The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 2 - Big Catch

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Manipulated by Bai Moyu, Yun Chujiu, the imbecile had actually stolen the Soul-Gathering Pill, a grade three medicinal pill that the Yun family obtained by going to great lengths and spending a great deal of money.

Yun Xiaotian actually wanted to use the Soul-Gathering Pill to push himself to the Seventh Level in Spirit Refinement Realm, but lo and behold… Yun Jiu's original persona handed it to his arch-enemy on a silver platter.

One could only imagine how pissed off the members of the Yun family were at Yun Chujiu. She was a totally ungrateful b*tch!

The worst thing was that today happened to be the death anniversary of Yun Zhangqing and his wife. Yun Jiu's original persona, who definitely had a few screws loose in her head, could not have chosen a worse day to sneak into Yun Xiaotian's study and steal the Soul-Gathering Pill.

After the empty-headed fool stole the Soul-Gathering Pill, she headed to the periphery of the forest, which was infested with monsters. It was where Bai Moyu had asked her to meet him, and she acted like a dog, wagging its tail at its owner for a bone. On her way, she kept fantasizing about how Bai Moyu would take her by the hand and elope with her. Never had she expected Bai Moyu to become a totally different person the moment he got his hands on the Soul-Gathering Pill.

After mocking her and telling her how worthless she was, the a**hole kicked Yun Chujiu to the ground. Being the unlucky sod she was, she hit her head on a rock and kicked the bucket.

Bai Moyu did not even care that Yun Chujiu was dead. He merely turned and made his way back to Ye City. There were plenty of monsters in the forest anyway, and Yun Chujiu's body would make a great meal for them. 

Yun Jiu, who decided that she might as well just call herself Yun Chujiu from now on since she took over her body, could not believe what an idiot her original persona was. It was to the point that Yun Jiu was rendered absolutely speechless by how bizarrely moronic she was!

She actually did so many immoral things just for a scumbag… Truly, she was that stereotypical person who bit the hand that fed her.

'You're only fourteen, you know?

'You could have met hundreds and thousands of pretty boys in the future. Why were you in such a rush?!

'You practically ended your own life by getting involved with an a**hole! Seriously, I feel sorry for you, but I also hate your guts!'

Yun Jiu, now Yun Chujiu, felt a whole slew of future troubles crushing her soul just by thinking of all the things she would have to face once she returned to the Yun family's residence.

"Whatever will be, will be! Let's just see what happens!" Yun Chujiu gave herself a pep talk and wiped the tears off her face with her sleeve. She then headed back to Ye City with her two, short legs. 

However, after traveling just a short distance, her eyes suddenly lit up!

'Huh? Why is there someone lying face down on the ground?' 

The person was probably dead because Yun Chujiu could not hear his breathing at all. To be clear, she had an acute sense of hearing, so it was only logical that she would hear him if he was breathing. 

Although Yun Chujiu used to be a secret service agent, she was a scaredy-cat. Just to be safe, she picked up a pebble and threw it at the person.

The pebble landed on the person's back, and he showed no reaction whatsoever.

Yun Chujiu smiled. She was going to get rich! She could tell that the unlucky soul was rich from the way he was dressed. He had to be carrying plenty of good items!

Yun Chujiu felt like a pile of gold and silver was waving at her. There was a spring in her step as she jogged over to the man.

"Hey, are you alive?" Yun Chujiu poked him with a tree branch. Still, he showed no reaction.

Yun Chujiu narrowed her eyes and smiled from ear to ear as she examined the clothes worn by the presumably dead man. 

'Heh, it appears that God has not forsaken me. Look at this, what a big catch he's given me!'

His clothes were obviously made of expensive fabrics, so he had to be carrying heaps of treasure.

Yun Chujiu rolled him over, and she was immediately stunned.

'What the heck?! He's a pretty boy! All the modern pretty male celebrities and handsome men can't even compare to him! This is what you call a supreme grade pretty boy!'

"Oh my gosh, look at the shape of his face! Oh my gosh, his nose…"

Yun Chujiu was in a daze for quite a while due to how handsome the man was. She then sighed. "What a waste. His good looks don't change the fact that he's dead. It's as they say, good-looking people really die early, huh?"

It was not like Yun Chujiu had never seen good-looking men in her life. She was only astounded for some time before she remembered that she wanted to rob the dead man, and she returned to her "official" task.

"Hey, cutie, I'm so sorry, but it isn't like you can bring your wealth with you to the afterlife, right? I'll do you a favor and safeguard your stuff on your behalf!" After Yun Chujiu finished speaking, she started digging all of the man's pockets.

Yet, after she did so for a long time, she did not find a single coin, much less any gold or silver.

Yun Chujiu blew her top!

"Bloody hell! Why did you even give the false impression that you're rich? What's the point of being so good-looking when you're dirt poor?! What a waste of good looks!"

Furious, Yun Chujiu actually… stripped the man naked!


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