The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 9 - Find Me a Rope

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Yun Chujiu turned and saw an old man standing outside the courtyard. She dug into her original persona's memory and found out that it was Butler Ji. Yun Xiaotian trusted him quite a lot.

Even though there was a respectful expression on Butler Ji's face, Yun Chujiu could see the fury and disdain hidden beneath that facade. She could not help but laugh wryly in her heart. It seemed that she had a long way to go before she could clear her name.

"Butler Ji, please tell my grandfather that I'll go over once I get changed." Yun Chujiu bowed slightly and said politely.

Butler Ji was so shocked that he almost tripped. 'Is the ninth young mistress possessed by a ghost!? Why is she suddenly so polite?'

His heart then immediately sank. 'Oh, no! She must be acting this way because she feels guilty. Is the Soul-Gathering Pill already gone because of her?'

Just as Butler Ji was feeling surprised and bewildered, Yun Chujiu cleared her throat a few times and said a little awkwardly, "Um, Butler Ji, my room door broke down due to disrepair. Please do me a favor and arrange for a new one to be installed?"

"Of course, Ninth Young Mistress. It has been raining quite a lot lately, so it's probably worn down because of the humidity. I'll just ask someone to repair it."

"Ah... I don't think that it can be fixed. Butler Ji, you can take a look at it yourself." Yun Chujiu gestured for Butler Ji to come in from the entrance of the courtyard. 

Butler Ji entered the courtyard with great suspicion in his heart, and he was so shocked that his eyeballs almost popped out of his eye sockets when he saw the sight before him!

'Goodness, the door was totally fine before this. How did it break down into bits in the blink of an eye?! Could someone be kind enough to provide me an answer?!

'The door is made of hemlock wood, for God's sake! Hemlock wood is almost as sturdy as iron weapons! Who exactly could be so powerful that they could reduce this door to pieces?!'

"Ninth Young Mistress, what… what on earth happened?"

"It was already like this when I returned. I don't know what happened either. It's probably due to years of disrepair. Don't you think so, Chun Yu?" Yun Chujiu lied with a straight face. 

Chun Yu nodded subconsciously because the naive girl did not know who had destroyed the door either.

Butler Ji grabbed a handful of the shattered pieces of wood and ran off at lightning speed as if he was being chased by a rabid dog.

Yun Chujiu pursed her lips and softly muttered, "Why is he still getting so easily worked up at his age? Even our Chun Yu is more level-headed than him!"

There was a blush on Chun Yu's petite face. The young mistress seemed different, but she really liked how her young mistress was acting right now.

The pair entered the bedroom, and Yun Chujiu intended to take off her dirty clothes so that she could change into a new outfit. The moment she opened her wardrobe, she could not help feeling bewildered.

'Well, would you look at that... There are only black clothes in the wardrobe!'

It was no wonder that Chun Yu looked at her like she had seen a ghost when she saw her wearing a silver and white robe just now.

Yun Chujiu dug into her original persona's memories and found the reason behind this. It was no other than the fact that Bai Moyu had told her she looked the best in black.

'What the heck?! You're already dark enough, yet you still wear black?! You'll just look like a black ball of charcoal!

'That scumbag was obviously mocking you, and you ACTUALLY believed him? You moron!'

Yun Chujiu spent a long time searching before she found a pearl white robe. That was the uniform for the Yun family's disciples. Her original persona had a great dislike for that robe, which was why it had been chucked into the corner of the wardrobe.

"Imbecile! F*cking idiot who doesn't know what's good for her!" Yun Chujiu cursed as she put on the pearl white robe.

Yun Chujiu looked at her reflection in the bronze mirror. When she took a good look at her dark complexion and her face, she noticed that her facial features were pretty exquisite. Yun Chujiu was rather pleased with the sight. At the end of the day, she did not look too ugly.

Chun Yu stood next to her, and even though the young maid found it weird that her young mistress was muttering to herself, she did not dare comment on it. She merely stood obediently by the side. 

"Chun Yu, go and find me a rope." A cunning glint flashed in Yun Chujiu's eyes.

"Young Mistress, you mustn't take your own life! If you die, your humble servant will join you in the afterlife!" At that point, Chun Yu could no longer care about her fear of Yun Chujiu, she just cried out in alarm. 

"What do you mean, take my own life? Geez, I'm not trying to hang myself! Hurry up and find me a rope!" Yun Chujiu glared at Chun Yu, and the young maid got so scared that she shrank back. She then left obediently to look for a rope.

Yun Chujiu rubbed her chin. It appeared that her original persona was not completely useless. She had trained the young maid to be pretty obedient.

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