The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3549 Chapter 3549 was beaten into a pig’s head (asking for a monthly pass)

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Xing Yu almost squeezed out a word from between her teeth, “Yes!”

Tower Master Luochen looked at Hei Xinjiu again and said indifferently, “You can stay here for the next few days. If you need anything, just look for Xing Yu.”

Although Hei Xinjiu was unwilling, she had no choice but to agree.

She originally thought that Tower Master Luochen would instruct her on other things. Unexpectedly, he waved his hand, indicating that everyone could leave.

Hei Xinjiu couldn’t wait to leave, so she followed Xing Yu to a side room next to the main room.

After entering the room, Xing Yu’s face suddenly turned ferocious. “B * Tch, you’d better recognize your own identity, or you won’t know how you died!”

Yun chujiu had been swallowing her anger for the past few days, and she was forced to live here today. She was already very annoyed, but now that Xing Yu was jumping around in front of her, her eyes suddenly turned dark, she stared at Xing Yu coldly and said, “Either kneel down and apologize, or I’ll beat you until you kneel down and apologize. Choose One!”

Xing Yu couldn’t believe what she had heard. This trash of Chaotian sect actually dared to threaten her? Was she out of her mind?

“B * Tch, say it again!”

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m Yun Chujiu didn’t want to waste her breath. She knew that her spiritual power was not as high as Xing Yu’s, so she had Xiao Heiniao curse her. While Xing Yu was staggering, Xiao Heiniao jumped forward and first restrained her spiritual power, then gave her a good beating.

When the maids outside heard the woman’s scream from inside the room, they subconsciously thought that Xing Yu was dealing with Yun Chujiu, so they pretended not to hear it.

When Tower Master Luochen heard the scream, he immediately stood up, but he sat back down. A smile flashed in his eyes. It was indeed the little jiu that he was familiar with. She was never willing to suffer any losses.please visit panda(-)

It was not until 15 minutes later, when the handmaidens realized that something was wrong with the voice, that they pushed open the door and barged in. They saw that Xing Yu’s face was swollen like a pig’s head. She was kneeling on the ground in a very sorry state.

Lin Chuchu sat upright on the chair with a smile. When he saw everyone come in, he sighed and said, “Sigh! Sister Xing Yu insisted on apologizing to me just now. She slapped herself. I couldn’t stop her.

Now, she’s even kneeling down for me. Hurry up and help her up! I feel really bad!”

The handmaidens were all dumbfounded. They naturally didn’t believe Yun chujiu’s nonsense. Other things aside, there were many footprints on Xing Yu’s clothes. Could it be that she was the one who kicked her?

This Lin Chuchu was too bold!

Although this Xing Yu was a handmaiden, she wasn’t an ordinary handmaiden. This Lin Chuchu’s life was probably in danger!

Xing Yu saw that everyone was in a daze and no one came to help her, she said angrily, “Are you dead? Hurry up and help me up! Take this B * tch down, I will tear her into pieces today!”

The Maids finally came back to their senses and quickly went forward to release Xing Yu’s spiritual power. A few maids approached Yun Chujiu and were ready to take her down.

Right at this moment, Tower Master Luochen’s voice came from the door, “What’s going on?”

Xing yu immediately cried out, “Tower Master, you have to give this servant justice! This Lin Chuchu beat this servant to such a state for no reason. She is challenging the dignity of the nine pavilions!”

Tower Master Luochen looked at Xing Yu’s beaten face and frowned, but a trace of a smile flashed across his eyes. The beating was really fierce! He had wanted to do this for a long time!

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