Warhammer Wizard - Chapter 1068 Great Bear Archmage

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Ren's expression didn't change, but he smiled in his heart.

The bear really surrendered!

I deliberately cast space freeze a few times in front of it, in fact, it was just for it to see, and I was afraid that it couldn't understand the time stop and replaced it with space freeze. Judging from the rune array it arranged in the bear's den, it was obvious that it was not interested in space. Knowledge is deeper.

The desire to survive, coupled with the extreme desire for magical knowledge, finally made a powerful Loa let go of his dignity.

Ursoc's Demon Soul is very powerful, but the quality is too high, and he already owns all its elements, and the fusion has not improved.

It is worth more alive than dead, and it is suitable as a mount!

Korsaro has no shortage of mounts, but riding a loa into battle will bring his prestige to the peak, and have some additional effects on the journey to unify the Gulaman Empire.

"The great Loa..."

Seeing that Ren didn't speak, Ursoc felt uneasy in his heart, and bursts of severe pain came from his body, he resisted and did not dare to scream.

It finally clearly felt that there was an extremely terrifying existence behind it, and it seemed to be a Loa that was devouring its own power.


The giant bear's eyes froze for a moment, the troll stood in front of him, who was behind him?

Just as it was about to turn its head to look back, it heard Ren say coldly, "If you dare to turn your head, today is your day of death." The Thor's Hammer in his hand moved.

Ursoc's head shuddered, and he honestly stopped moving.

But its eyes kept looking at Ren, and he couldn't see anything when his head was smashed by a hammer just now. Now he is more shocked. This troll Loa is even taller than himself, and his strength is stronger than himself. , the hammer in his hand is even more terrifying, it is as heavy as a mountain, and he can't hold a hammer.

The giant bear soon discovered some details.

This troll Loa does not seem to be the original one. His weapon has changed. Although the armor on his body is also the standard of a paladin, it is obviously changed. The golden wings on his back are also gone. Most notably, his The breath of power is completely different.

Although they look exactly the same, there are too many flaws in Ursoc's eyes.

"Who is he?"

Ursoc was extremely curious, but he didn't dare to show it, for fear that the troll Loa of unknown origin would get angry and give himself another hammer.

Ren saw what it was thinking and didn't bother to hide it.

Ten minutes later.

The last ray of divinity in Ursoc's body was drained by Sanguinius and lost his divinity, making his body shrunk to over 30 meters again, showing its original shape, the luster of the fur on his body dimmed, and his strength was still at the twentieth level. But the strength is less than 40% compared to the peak.

However, even with 40% of his strength, Ursoc, who has experienced nine soul transformations, is still a high-ranking saint, standing at the top of the world with his melee combat ability.

Sanguinius glanced at the phone interface, the divine value was 243507!

He jumped out of the etheric plane.

Ursoc was still lying on the ground, his eyes were bleak, his divinity accumulated for more than a thousand years was completely drained, his strength plummeted, and no one could immediately accept it. Without its divinity, its recovery from injuries slowed down, and the holy sword that was inserted into its back and nailed to the ground made it immobile.

Ren didn't mean to pull out the "Sword of Tyrell", and said softly, "If you meet the three conditions, I will accept your surrender."

An angry look appeared on the giant bear's face.

Not long ago, it confidently put forward three conditions, and now it is the turn of the opponent to make demands on itself, making it feel a huge shame.

Just as Ursoc moved, there was a sharp pain behind him, and he calmed down again.

"Please say."

Ren took out a cyan collar, and the collar made of metal was inscribed with many mysterious runes, emitting a strange energy.

This is the soul control circle.

It was originally created by Zhanqing, the king of green dragons, to control the simulacrum of the black-robed Duke Raistlin. Later, he was released by himself and used on the golden three-headed dragon Borch. Now Borch has issued a simulacrum. The soul oath is naturally useless.

Ursoc saw the extraordinaryness of the Soul Control Circle at a glance, and heard Ren ask, "What's your real name?"

"My name is Ursoc." The giant bear answered in confusion.

Ren nodded.

There is no real name on the Southern Continent, not even a surname. Loa is not like a dragon or a demon, and has no real name. I just want to confirm it again.

He injected soul power into the collar to activate the rune, and said aloud in troll language: "Ursoc, you will always submit to me, your master - the order of Ren Augustus, your soul belongs to me …”

At first, Ursoc didn't understand what it was doing. It heard a name, Ryan Augustus, and thought it was a strange name. Isn't this troll called Corsaro? But soon, it felt the power of the Soul Control Circle and guessed that it was a sorcery to control the soul, and it was immediately terrified.

"I do not accept!"

It struggled desperately, and the invisible divine might burst out from the "Sword of Tyrell" that penetrated the bear's body and nailed it into the ground, causing its soul to tremble. on the bear's head.

The 1.5 million-pound warhammer is like a mountain that can't move it, only feeling that its head will be crushed at any time.

After the incantation was finished, the soul-controlling circle turned into a ball of green light that sank into the giant bear's forehead.

It turned into a curse in Ursoc's soul, like the curse of blood and soul lurking in the depths of the soul. If Ursoc was still a demigod with divinity, it would be almost impossible for the soul control circle to integrate into the soul, but it is now in a weak soul, giving it an opportunity to take advantage.

"Accept it if you don't want to die." Ren threatened, "This is the first condition."

Ursoc felt the warhammer on his head, his eyes struggled for a moment, and finally gave up his resistance. Immediately, the soul control circle took effect.

The Thor's Hammer flew up and fell into Ren's hands. He waved his hand, and the Sword of Tyrael summoned by the Crown of the Three Gods dissipated.


Ursoc gasped heavily, and the pain on his body was greatly reduced.

"The second condition." Ren continued: "Release control of the Altar of the Creator."

The giant bear's eyes were full of reluctance, he lost his divinity, and if he lost the altar of the creator, he would never be able to become Loa again. It just hesitated, and the soul was in severe pain like a tear, screaming, and rolling on the ground.

Ren looked at it coldly, only if the bear could taste the power of the soul-controlling circle, it would be honest.

He tortured for a few minutes before it stopped.

Ursoc felt the pain receded like a tide, regained his sanity, and finally realized that he had no room for bargaining. When his soul was controlled, the so-called three conditions had no meaning at all, even if he had to fulfill three hundred requirements.

That terrible pain, it never wants to try again.

"Release it now?" Ursoc asked very proactively, "My Loa warriors are guarding outside Voldrassil's temple. If they detect something abnormal, it is very likely that something will happen."

Ren shook his head and said, "You don't have to worry about it, it will be lifted immediately."


Ursoc closed his eyes and opened them half a minute later. His eyes were full of loss and heartache, and he whispered, "It's been lifted."

In the ancient holy altar underground in Vodrassil, Korsaro had already stood in front of the golden panel and pressed his hand on it. He noticed it the same second that Ursoc lifted his authority, and immediately injected the power of holy light to begin. The authority to control this ancient holy altar.

Ren sensed the situation at the same time, and said to Ursoc: "The third condition, you must openly believe in Sanguinius, the Lord of Glory in 'Giant Bear Ridge', and all troll tribes in Giant Bear Ridge must also become radiant believers of the Lord."

Giant Bear Ridge is Ursoc's territory.

This area is about half the size of the Land Forsaken by the Gods, which is the area of ​​​​the ancient holy altar of Vodrasil, and there are about four million trolls living.

Ursoc is not surprised that trolls convert, every victorious loa does the same, asking the enemy's followers to convert.

But, who is the Lord of Glory?

The loa troll in front of him is obviously not the Lord of Glory, and it seems that he did not master the altar of the Creator. Ursoc has never seen this situation before.

"I'd like to follow Sanguinius, Lord of Glory." Ursoc didn't dare to ask any more questions, and honestly agreed.

Ren nodded with satisfaction, "Very good."

He thought about it, took out a memory crystal from the Nebula Ring, held it in his hand, and wrote a lot of magical knowledge into the crystal, including some basic common sense, energy attributes, runes, and dozens of items ranging from one ring to nine The spells, arcane spells of the ring, and finally the lake of stars meditation.

Now that you've finished hitting the stick, you can give me a sweet date.

This bear, Ursoc, will be useful in the future. He is always blindly enslaved and suppressed. It is forbearing now, but when the hatred accumulates to a certain level, it will break out, and it may break the net.


Ren threw the memory crystal over.

Ursoc subconsciously held it on the bear's paw, only the palm-sized memory crystal looked like a grain of sand in his eyes, his expression was blank, and he didn't know what was the use. When it obeyed Ren's guidance and pressed the memory crystal to its forehead, a huge amount of information rushed into its mind.

The giant bear's face changed.

After a long time, when it opened its eyes, it was already trembling with excitement. The memory crystal in the bear's paw was now the most precious treasure in the world in its eyes!

"I understand!"

"It turns out that this is magic, sorcery, wizard, archmage, hahahaha..." Ursoc laughed like crazy, "I knew I was right, magic is the greatest power in the world, hahaha, I finally understand!"

This memory crystal opened up a new world for it.

The giant bear danced around happily, like a 300,000-pound child.

Suddenly, Ursoc lay on the ground and turned his head towards Ren, with a respectful expression, completely forgetting the pain of being tortured by the soul just now, only infinite admiration in his heart, and said loudly: "Master, teach me!"

Ren smiled and said, "What did I teach you?"

"Please teach me about magic." Ursoc's eyes were firm, and his expectations for the future rekindled, "I want to become an archmage!"

Ren did not immediately agree.

Ursoc has experienced nine soul transformations. Although he is essentially a bear and has no affinity, it is not difficult to become an archmage. As long as he masters the meditation method and cultivates his mana, he will soon become the first mage in the history of the Southern Continent. .

Even if Ursoc is promoted to the archmage, Ren is not afraid of his betrayal. A mere archmage cannot pose much threat to himself.

He was thinking about Ursoc's prospects.

Ursoc used to be a demigod, possessing divinity. Any supernatural being who embarks on the road of consecration can never turn back. Divinity transforms the soul, and it can never be changed again. That is to say, its path to a mage has an end, it is impossible to be promoted, and the highest can only reach the thirty-fourth level of the archmage.

However, it is very rare for a giant bear archmage to reach level 34.

Regarding the level cap, it will understand it later.

Ren smiled and said, "You have mastered these magical knowledge first, and whether you will teach you more things later depends on your performance."

"Yes, I will obey the master's orders." Ursoc agreed immediately, without any resistance.

One person and one bear did not speak.

Ren was waiting for Corsaro to complete the control of the ancient saint's altar, which took some time, while Ursoc read the contents of the memory crystal repeatedly, suddenly thought of a question, and couldn't help asking: "Master , are you from outside the Gulaman Empire?"

"You're very smart." Ren glanced at it, but didn't explain much.

The smart Ursoc didn't ask any further questions.

After a while.

Korsaro has mastered the authority of the altar of the ancient saint, and at this point, the Giant Bear Ridge is under his own rule. He didn't alert the trolls of Voldrassil, and left a team of Thundercast soldiers in the altar of the ancient saints. He opened the portal to return to the city of Zuanke and jumped into the etheric plane.

Ursoc suddenly realized when he saw two identical trolls.

He really guessed right.

It has come into contact with some magical fur, guessing that this is a clone created by a powerful spell, UU reading www. uukanshu.com The two trolls are actually one and the same.

Corsaro's body swelled to about ten meters, jumped on Ursoc's back and rode on it.

Ursoc subconsciously wanted to resist. As Loa, he would one day become someone else's mount. This gap made it difficult to accept.

But it only moved once and then stopped.

The giant bear felt Ren's cold eyes and the coercion of the troll Loa on his back, so he could only lower his huge bear head.

"Go, remember not to expose my existence." Ren disappeared after saying that.

Korsaro clipped his legs and stimulated the plane-traveling ability of the "Phase Stalker" demon soul, returning to the main material world with Ursoc and appearing outside Zuanke's city.

He ordered: "Enter the city."

The giant bear did not speak, and ran silently in the direction of Zuanke.

The trolls in the city quickly saw it, and then saw Kor'zaro riding on the bear's back. Whether it was a paladin or a troll of the Blood-Eyed Tribe, they were all stunned. This was something they didn't even dare to dream of. Ursoc, the **** of power, one of the most powerful Loa, turned out to be a mount!

Many trolls think there is something wrong with their eyes and they are wrong.

But as the distance got closer, all the trolls could see clearly, which is true!

The followers of Zaanke all had sluggish expressions. They had served Loa all their lives, and they not only lost, but also completely surrendered to their opponents.

The paladins burst into cheers!

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