The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3675 Chapter 3675 Cat Cub’s transformation

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The four of them chatted and laughed as they entered the valley. Just as Xue Wuji had said, there were many ferocious demonic beasts in the valley.

However, because of di beiming and Xue Wuji, as well as an Feng and Hei xinjiu, the four of them entered the tunnel without much effort.

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These demonic insects could spit out blue flames. If a mortal met them, they would definitely die!

Fortunately, Yun Chujiu and the rest were all cultivators, so they could use their spiritual energy to resist. After walking for two days, they finally passed through the long tunnel and arrived at the bottomless ice abyss.

Yun chujiu immediately set up the formation of the great void soul-repairing formation, and then placed Qiong Qi, Tao Wu, and a bunch of remnant souls into the formation.

Although the ancient cultivators’corpses in Yun Chujiu’s storage ring had restrictions and could not be possessed by these remnant souls, it was still very beneficial to solidify their remnant souls.

Hence, both Qiong qi and the remnant souls of the cultivators enjoyed gathering their souls in the great void soul-repairing formation.

Hei Xinjiu was nestled in di Beiming’s arms. She was murmuring about how sad she was when di beiming was frozen.

Xue Wuji looked at the pink bubble between the two of them. He could not help but think of the unfaithful girl and his precious son. He felt very sour in his heart.

An Feng’s expression was also gloomy. It had been a long time since he had heard from Jin Zhi. He did not know when he would see her again.

In fact, he would rather Jin Zhi did not ascend to the towering sky continent first. Although the southern continent would soon be taken over by Miss Jiu, the southern continent and the northern continent were not the same. There would be big trouble sooner or later.

While the four of them were thinking about their own matters, the Meng Yanshou was so smug that it wanted to come out and experience the great void soul mending formation.please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu did not scold it this time and let it out.

How could the rabbit shell of the Meng Yanshou withstand such a severe cold? It died on the spot. The Meng Yanshou did not mind. Anyway, there were plenty of rabbit shells. The Old Ones would not go and the new ones would not come!

Meng Yanshou went into the array as well. Although his condition was different from Qiong qi and the others, there was no harm in replenishing it.

Hei Xinjiu looked at Meng Yanshou and couldn’t help but think that the cat cub’s confinement time was almost up. Therefore, she took the cat cub out of the separate spiritual beast bag and prepared to put it into the big spiritual beast bag.

However, she was surprised to find that the cat cub’s originally fiery red fur was mixed with some snow-white colors. What was going on?

“Cat Cub, what’s wrong with your fur?”

The Cat Cub’s eyes flashed and said with a blank expression, “Maybe it’s because I have the Pixiu’s bloodline, so there’s a slight change!”

Yun chujiu thought about it and agreed. This cat Cub had the appearance of a fire-breathing cat before, so it was normal for it to have a change.

She took a closer look at the cat cub and exclaimed, “Eh? Didn’t you have a small horn on your head? Why Is it gone?”

The kitten touched the top of its head with its paw and said vaguely, “I don’t know. Maybe it will grow back in a few days.”

Yun chujiu subconsciously reached out to touch the top of the Kitten’s head. The kitten immediately broke free from Yun Chujiu’s hand and jumped onto the ground.

Yun chujiu could not help but be stunned. Before she could say anything, the kitten jumped back into her hand and said with some grievance, “Master, I haven’t eaten for half a month. I’m so hungry that I can’t Stand Still.”

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