Warhammer Wizard - Chapter 1069 Conquer Bear Ridge

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Korsaro rode Ursoc into Zuank and walked along the streets of the city. Under the shocked gazes of countless trolls on both sides, he arrived at the Temple of Loa, which had been turned into ruins.

The paladins were extremely excited and full of admiration.

The trolls in Zaank were in a complicated mood. They approached and looked at the behemoth in front of them. The once noble and majestic God of Power was now a mount. Such a psychological blow made the troll believers unacceptable, and even cried.

Ursoc heard the cries one after another, so he could only turn his head, but no matter which direction he turned, he would meet the disappointed eyes of believers.


The giant bear felt a hand on his neck, and it was Corsaro who sent the order.

It said in a deep voice: "My followers!" The resounding voice spread throughout Zaank, "Today, I heard the call of Sanguinius, the lord of glory, whose greatness is far above Loa, is A true god. From today, I will give up my identity as a **** of strength, no longer Loa, but a devout disciple who serves the Lord of Light."

There was a scream of pain in the city, and the trolls couldn't believe it.

Some trolls had expected it.

The history of the Gulaman Empire is like this in the past. The defeated Loa believers are bound to convert, but what I didn’t expect is that this time even Loa became the victor’s believers.

Sanguinius, Lord of Light?

The trolls listened numbly and some looked blank. Who is this? Why didn't he change to Kor'salo, who believed in the Sun Tribe? Wasn't he Loa?

"For Zu'anke, for the Giant Bear Ridge..." Ursoc paused, looked around the surrounding troll believers, and persuaded: "For our tribe, and for our family, please serve with me from now on. Lord of Glory!"

His words are full of sincerity, and he truly cares about believers.

That Ren* Augustus, whose strength is unfathomable and has a mysterious origin, is likely to be involved in the world outside the Gulaman Empire. Now, by virtue of the name of the Lie Sun tribe, he came prepared, not from the Giant Bear Ridge. The troll clan can resist.

Only by surrendering and converting as soon as possible can we reduce casualties.

The more intense the resistance, the more **** sacrifices, and there is no point.

However, the troll believers did not understand Ursoc's good intentions, and looked at the former Loa numbly and did not respond.

The scene was quiet and tense.

Ursoc wanted to persuade him again, but Corsaro signaled that he didn't need to say any more.

These troll believers just couldn't accept it for a while. Loa's surrender hit them too hard, and their outlook on life collapsed. The more Ursoc said, the more they would arouse the resistance of the believers. Give them some time to accept the reality and re-emphasize. shape beliefs.

Anyway, they can only believe in the Lord of Glory and have no choice.

Next, the most important thing is to take over the Giant Bear Ridge as soon as possible, stabilize the major cities, suppress the troll tribe and army, and make a smooth transition.

But it is impossible to achieve complete stability. Even if Ursoc has surrendered, those Loa warriors and tribal leaders will not give in easily.

Corsaro issued orders one after another.

The paladins of the 40,000 Radiant Legion, leaving 5,000 people to guard Zuanke, led by a hundred thundercast soldiers, can be absolutely safe.

Then the soldiers were very fast.

Korsaro stimulated the Void Spirit Gate and summoned a tall portal. Under the stunned expression of the Zaanke troll, the Radiant Legion quickly entered the portal. In less than a quarter of an hour, the entire army left Zaanke. , do not know where to go.

Ursoc passed through the Void Spirit Gate and saw Vodrassil several miles away at a glance.

This city, which once belonged to its own, did not even notice that the enemy was close at hand. It was even able to reach the top of the Loa Temple in the city. A dozen Loa warriors guarded around its palace and were very vigilant.

"Chief, they can't see?" Ursoc couldn't help asking.

Corsaro replied indifferently, "Eighth-level spell, high-level sound and light barrier."

He didn't open the portal randomly, but had already sent Leizhu Divine Soldier to select a location outside the city of Vodrassil, and jointly arranged several high-level sound and light barriers to cover up the movement of the portal and the army. May be spotted by trolls.

The same is true of the previous teleportation outside the city of Zaank. Everything was carried out in secret and silently, and the paladins were not aware of it.

"High-level sound and light barrier screen..."

Ursoc read in a low voice, the memory crystal did not record this spell, and he couldn't help but sigh, "The magic is amazing!"

With only the two spells of the portal and the high light and sound barrier, the paladin army of the Sun Tribe can traverse the Gulaman Empire.

They don't have to collide with Loa head-on, and they are elusive, and no city can resist.

The legion was teleported, but Corsaro did not order an attack.

He opened a portal again, leading to the palace on top of the Voldrassil Temple, riding in Ursoc, and appearing in front of the Loa warrior.

More than a dozen Loa warriors noticed the portal for the first time. They had never seen this thing before, and they were like enemies. Then, they felt a terrifying aura coming, and before they could react, they saw the God of Power walking out of it, with a tall troll on his back.

That terrifying aura came from the troll.

A troll Loa!

The chief of the Madheart tribe, Jamalanka, and a group of Loa Berserkers saw this scene as if they were struck by lightning, and they were at a loss on the spot.


Jamalanka growled, staring into Ursoc's eyes with disbelief.

He is the most favored believer in Loa. He has been blessed many times. He can often come into contact with Loa, and even has the honor to enter Loa's palace.

At this moment, he could feel Loa's power waning.

The great **** of power has lost the ability to control the temple and can no longer bless the believers, and all this is because of the troll on Loa's back, who not only defeated Loa, but also forced Loa to submit become a mount.

Why is this so?

Obviously, Luoa was only going to Zuanke, how did he end up like this in the blink of an eye?

Loa's temple didn't move either, why did it change its owner?

Jamalanka couldn't help thinking of the fate that he, his tribe, and Vodrasil were about to face, and closed his eyes in pain.

"Jamaranka." Ursoc looked at his favorite troll chief, and whispered, "I have decided to serve Sanguinius, the radiant lord, so please give up your resistance. As long as you convert with me. , Chief Corsaro will not embarrass everyone."

Sanguinius, Lord of Light?

This honorable name is obviously not like Loa, nor is it the troll in front of him.

The Loa warriors looked at each other, some were confused about the situation, but they heard an angry shout: "I don't care who the Lord of Glory is or any other Loa, the Madheart Tribe will never surrender!"

It was Jamalanka who spoke out.

His eyes were red, he glared at Ursoc and Korsaro, his skin was blood-colored, his body exuded a dangerous aura, his right hand holding the giant axe had blood vessels protruding from it, and he had entered a state of rage. Bear Ridge's most powerful troll berserker takes a stand.


The other Loa Berserkers exclaimed, some wanted to dissuade, but some had the same idea.

A troll shouted loudly: "The Berserker will only die in battle, never surrender!"

The blood of the Loa warriors boiled over.

The trolls who originally wanted to give up their resistance have also become extremely firm at this moment. They decided to stick to their life creed, even if Ursoc, the **** of power who set this creed, has surrendered, and will not be shaken. That means they renounced their faith in Loa.

Ursoc shook his head sadly, but stopped persuading him.

"Then I will fulfill you."

Corsaro responded indifferently. If these Loa warriors surrendered, it would be difficult to deal with. Just killing them all would be convenient for cleaning up Voldasil and rebuilding the ruling framework.


Jamalanka's body instantly soared, and he swung his giant axe towards Korsaro.

More than a dozen Loa warriors entered a state of rage one after another. They were originally more than three meters tall. After starting the rage, they seemed to be surrounded by a group of giants around Korsaro.

At the same time, the guards and patrols on the platforms of the Temple of Loa were roaring to kill the palace on the top.

The whole city boiled.

But in the next instant, the time on the top of the temple stopped flowing, and a dozen Loa trolls seemed to be stuck in a quagmire.

Raistlin's figure appeared in the air.

Time stop!

Jamalanka, who was the first to do it, has already jumped in front of Corsaro. His axe blade was less than one meter away from Corsaro's forehead. Corsaro's hair.

However, the distance of this meter is like a moat, which is difficult to cross.

Korsaro condensed a sword of dawn in his hand, and with a wave of his hand, the five-meter-long giant sword was cut out, instantly cutting Gamalanka in half.

The golden giant sword galloped at lightning speed in mid-air, and a dazzling light trail was reflected in Ursoc's eyes, piercing the slow-moving Loa Berserkers one by one, looking like a beautiful necklace, each on it. A pearl is a loa berserker.

After six seconds, time returned to its normal flow.

bang bang bang...

The bodies of more than a dozen Loa Berserkers fell to the ground. They were either chopped in half, or their heads were separated, and they lost their lives in an instant.

A lot of blood spurted out, staining the ground on top of the temple red.

The berserkers who were rushing up saw this scene, and there was no dissatisfaction on their faces. From their point of view, the chief and the Loa warriors were killed instantly. They didn't even see how the enemy did it. changed.

Then they saw the Sword of Dawn.


Corsaro raised his hand and shook it, activating the power of the ancient sage altar, and a coercive force descended from the sky, covering the entire Temple of Loa.


A majestic sound of care resounded in the sky, and the troll berserkers were suddenly shocked, feeling that they had sinned deeply and needed to be redeemed. became a sculpture.

The Sword of Dawn turned into a dazzling golden light and shuttled among the troll berserkers.

One after another, blood spattered out.

One after another corpses fell.

Korsaro remotely controlled the Sword of Dawn, quickly reaping the life of the troll berserker, his expression was cold, and there was no trace of expression fluctuations.

In less than half a minute, the hundreds of berserkers on the top of the temple were all killed, and blood flowed down the steps, and the real blood flowed into a river.

The Sword of Dawn dissipated.

However, no troll dared to rush up again and escaped the Temple of Loa faster than when he climbed up.

Outside the city of Voldrassil, the Radiance Legion began to attack.

A team of Thundercast soldiers blasted open the city gate, and tens of thousands of paladins poured into the city and began to control the city's key outposts. Instead, it was the trolls who dared to resist. No matter their strength or status, no one could escape. over the fate of death.

Ursoc closed his eyes, unable to bear to look anymore.

The hundreds of troll berserkers who died on the top of the temple were all elites of Voldrassil, but they were vulnerable in front of Korsaro.

"That spell..."

Once again, it felt the power to control time, and it couldn't help but murmured in a low voice, without that spell, the Jamalanka and the Loa warriors would never have been killed so easily, even the corners of Korsaro's clothes. Never came across it.

Is this the strength of an archmage?

Moreover, it clearly felt that Corsaro's application of the altar of the creator was more clever than himself. With a scolding, he could quell hundreds of high-level berserkers and let them be slaughtered. And that's something you've never been able to do.

Ursoc looked around, but couldn't find the black figure just now. Its eyes showed fanaticism and asked eagerly: "Chief, what kind of spell is this?"

"Time stopped."

While looking down at the battle in the city of Voldrassil, Korsaro replied casually: "The most difficult to master, but also the most powerful ninth-level spell in the world."

Ursoc's eyes flickered with yearning light, and he sighed, "Stop time!"

You can guess its terrifying effect by hearing the name of the spell.

The magic knowledge recorded in the memory crystal mentioned that the ninth-level magic is not the highest, and there are ten-level magic. It is determined in its heart that one day in the future, it will also control the time to stop!

After half a day.

The Radiant Legion successfully occupied Vodrassil. Except for some resistance when they first entered the city, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com went well afterward.

A group of Loa berserkers and high-level trolls were killed by Korsaro 90%. The troll army was leaderless. Even Loa surrendered. will lead to more killings.

In the following ten days, Korsaro took Ursoc and the Radiant Legion to conquer the six troll cities in Giant Bear Ridge.

Everywhere he went, let Ursoc show up to persuade him to surrender.

Those who are willing to surrender will accept it, and those who are unwilling to surrender will not say much, and start the purge directly. Immediately after controlling the city, transform the temple, spread the faith of the Lord of Radiance, and at the same time build a teleportation array so that the Radiance Legion can quickly mobilize between cities to suppress sporadic rebellions.

It took nearly a month, and the Giant Bear Ridge was completely under the rule of the Radiance Tribe, and more than four million trolls also became the subjects of Korsaro.

Korzaro's gaze turned to the east of the Giant Bear Territory, another land abandoned by the gods, "Ogrande".

As long as Ogrande is captured and connected with the Giant Bear Territory and Ingeniero, one's own ruling territory can expand from the west coast of the southern continent to the east coast, thus forming a barrier and blocking the southern continent into two parts. Occupy the territory of the two Loa to the south, and the entire Gulaman Empire has conquered a quarter.

However, just as he was about to send troops to Ogrande, Ursoc reported an important news.

Adjacent to the south of Giant Bear Ridge, Loa, the **** of thunder and lightning, Akunda, has been in an abnormal state over the years.

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