Under The Veil of Night - Chapter 754 - Epilogue 1: 10 Years in the Future (2)

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Chapter 754 - Epilogue 1: 10 Years in the Future (2)

Wells Family Residence

Stepping out of the car, Kanae looked at the fine mansion in front of her. For the past few weeks, she had come here more frequent. Even though her name was not registered back in Nali Family, she had come to meet with her sister again.

Ting! Tong!


"It's Kanae."

"Oh, Sis! Come in!" Laura's excited voice could be heard from the voice transmission.

Kanae smiled lightly and pushed the door. There was an automatic system that allowed her to come inside without the need of Laura coming to open directly. She was already familiar with the layout of the house, so she quickly made her way to the kitchen.

"You're always so busy in the kitchen, Laura," Kanae smiled when she saw her sister coming out with a tray in her hand.

Laura shrugged. "I can't help it. Jason doesn't like to eat anything aside from my cooking."

"What do you put inside?"

"Just any normal ingredient! Do you think I'll poison my husband?" Laura rolled her eyes.

"Tsk, I just wonder how you can make him fall in love with your cooking so much while my children avoid my cooking."

"That's because you're a poor chef! No one except your husband would want to eat your cooking."

Kanae laughed at Laura's retort. She placed the folder that she brought with her on the table. "This is all that's left from the underworld. The rest will belong to the government now."

Laura took the doc.u.ments and nodded her head slightly. "With this, the clan, gang, and group era will be nothing more than part of this city's history."


"Are you ready for the massive change, Sis?" Laura looked at her sister worriedly. After all, Black Street used to be Kanae's second home. It was the place where Kanae could roam freely.

Kanae smiled. "I'm ready, there's nothing better than those too. It has been a long time since I hope for the city to be peaceful. Besides, didn't you say that you're going to bring me to the light again?"

"Oh, right!" Laura clapped her hand together. She had just recalled the plan that she organized for her sister's return to Nali Family.

The two of them had talked about this around two months ago when the last biggest place of Black Street had been cleaned up. There were still some Black Streets, but their size was now barely 1% of the entire city's size. As it had already progressed this far, Kanae approached Laura again and talked with the latter.

On that day, the two of them didn't have an ounce of sleep as they chatted with one another about the things that had happened while they lived separately. They had built their own family and chose their path forward, living their lives as ordinary citizens in this city.

It was also the day Laura started her planning to make the grand entrance for Kanae back in Nali Family.

"I'm going to hold a banquet not long from now. In that banquet, a lot of upper-class nobles are going to come, so I think it's also the perfect time for me to announce that you're going to be part of Nali Family again. I'm sure that no one will dare to refute my decision," Laura smirked.

Over the past few years, she had strengthened Nali Family to the point that it became the largest business along with Wells Family. With their marriage, it could be said that they were practically the holders of this city's economy with no one able to match them at all.

"I can't think of an excuse to avoid it," Kanae giggled. "I guess I'll leave it to you, Laura."

"Don't worry, Sis. I'll make sure that you're going to experience the very best welcome," Laura patted her chest proudly.

The sound of baby wailing interrupted their conversation. Laura's face changed as she stood up. "Sorry, Sis. I need to go."

"It's fine, your daughter's matter comes first," Kanae smiled.

As Laura ran to the bedroom, Kanae thought about her children too. Hopefully, Kira wouldn't disturb the twins or she would have to clean up their mess again. Standing up from her position, she was about to leave when she saw Jason walked inside.

"You don't have to hurry and go," Jason chuckled. "Laura misses you very much, Captain."

"Don't call me 'captain' anymore, Brother Jason," Kanae rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I thought that you still have work to do today."

"Not really," Jason shrugged. "I have just visited Shiro to check his clinic. It seems that his business is going well. There are a lot of people waiting in line just to see him."

"Are you sure that they're going there for his skill and not because of his wife?" Kanae smirked teasingly.

After Shiro had recovered from his wounds, he had to stay in the hospital for one to two years for rehabilitation. His rehabilitation nurse grew close to him and they dated each other after he had discharged. They got married a few years ago, but Shiro never divulged the matter of his past completely to her.

There was no need for her to know more than the fact that Shiro used to be a sniper and got involved in a dangerous battle.

"She's pretty, but Shiro's skill is not bad too," Jason smirked. He had teased Shiro using the same sentence that Kanae used to him not long ago and that man got angry at him for that.

"I just come to deliver the doc.u.ments about things that the underworld has," Kanae pointed to the papers that she placed on the table. "I still have to go home, today is my kids' birthday."

"Ah, you mean the annoying twins?" Jason smiled wryly. The two of them were really playful, so he had to stay cautious around them. He was not too good at handling children even though he had become a father himself.

"Don't call them annoying!"

"Fine, fine," Jason raised his hand. For the parent, their children would always be the best. "I just hope that your son won't be watching Charlie's story too much again. He's going to make another history teacher resign."

"Uh," Kanae scratched her head. Because Kevin was the clan head, he taught Kira the history of the clan ever since the boy was young. As the man's explanation was so interesting, Kira grew fond of history, so he always watched Charlie's show in television. The downside of this matter was the fact that many teachers in elementary school couldn't match with his knowledge.

"I'll just warn him again later," Kanae sighed. "I'll be going now, tell Laura that I'll meet her in Misae's wedding a few days later."


"Thank you, Brother-in-law."

As Kanae walked away, Jason walked to the table and examined the papers. His mind drifted to his friend, Taro. After the incident that forced the Doha Family to the downfall, Taro only managed to salvage a few companies. In the end, he sold them all to start their new career. Charlie became a historian and writer while Taro became an actor.

One way or another, they became extremely famous in their field. Even though they didn't chat with each other so much anymore, he felt glad that his friend had a better future.

While Jason examined the paper, Kanae returned home safely. A smile made its way to her face when she saw the familiar car parked in front of their house. She parked her car to the garage before walking inside the house.

"I'm home," Kanae said as she opened the door.

"Mommy!" Kira sprang up from his chair and ran to the front door. His smile turned brighter when he saw his mother. Running to the woman, he jumped straight to Kanae's embrace. "Welcome home, Mommy!"

"Kira," Kanae messed up the boy's hair. "Are you being a good boy when I'm away?"

"Of course!" Kira smiled smugly.

"That's good. Where's your father?"

"Daddy is in the studyroom. Should I call him for you, Mommy?" Kira asked with a pair of shining eyes. He wanted to make his mother happy.

"There's no need. I bought the cake for the twins and it is still inside the car, can you help me bring it to the kitchen?"

"Of course!"

"Be careful, Kira."

"Yes, Mommy!"

Kanae smiled when she saw Kira excitedly run to the car. She walked to Kevin's study room and saw the man sitting with a stack of paper in front of him.

"Did you take the work from the company to home again, Kevin?" Kanae asked wryly.

Kevin glanced up. "I just need to sign a few doc.u.ments. I'll be done in a moment."

"Let me help you out."

"Sure," Kevin moved slightly. After Kanae sat down, he leaned in and kissed his woman's cheek. "You smell nice today."

"Quit it, today is our children's birthday."

"Just a few minutes."



(End of epilogue 1)

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