Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1605 - 1605 Po Suolo's Despair, Chu Kuangren's Arrival, You Are Safe Now

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1605 Po Suolo’s Despair, Chu Kuangren’s Arrival, You Are Safe Now

Countless Black Mosquitoes surrounded the prison’s exit.

The Ashura tribesmen who had just escaped their cells and fought their way to the exit were all thrown into despair when they saw the scene.

Po Suolo collapsed on the ground with a hopeless expression.

“We’ll fight them!” one of the Ashura tribesmen shouted and released a surge of explosive ferocious qi. He would rather fight to his death than wait for the Mosquitoes to drain their blood.

His determined shout resonated with his people, and it reminded them of the torment they received. It fueled their anger.

“Yeah! We’ll fight!”

“I don’t want to go back into that cell and wait for them to torture me!”

“My wife was sucked dry before my eyes! I want to avenge her!”

“These damn Mosquitoes! Let’s fight!”

The Ashura Tribesmen channeled their Immortal’s Core energy to the limit and charged forward.

One of them went over to Po Suolo and knelt before her. “Princess, we will pave the way for you. Please escape no matter what!”

“No! I can’t let you all die for me! My father will arrive soon, and we should seek shelter for now!”

“Princess, it’s useless. There are many elites among the Black Mosquitoes, and not even King Po Yazhi can guarantee our safety. It might be difficult for him to save us all, so please leave so that he can save you.”

“I…” Po Suolo stammered. She fell into a dilemma.

“Princess, don’t hesitate. You’re not like us. You are destined to be the pillar of the Ashura Tribe in the future, so remember to avenge us!”

Po Suolo nodded with her teeth clenched. “I will.”

With that, she got up and prepared to leave.

The Ashura tribesmen and the Black Mosquitoes were already fighting, but the former was being overpowered by the overwhelming numbers from the enemy.

They had been locked up for so long in the Dark Prison, and being captive had robbed them of their fighting capabilities.

The Black Mosquitoes had the advantage of numbers, so it was easy to overpower them.

“Don’t kill them all. They are our blood livestock, after all. I don’t want to starve myself,” said one of the leading Black Mosquitoes.

Then, he noticed Po Suolo’s figure among the fighting Ashura. He was intrigued by her look and her outfit. “Oh? Interesting. This girl is wearing glamorous robes, so she must be different from the others.”

His figure flashed forward and intercepted Po Suolo and General Tu.

“Princess, leave!” General Tu shouted. He stepped up and blocked the Black Mosquito.

“Oh? Princess?”

The Arch Gilded Black Mosquito was more intrigued than ever. “Who would have thought that we got ourselves a princess? Hahaha, this is great. I haven’t tasted Ashura royalty before!”

“Desolator Lance!” General Tu shouted.

He transformed his Immortal’s Core energy into a blood lance and shot it at the Black Mosquito.

However, the Arch Gilded Black Mosquito simply slapped the lance away. “How dare a mere Gilded Immortal dare to oppose me? You’re dead!”

The might of an Arch Gilded Immortal erupted and shrouded the place.

Po Suolo, who was just a Gilded Immortal, felt like a mountain had crashed down on her and almost suffocated her.

Her legs turned weak, and she collapsed to the ground once more.

Helplessness, despair, and fear overcame her.

“Hehe! Don’t worry, Princess. I won’t suck you dry in one go. I’ll capture you, feed you, and slowly enjoy you.”

The Arch Gilded Black Mosquito licked his lips in a perverted manner.

Many of the Black Mosquitoes did the same. It was as though they were capturing a pet for themselves.

However, not all had the chance to capture royalty, not even the Mosquito King.

If others knew he got a princess, they would be jealous.

“Come with me!”

The Arch Gilded Black Mosquito unleashed his Immortal’s core energy and formed a massive hand to capture Po Suolo.

The terrifying aura rendered Po Suolo defenseless.

It was over!



The other Ashura tribesmen could not bear watching the fall of their princess.

It was at that moment, a boundless Immortal’s Core energy containing a strong Arch Gilded Intent came forth.


Heaven and earth trembled.

The Arch Gilded Black Mosquito was shocked. He quickly retracted his Immortal’s Core and looked in that particular direction.

A surge of tyrannical sword qi that could sweep through all things and slash universes descended from the sky was locked onto him.

“Blood Gale Arch Gilded Palm!”

The Arch Gilded Black Mosquito dared not underestimate the sword qi, so he too channeled his Immortal’s Core energy to the limit and unleashed his most powerful palm strike.


The void exploded. As energy and qi clashed and exploded, the stray energy from the collision killed some of the Blood Wing Black Mosquitoes.

The Arch Gilded Black Mosquito was blasted away.

“Who is that?!”

The Ashura tribesmen were all shocked as they looked in the direction of the sword qi.

A figure in white came walking over proudly. His Immortal’s Core energy fluctuated and scattered in all directions, shattering mountains and rivers.

The clouds rumbled, the ocean grew violent, and even the void cracked.

Terrifying Arch Gilded Intent shrouded the entire battlefield.

It was Chu Kuangren.

He glanced at the Ashura tribesmen outside the Dark Prison and landed his attention on the princess, Po Suolo.

His figure flashed and appeared before her.

“Are you Po Yazhi’s daughter?”

“Yes, I am.”

Po Suolo was baffled.

She did not know the man, and she was curious why would he call her father by name.

Not only that, but he was also extremely handsome.

“Great. You’re safe now,” Chu Kuangren said.

He made it just in time with the Black Mosquito leading the way.

As for the Black Mosquito’s reward for bringing him here, he swatted him to death. He hated mosquitoes a lot.

“Goddammit! This is the Dark Prison. This is the Blood Mosquito Island! Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re powerful enough to protect the Ashura Tribe?!” the Arch Gilded Black Mosquito shouted at Chu Kuangren coldly.

He also stared at Chu Kuangren with utmost desire as he could sense that Chu Kuangren’s blood was extremely precious, and it was tempting even to an Arch Gilded Immortal like him.

It was unbelievable to think that there was such tempting blood livestock in this world!

“You’re much more tempting than the princess. If I can suck you dry, or even just have a drop of your blood, I’ll definitely reach a new height with my powers,” said the Arch Gilded Black Mosquito as he gulped greedily.

Blood Wing Black Mosquitoes longed for blood because just by consuming blood alone, they could increase their cultivation level and life cycle.

Chu Kuangren, who had multiple Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques and even an Ultimate Almighty Source Physique, was the biggest temptation for them in the world.

“Suck my blood? Are you even worthy of that?” Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

He pointed his sword hand sign forward, and the boundless sword qi swept over all directions.

The Blood Wing Black Mosquitoes were being killed one after another.

“Blade of Zhou, Infinite Void!”

The last sword attack was aimed at the Arch Gilded Black Mosquito.


The sword’s power exceeded the Arch Gilded Black Mosquito’s expectations. He channeled his full strength to defend against it, but he was still blasted away by the force.

The other Arch Gilded Black Mosquitoes joined the battle.

“Hmph! How dare a mere Trinity Flower realm raise his voice against us? You have a death wish!”

“I will kill him!”

Multiple Arch Gilded Immortals teamed up and released a terrifying aura. However, it did not scare Chu Kuangren.

“Great. I shall use you people to test my new strength.”

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