The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3564 Chapter 3564, Ice Dragon

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Hei Xinjiu narrowed her eyes and stared at Tower Master Luochen as she said word by word, “Tower Master Luochen is really warm-hearted. What, are you afraid that you won’t be able to defend yourself if we two scapegoats leave?”

Tower Master Luochen tightened his grip and shifted his gaze, not looking directly at Yun Chujiu, he said coldly, “As the tower master of the nine pavilions, I naturally can’t sit idly by. Leave your things here and I’ll let you leave. Otherwise, you can forget about leaving Chaotian sect today.”

Yun chujiu gritted her teeth in anger. If she had known earlier that Lan Luochen was such a scum, she should not have known him and given him herbs to cure his mother’s old illness. What an ingrate!

Yun chujiu was about to say something when she was pulled to the back by a certain someone. Then, she heard a certain someone’s cold voice, “Are you guys going to take turns or attack together?”

Hei Xinjiu was about to cry!

Although such a pretty boy was pretty cool, but a fierce tiger could not defeat a pack of wolves. Wasn’t this courting death?

Tower Master Luochen saw di beiming’s slightly contemptuous gaze, and his eyes became even gloomier. He suddenly jumped forward, but the direction he jumped towards was towards Yun Chujiu. He could only separate Yun chujiu first.., only then could he let everyone go up and kill di beiming.

Hei Xinjiu and Tower Master Luochen’s spiritual power were vastly different. When he realized that Tower Master Luochen’s target was her, it was already too late to dodge. This fellow couldn’t help but complain in his heart. This was bad!

Just as Tower Master Luochen’s hand was about to touch Hei Xinjiu’s body, he was sent flying by a powerful force. Tower Master Luochen staggered a few times before he regained his footing.

pA(nD)A no ve1 Hei Xinjiu’s eyes sparkled as she looked at a certain someone who had already retracted his hand. Aiyo, how did this pretty boy suddenly become so powerful? He was simply invincible in this world!please visit panda(-)

Tower Master Luochen’s eyes were filled with shock. This was the first time he was forced back. He thought that it was because he had underestimated his opponent. However, he was already on guard this time. He was actually forced back more than ten steps, why did di Beiming’s strength suddenly increase?

Xing Yu looked at Hei Xinjiu with jealousy and hatred. Although the man was wearing a mask, his noble bearing was not inferior to tower master. He was even slightly better than tower master! How could Lin Chuchu deserve such an outstanding man? !

Xing Yu said to tower master Luochen viciously, “Tower Master, let everyone attack together! Kill this dog, man, and Woman! There is no need to talk about morality when dealing with such people. Finding that thing is more important.”

Tower Master Luochen looked at her coldly, then said to the guards behind him, “Attack together. Kill the men on the spot, and leave the women alive.”

Although Tower Master Luochen didn’t want to do this, he had no other choice now. Moreover, he planned to lock Yun Chujiu up by his side after di beiming was restrained by the guards, so that he wouldn’t hurt her.

The guards of the nine pavilions immediately rushed towards di beiming and Hei Xinjiu. All kinds of spiritual power attacks flooded towards di beiming.

Before Hei Xinjiu could release da Hua, Di beiming had already protected her in his arms and released a huge ice dragon.

The body of the ice dragon was several times bigger than da Hua. Even though it was a spiritual beast, the beast-like pressure made people tremble from the bottom of their hearts.

The scales on the ice dragon’s body flickered with a cold light. In the blink of an eye, the guards of the nine pavilions were either dead or injured. The Ice Dragon didn’t disappear, but rushed toward the dumbfounded tower Master Luochen.

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