The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3539 Chapter 3539: Hei Xinjiu, whose appetite had greatly increased

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Xing Yu saw the scene in front of her and immediately gloated!

Although their pavilion master had a cold personality, he was most afraid of others touching his tea set and dishes. This Lin Chuchu actually thought so highly of herself and helped their pavilion master taste the dishes?

She was really stupid!

Their pavilion master would definitely get angry. She might even ask Chaotian sect to punish this Lin Chuchu so that she could vent her anger!

The other handmaidens of the nine pavilions had the same thought. They gloated at Hei Xinjiu who was enjoying her meal.

Hei Xinjiu felt that she was so hungry that she didn’t have time to look at them. No matter what, she had to fill her stomach first.

After “Tasting”all the dishes on the table, although she was still hungry, she knew that it was enough, thus, he said with a smile, “Tower master, these dishes are all fine. You can eat without worry.”

Xing Yu almost laughed out of schadenfreude. This Lin Chuchu really didn’t know whether he was dead or alive. She used chopsticks to pull the dishes and still wanted to let tower master eat them?

Tower master was definitely going to be furious this time. This Lin Chuchu really did a good job!

Who would have thought that tower master Luochen would pick up his chopsticks and actually eat slowly. He even said to them, “You guys eat too!”

Not only Xing Yu, but all the maids of the nine pavilions were dumbfounded!

Was the pavilion master possessed by a Ghost? ? ! Not only did he not punish that Lin Chuchu, he actually let them eat too?

One had to know that the pavilion master was usually busy, so how could he care about the servants’eating and not eating? !

Could it be because of that Lin Chuchu?please visit panda(-)

Perhaps they had all guessed wrong. That old friend called Lin Chuchu was not someone the pavilion master hated, but could it be someone the pavilion master liked?

Hei Xinjiu did not have the time to think about things. She only felt that she was going to starve to death, so she called the servants in the canteen to serve a table full of food, and then began to eat like a whirlwind.

Everyone was stunned to see Hei Xinjiu eating and drinking there. How could this little girl eat so much? Her appetite was almost the same as the three men’s.

Tower Master Luochen also looked at Hei xinjiu thoughtfully. He frowned slightly, and his gaze could not help but fall on Hei Xinjiu’s lower abdomen. Could it be that she… ?

Tower Master Luochen thought of a possibility, and his expression immediately became extremely gloomy. He suddenly stood up, walked to Yun Chujiu’s side, and grabbed her arm.

All of this happened too suddenly. Hei Xinjiu was not prepared at all. She only looked at Tower Master Luochen in confusion when her wrist was grabbed.

Tower Master Luochen’s hand was pressing on Hei Xinjiu’s pulse. A sense of relief flashed in his eyes, and then he let go of Yun Chujiu’s hand.

Tower Master Luochen’s hand still had a trace of softness and softness. He clenched his hand under his sleeve and said coldly, “Let’s go. Let’s go somewhere else.”

Hei Xinjiu was dumbfounded. Was this Lan Luochen crazy? Why did he come to grab her wrist for no reason? Could it be that he wanted to take advantage of her?

p AndD nOve1.cO,m She didn’t believe it when she thought of this. Although this LAN Luochen seemed to be in a bad mood, he didn’t look like a Lecher no matter how she looked at him. He must have forgotten his current identity in a moment of impatience.

However, speaking of which, how did this Lan Luochen suddenly become the tower master of nine pavilions?

Although Hei Xinjiu was full of doubts, she still followed Tower Master Luochen out of the canteen.

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