[Reward for 90 days of survival, unexpected factors interfere with the mission process, and additional rewards for 10 days of survival. 】

[Data synchronization countdown, ten, nine, eight...]

"Cancel the transmission." Ning Zhou whispered.

The light beam wrapped around him disappeared. After the original mission is completed, he will be sent back to his home, but the mission in the main world can also be canceled and sent back.

Dr. Lu, surrounded by the transmitted beam, said eagerly: "Then I will not go... cancel the transmission!"

The transfer stops.

"Don't you go back?" Dr. Lu whispered.

Ning Zhou shook his head and looked at the front with a faint look. The illusory sun had fallen. The real sun was hanging in the sky. The fog outside the holy city had dispersed. The wandering demons would soon find it. The residents of the Holy City have been comfortable for too long, and they don’t even know how terrible the world is.

They were sheltered by the wings of the Holy Mother, for twenty-two years. But they don't know, their tranquility can no longer be maintained, and hypocritical peace will eventually be broken, and those who are used to peace are vulnerable to reality in the face of reality.

"Contact the Holy See stronghold, evacuate and transfer the residents, must be in front of the devil." Ning Zhou said, walking outside the temple.

Dr. Lu hurriedly followed his footsteps and looked at his back. He was speechless.

They walked down the steps of the old site of the Holy See and stopped when they passed the garden of the Holy Sepulchre. Dr. Lu thought that Ning Zhou would go in, but he did not.

The gold and silver rays that had been hovering over the temple slowly fell down, shrouded in the garden of the sacred tomb, and the golden enchantment wrapped it up. The eagle flew out of the garden with a small piece of blue in the mouth. The white petals were thrown into the palm of the Ning Zhou.

Ning Zhou quietly looked at the petals and slowly tightened his palms.

He turned away without saying a word.

He is ready for any trial, even if he will suffer forever in the lake of fire in hell, he will bravely tell his god, he loves this person, right or wrong, and life and death.

Leaving the former site of the Holy See, they passed through the streets where people came and went. The residents of the desert did not know what happened. They talked loudly on the night of the moon last night. The sporadic dialogue floated into Dr. Lu’s ear. I lost my tears.

"Roy is dead, God, he actually committed suicide. What happened last night?" "Suicide? Isn't the night of the moon missing? Why did he commit suicide? The person who committed suicide can't go to heaven!" "He said in his suicide note that he is going to purgatory to wash his sins. What did he do?" "Poor Roy, he has been depressed since his wife Susan disappeared a few years ago... "I just saw the sun falling down! What the **** is going on?" "It is said that the fog outside the city has disappeared. Can we go out?" "Really? Great! We can go out!" "Thank God, we are free!"

People know nothing about the filth and sacrifice of singing and dancing. They simply feel hope and happiness. They are so happy. The faces of a smile filled with joy and smile make the whole world bright.

In this beautiful ending, two people who are out of place pass through the happy crowd, a walking dead, and a tearful face.

The wind was blowing, and the gentle wind blew through each treetop. The crumbling petals were blown off and sprinkled on the ground.

In the garden of the sacred tomb, which was protected by enchantment, the blue-and-white flowers have already covered the grass on the ground.

The Qi Le people who quietly slept in the tomb of the tree were dressed in black chapel uniforms. Those who fell in love with him, kissed his cold and pale cheeks again and again. He will sleep here, slowly decaying in time, until it becomes a white bone - if, no accident.

[Resurrection Eggs]: Players holding eggs will die when the body remains intact and will resurrect and return all skills and props after seven days. If the player holds other resurrection items or skills, the order in which the Easter eggs are used is the last. The remaining usage times 0/1.

Countdown to resurrection: 6 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes and 58 seconds.

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