The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 6 - Prince Charming, I Love You

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As Yun Chujiu spoke, she slowly started to take her clothes off. Her head was lowered, and a cunning glint flashed briefly in her eyes. Of course, she did not believe in nonsense like ghosts and zombies. She was now certain that this person was not dead at the time she robbed him. Ah, why was she so careless? She should have examined him properly!

What was she supposed to do now? The pretty boy was unbelievably powerful, and she was not capable of fighting him off at all. Hence, she had no choice but to use whatever means at her disposal to solve the problem at hand. 

Di Beiming furrowed his eyebrows. His original plan was to slap her to death right away.

He never expected Yun Chujiu to be such a chatterbox. With his prestige and power, no one had ever dared to say so much to his face. Coupled with the fact that Yun Chujiu's face was extremely animated, Di Beiming fell into a daze. Due to that, he had yet to kill her.

At that point, Yun Chujiu had already taken off the dirty robe she was wearing. She then had no choice but to slowly take off Di Beiming's clothes. She was wearing an undershirt anyway, so she did not have to worry about flashing her b**bs.

When Di Beiming noticed that Yun Chujiu had stopped talking, he raised his hand and prepared to kill Yun Chujiu! 

However, Yun Chujiu could see what Di Beiming was doing from the corner of her eye, and she shivered internally. 'This pretty boy is going to kill me! What do I do now?!'

In desperation, Yun Chujiu decided to dash forward and hug Di Beiming's thigh.

"Prince Charming, I know what's going on now! You didn't die! You must be here to rescue me from my pitiful life, right? I actually lied to you earlier. I actually fell in love with you the moment I saw you back there!

"I stole your clothes because I… I am enamored with you! I… I just love you too much!

"I thought that you were dead, and I was so sad that I could only console myself by stealing your clothes. I planned to look at it whenever I miss you. When I'm wearing your clothes, I feel like you're right beside me. 

"Sob, sob, I know what I did was wrong...

"But can't you find it in your heart to forgive me for the love that I have for you, please?

"My pink, fluffy, young heart beats only for you!"

An Feng and the rest of the men in black were hiding nearby, and they could barely hold themselves back from laughing. The dark-skinned girl was amazing at coming up with the wildest stories! Her heart was pink, fluffy, and young? It would be more appropriate for her to say that she had the heart of a pervert!

Di Beiming had never seen anything like this. All his past admirers were shy, and they would stutter bashfully and fearfully whenever they saw him. No one had ever confessed their love to Di Beiming in such a straightforward manner.

Due to Yun Chujiu's passionate confession, not only did Di Beiming fail to notice that Yun Chujiu had been hugging his thigh for a period of time, but for some bizarre, unknown reason, he also felt a little pleased. 

Yet, when Di Beiming thought about how Yun Chujiu had molested him right before she left, his expression turned sullen. He raised his hand again.

Yun Chujiu had decided to go all out to save her own life. After all, in her eyes, her shamelessness could reach the size of the galaxy just so that she could survive!

"Prince Charming! I did all that out of love and only love! I really couldn't resist your charm! Th-That's why… I did all of those things because I couldn't control myself! I was just overwhelmed by my love for you!

"Prince Charming, love is not a sin! But if you want to kill me, please go ahead! I don't mind being killed by you and becoming a lowly ghost! Even if I die, I'll die happy! Come on, Prince Charming, slap me hard! I'll die with no regrets!"

Yun Chujiu raised her dark, petite face. Even though she appeared ugly, there was a blissful expression on her face. A tear rolled quietly down her cheek.

It could have been because of Yun Chujiu's words, or it could have also been because of that one single teardrop, but Di Beiming slowly lowered his hand.

Di Beiming furrowed his eyebrows. It would be quite a waste to slap this little thing to death. What she just said did make quite a bit of sense... Ahem. After all, he was indeed an outstanding man, was he not? She had not committed a crime just by loving him!

However, if he did not refine her into a medicinal pill, what should he do about the cold poison inside his body?

"The Exquisite Sunset Fruit was supposed to be used to suppress the cold poison inside my body."

When Yun Chujiu heard Di Beiming's voice, she could not help but curse internally. 'Wow, the world is so unfair. Not only is this pretty boy handsome, but his voice is also music to the ears!'

"But… but I've already eaten it. It's not like I can vomit it out for you!" Yun Chujiu said pitifully.

"That isn't a difficult problem to solve. It will also work if I refine you into a medicinal pill," Di Beiming said calmly as if it was the most normal thing in the world to do.

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