The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3556 Chapter 3556 is playing US for fools

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Hei Xinjiu looked in the direction that Guai Cao was pointing at and was stunned. Guai Cao was actually pointing at the black bead.

Back then, when the cheapskate grandfather gave the black bead to her, he had said that only the Yun family could make it recognize its master. At that time, it was quite incredible that she could make it recognize its master.

It was not until she returned to the Yun family that she realized that she was really a member of the Yun family.

Presumably, the distant ancestors of the Qing Xuan continent and the Yun family of the towering sky continent should be a family. That was why she was able to make the black bead recognize her as its master.

Speaking of which, the black bead did not have a strong sense of existence. Other than devouring the power of thunder and lightning, when Hei Xinjiu fell into an illusion, it would use the pain to remind Hei Xinjiu. Other than that, there was nothing unusual about it.

Right, there was another point. The black bead had once devoured a lot of Hun Dun energy in the forbidden area of the Palace of Immortals.

Could it be that the thing that had entered her mouth was swallowed by the black bead?

“Gou Weiba, do you mean that the thing was eaten by the black bead?”

The leaves of the guai Cao shook, apparently confirming Yun Chujiu’s statement.

Yun chujiu used her spiritual sense to look at the black bead carefully, but she did not find anything different. Forget it, let’s eat it. After all, none of the things she raised were normal. She was already used to it!

Moreover, something that could make the Chaotian sect mobilize so many people was definitely a good thing. If it was swallowed by the black bead, it would indirectly belong to her. This round of operation was not a loss at all!

Hei Xinjiu was really magnanimous. After such an earth-shaking event had happened, this fellow had thrown it to the back of her mind and was lying on the bed sound asleep.

The next morning, after Hei Xinjiu finished her breakfast, she left the dormitory and hopped toward the guest house.please visit panda(-)

Along the way, she met countless Chaotian sect disciples who were searching for the bead on the branches of the bushes. She was secretly happy. Take your time. Even if you find the elder of Eternity, you won’t be able to find the bead!

When she reached the entrance of the guest house, a guard went in to report. After a while, Xing Yu walked out, she said impatiently, “Something has happened to your Chaotian sect, so it’s not convenient for our pavilion master to tour around today. You can go back!”

Yun chujiu couldn’t wait to do that, so she left with a smile.

Xing Yu pursed her lips. This Lin Chuchu might really think that she was favored by their pavilion master, but in fact, she was just a chess piece! What an idiot!

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m However, when she thought of what happened last night, Xing Yu’s expression suddenly became a little ugly. The original plan was flawless, but who would have thought that the bead would actually escape from the pavilion master’s hands. What Bad Luck!

However, as long as the bead was still in Chaotian sect, the pavilion master would find another way to get it away sooner or later. As for Lin Chuchu, she was just a piece of trash. He would find a chance to deal with her in the future.

To avoid suspicion, Hei Xinjiu went straight back to her dormitory after leaving the guest house. She didn’t go out.

The people of Chaotian sect searched for an entire day, but they didn’t even see the bead. The Jimo sect master and the others immediately looked worried. Where did the bead go?

Someone said, “Sect master, that bead was lost in the hands of Tower Master Luochen. Could it be that he had secretly stolen it and used some secret method to create the light, and then hid the bead while we were closing our eyes?”

“Elder Zhong is right. Maybe that bead was stolen by someone sent by Tower Master Luochen from the forbidden area, and then somehow the bead escaped.”.

“Tower Master Luochen got the bead again in the name of helping us find the bead. Then, he deliberately hid the bead from us. He is playing us like fools!”

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