Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 1211 - They Know Each Other

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Chapter 1211 They Know Each Other

Yu Bei rushed forward immediately and pulled Shi Lingyu, who was so frightened that she froze on the spot, behind him. He looked at the man in front of her vigilantly and shivered due to the man’s pressure.

The aura in the air was so heavy that it made it difficult for everyone to breathe, and chills ran down their spine.

Director Yu Zhong’s face turned pale, he wanted to go forward but did not dare to move. The man opposite him was too scary. Under his cold and intimidating gaze, even moving was difficult.

Shi Lingyu was confused, what was going on? Why did she suddenly trip Ling Sheng? It was over, the Third Master would definitely not let her off.

The moment Song Xiyue fell, she let out a delicate scream, trying to attract Mr Gu’s attention. She saw that Mr Gu, who had a cold expression on his face, suddenly looked anxious.

She thought that the man was coming for her, and she knew that this would work. Men had to maintain their gentlemanliness in front of others. However, the man brushed past her and hugged Ling Sheng.

She still had her arms open, maintaining a hugging posture. She watched as the man hugged Ling Sheng and fell to the ground awkwardly.

When Yun Ruo and Yin Ning saw Song Xiyue fall to the ground, their hearts were immediately filled with joy, and obvious mockery flashed past their eyes.

Little bitch, she wanted to seduce Mr Gu, but she was the one who made a fool of herself. Let’s see if she still dares to play tricks.

The moment Song Xiyue lowered her head and confirmed that the camera couldn’t capture her, she was so angry that her exquisitely made-up face was twisted. This little slut, Ling Sheng, actually ruined her plans!

Was Mr. Gu fond of a shameless vixen like Ling Sheng? She would not lose in terms of charm!

“It’s alright now.” Jun Shiyan hugged the young lady in his arms tightly and consoled her in a deep voice. He patted her back comfortingly with his big hands.

Ling Sheng was not afraid at first, she was confident that she would not fall. Even if she did, she would definitely land in the safest way possible. Sensing the man’s nervousness, she whispered, “Let go of me.”

Under the camera lens, she could already feel the gazes of the women who were spying on her man. All of them wanted to eat her up.

Shi Lingyu’s face was still pale, she stood up from behind Yu Bei and walked to Ling Sheng’s side. Her voice was trembling. “Sheng Sheng, Mr. Gu, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Ling Sheng withdrew from Jun Shiyan’s embrace and saw the man’s cold gaze sweeping over Shi Lingyu. She was so frightened that she was trembling so she hurriedly replied, “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

With that said, she secretly gave Jun Shiyan a look, telling him to restrain his aura and look at how frightened everyone was. Shi Lingyu was really afraid, her body shivering uncontrollably. She looked at Ling Sheng cautiously, looking like she was about to cry. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito. “Sheng Sheng.”

The people around them were also frightened by the man’s murderous aura. They only recovered after a long while.

Only then did Jun Shiyan retract his aura a little. He gave Yu Bei a warning look, his meaning was very clear. Look after your woman!

Yu Bei found it unbelievable. He immediately understood what the man meant, but Shi Lingyu… she wasn’t his!

Right now, he only liked her and was pursuing her. He wasn’t even sure if she was willing to be with him!

Director Yu Zhong and the guests surrounded her and asked if Ling Sheng was alright. They were very enthusiastic.

Yun Ruo laughed coldly in her heart, Ling Sheng was a scheming bitch and a vixen. She really knew how to cause trouble, she would not believe that she was a newbie who had just entered the entertainment circle. With her status, she must have been trained in the ways of men. Who knew how many men she had slept with!

Yin Ning had not expected that her greatest enemy would be Ling Sheng. Judging from Mr. Gu’s performance, he already had feelings for her.

No, she had to work hard in the following period. She definitely would not let Ling Sheng, this little bitch, succeed.

When Song Xiyue saw that everyone had run over to Ling Sheng’s side, she gritted her teeth in anger. Blood surged in her chest, and hatred and jealousy surged in her eyes.

She was the one who had fallen, and she should be the one being cared for. Ling Sheng had been saved by Mr. Gu, but she had not been hurt at all. What was there to care about?

On the other hand, Ling Sheng was the first to ask Song Xiyue, “Xiyue, are you alright?”

Song Xiyue got up from the ground and sucked in a breath of cold air. Her knees were bleeding and she shook her head with a strong smile. “I’m fine.”

Even if the one who fell was not their partner, the male guests still had to be gentlemanly. Other than Jun Shiyan, everyone went over to care for Song Xiyue.

Shi Lingyu held Ling Sheng’s hand. After being glanced at by Jun Shiyan, she bounced away as if she had been electrocuted. She felt so guilty and miserable that she wanted to die.

What was wrong with her? Why did she have to do that? She knew that Mr Gu and Sheng Sheng would definitely be together.

However, she hadn’t thought it through and was afraid that Mr Gu would save Song Xiyue and cause a misunderstanding.

Now that she thought about it, it was impossible for Mr Gu to look at Song Xiyue. Even if she were to die in front of him, he probably wouldn’t even look at her.

Ling Sheng held Shi Lingyu’s hand and gave the man a comforting look. Sister Yu did not do it on purpose, and she did not know that she was pregnant.

However, the Third Master was worried, it was normal for him to feel angry. If she fell and did not protect herself well, the baby would be in an accident…

No, nothing would happen to the baby. There was no ‘what if’!

Shi Lingyu was scared out of her wits. She only dared to speak when she pulled Ling Sheng away from the camera. With a bitter expression, she said, “Sheng Sheng, I… I’m sorry. I thought Song Xiyue wanted to hook up with Mr. Gu, so I was trying to help you. I didn’t expect Mr. Gu to be so angry because of this.”

Seeing that her face was still pale, Ling Sheng smiled at her. “He’s not angry at you. Don’t take it to heart. I’ll help you talk to him later.”

“He’s just angry at me. He’s blaming me for tripping you.” Shi Lingyu’s voice was weak as she looked fearfully at the man who had been watching Ling Sheng from afar. She could not help but shiver.

“That’s not what he’s angry about.” Ling Sheng’s voice was very soft. “There are other reasons. Don’t feel pressured, I’m not blaming you. He won’t blame you either.”

Shi Lingyu looked at her anxiously and worriedly. After hearing what she said, it took her a long while before she finally came to her senses and asked her tentatively, “Sheng Sheng… you know I shouldn’t have asked you. Actually, you know Mr. Gu before this, right?”

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