To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie - Chapter 156 Eighteen banned movies 3

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Su Xiaoya squatted for a long time outside the door, fed hundreds of mosquitoes, and did not figure out who it was, gnashing her teeth.

If she knew who had stolen Su Shi, she had to find the person to settle the bill.

Su Xiaoya was afraid that something would happen in it. After killing a mosquito, she ran to the door and rang the doorbell.

After half a minute, the door was opened.

Su Shi asked: "Who?"

Su Xiaoya said: "It is me, Xiaoya."

She deliberately pinched her throat and made a crying look, pumping it up and carrying her eyes to the room.

But being blocked by Su Shi, she couldn't see anything at all.

Su Xiaoya was a little discouraged, and then looked up at Su Shi and found that his red mark on his neck was more difficult.

Is this all the way to this?

Su Shi looked at her eyes and stayed on her body, looking down subconsciously, and she saw a red seal on the collarbone.

He almost sneered out.

Just now, Shen Su has been pressing him. He knows that Shen Su has a strong possessiveness, but he did not expect to open a door. He has to leave some traces.

Su Shi licked his lips. "Nothing, I am closing."

Su Xiaoya quickly said: "I still have -"

The door slammed shut.

Su Xiaoya almost hit the glass door and quickly stopped her own steps. This was collected and returned.

Whoever said gentleness is fake.


Su Shi returned to the room and saw Shen Su lying in bed to see him, sneer twice. "When are you going?"

Shen Su said: "Don't go."

He didn't leave, he had such an opportunity, and it was not a waste to be in his hands. He was not that kind of character.

Shen Su still liked the glass room very much, but unfortunately Su Shi could not be too strong, he thought about making a glass room at home, and then sleeping in it, and then the house should not be air-conditioned.

Su Shi did not know that he thought so far, still tangled with the previous things, saw him not moving, went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror again.

The print is not very obvious, but it can be seen from a distance, which is why Su Xiaoya can still see it on such a dark day.

Su Shi took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

He does not care about a ghost.

Su licked his lips and walked straight to the other side of the bed, lying inside, facing away from the sinking, and resolutely ignored him.

After waiting for a long time, Shen Su found that he was really angry.

He posted it and said, "Okay, I won't be like this next time."

Su Shi said: "I want to be next time?"

Shen Su: "..."

It’s so cute to be angry.

It’s just that I didn’t say anything to myself. Now I’m so open. It’s not really angry. It’s very good.

Sinking hooked his lips, his arms passed through his waist, wrapped around his waist, and placed on his hand. "Nothing is gone."

Anyway, is it that he has the final say, that is the future.

Although Su Shi felt that he was perfunctory, it was also expected to get this answer. After all, with his understanding of Shen Su, it is basically impossible to stop it, unless he changed his ghost.

That is of course impossible.

Su Shi also did not want to continue to talk about this topic, otherwise he would remember the previous picture, and he would remember the way he buried in his chest.

He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

As long as there is a difference behind him.

Su Shi opened his eyes and lowered his voice and said, "Stay, can you hold a little, don't be so arrogant?"

He felt that the other person was in a hurry.

Shen Su sighed at him and said with temptation: "You don't know... is the ghost also wanting/looking?"

Su Shi’s ears moved.

He didn't know what the ghost wanted, and he felt a bit awkward with his own feelings. He moved his body and found it worse.

Su Shi was there, closed his eyes and said: "You need to take a cold bath."

It is best not to bubble up for a night.

Shen Su smashed him, and there was no convergence at all. He smiled and said, "That is useless to me."

Su Shi sneered: "What is useful to you?"

Originally, it was just a mockery of the answer, but Shen Su was just passing through the tunnel: "You."

His voice is a bit dull, and the emotions are clearly legible.

Su Shi had nothing to say, and the throat was moving.

He did not dare to move, let him stay in his own place, for fear of moving again and suddenly there was something else.

Everyone has desires/expectations, and he also has it. He can't say that he was hooked out by a ghost. He can only pretend that nothing happened.

Shen Su was sharper than he had imagined, and laughed in his ear. "You are emotional."

Su Shi just doesn't talk.

Shen Su was teased by his reaction, licking his earlobe, watching him motionless and saying, "I really like you."

Everything that likes him, whether it is self-sufficiency, or anger, or restraint at the moment, makes him love it.

Su Shi did not answer his words, but he did not want to say anything about his side. As a result, he was kissed by the sinker.

He was provoked by his own emotions/destinations, and he was so fiercely kissed that he was not too adaptable, slightly frowning, and his warm hands were on his chilly chest.

I don't know how long it took, and Shen Su released him.

Su Shi’s face was a bit red, and she didn’t say a word. Her lips were tight, and her restrained face was full of **, and her eyes were a little glamorous.

Shen Su kissed his eyes.

Su Shi said: "You don't want to be so perverted. Everyone in the movie sees it. I can't explain it sometimes."

Shen Su said: "That would not explain."

Su Shi does not want to take care of him.

It was getting late, he was really tired today, and he had no thoughts about it for a long time, and he fell asleep in a while.

There is no sleepiness in Shen Su, watching his quiet sleep.


The next morning, Su Shi couldn't move when she woke up.

He thought that Shen Jie would disappear during the day, but he did not expect that he would not leave at all, and he still slept for one night.

After leaving the situation last night, Su Shi directly opened his hand, went to the bathroom to wash and then changed clothes, and when he came out, Shen Su had already left.

His look is a bit complicated.

The last night, he remembered clearly, and there was something unspeakable. I can remember the feeling at that time.

Su licked his hair and sighed long.

Today's schedule is still playing, probably after eating a closed door last night, Su Shi found that Su Xiaoya is very strange to his expression.

He didn't pay much attention to it.

However, the male and female protagonists and several other supporting roles have changed places to do unspeakable things. He often looks up and sees that they have changed clothes and returned.

Su Shi silently admire this movie plot.

He doesn't understand why someone likes to shoot this kind of movie. In fact, it is basically not true when shooting, but the feeling of entering it is true.

The duration of the film is much shorter than that of a normal movie, and the plot is rare. It is nothing more than a place to play.

The last day is a hot spring.

Su Shi did not like to be with them, just stayed in the room to watch TV and play mobile phones, and Shen Su appeared early.

Probably it is rare to have such a long time, he did not do anything to Su Shi, and even listen to his words all the time, let what to do.

Dinner is done by sinking.

Su Shi wouldn't cook, she could only watch it with contempt, but he couldn't refuse to eat it when he smelled it, and he was eventually bought by him.

Shen Su is quite satisfied with his expression.

Su Shi really didn't think that the craftsmanship of Shen Su was good, the color and flavor were all full, and he looked at the appetite.

He was surprised: "Can you learn to cook if you are a ghost?"

Su Shi is a bit skeptical about whether there are any New Orientals in the ghost world, etc., otherwise how the ghosts are keen to cook and cook.

Although they are not comparable to sinking.

Sinking and laughing, "What are you thinking?"

This idea sounds ridiculous and fun.

Su Shi’s ears were red and red, and he no longer said that he couldn’t help but move the chopsticks when he brought the dishes up.

Sitting on the opposite side of Shen Su, staring at him, Wen said: "You can often do it for you in the future."

Su Shi’s glance at the past, “Don’t make promises easily.”

Although he feels that Susie seems to often say this in front of him, from the realization that he is now unable to count how much he has heard.

Sinking but laughing and not talking.

Commitment to this kind of thing, no need to promise others, not a promise to him, is what he has long wanted to say, and will be put into action.

Just don't know when to wait until he remembers.

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